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  1. Apologies if I am being repetitive here, but this weeek there is more evidence of data from trades involving multiple rivens being accounted on the statistics. Item type Compatibility rerolled avg stddev min max pop median Shotgun Riven Mod CORINTH TRUE 337,58 504,14 12 4204 2 200 Melee Riven Mod HIRUDO FALSE 251,7 907,62 5 4204 1 35 A very unlikely max value of 4204 for two different rivens. Also, on the topic of the change in how pop values are displayed... Having 483 out of 576 rivens with a pop of 1 is not very informative. Kunai and Supra, for example, have the same popularity of 1. So, I have a suggestion. Looking at the data from the last weeks, it looks like veiled rivens (without considering veiled archgun rivens) account for 30~35% of all trades. So, there is a huge difference between the number of trades of veiled rivens and other rivens. I suggest making two different rankings for popularity: one with veiled rivens only (not considering archgun), and one with the rest of the rivens.
  2. It seems that statistics from multiple rivens in a single trade are being included, which might be skewing the data of all these weeks. Here is an example from week 5: itemType compatibility rerolled avg stddev min max pop median Pistol Riven Mod SEER FALSE 231,91 464,78 2 1888 0,0371 20 Melee Riven Mod DARK DAGGER FALSE 168,14 454,87 5 1888 0,0452 25 Melee Riven Mod SILVA & AEGIS FALSE 133,05 340,86 7 1888 0,0921 50 1888 is an odd number to have as a max value for 3 different weapons. Was that a coincidence? Or this value represents a single trade involving 3 rivens?
  3. What about multiple rivens in a single trade? We've been seeing some weird numbers, specially veiled rivens being sold for thousands of plat. Are these rivens being traded alongside other valuable rivens?
  4. "You don't use 90 weapons regularly so you don't need more than 90 rivens" <<<<<< That's what you are going to listen from some people. Seriously though, if I am not mistaken, we have 274 possible rivens to unveil, that is 3x our riven capacity. I think Steve mentioned in one of his streams that they are working on this riven capacity issue. And since DE said they are planning to add archgun rivens and bringing back sentinel rivens, I think they are indeed working on that. But I agree with you, it's getting harder to choose which riven to trash when I get a new one from sortie. And tbh, if they don't raise riven capacity, I don't think I'm going to trash/sell/transmute any of my rivens in exchange for an archgun or sentinel riven.
  5. Little QoL suggestions: Reduce Opticor Vandal, Staticor and other weapons visual FX, they are ruining FPS for everyone in the squad Raise minimum riven disposition to ~0.8. There are many strong weapons in warframe, but it is disappointing when you get a riven with such low disposition that is barely worth investing time and kuva Mobile defense is the most lengthy non-endless mission. Can we have a way to reduce the time it takes to defend a console, like for example, with a certain amount of kills or by avoiding damage to the console? Bonus reward for PoE bounties after the last stage, just like in Orb Vallis Access simulacrum from orbiter Refine multiple relics at once Add new buffed Status Chance mods so that we can reach 100% SC on pellet weapons without having to resort to rivens or create undesirable elemental combinations like blast Finishers with interaction button instead of melee Thanks for the update
  6. Comparing to Plague Keewar staff, for example, which was probably the strongest staff in the game so far, I think Tipedo Prime has slightly superior DPS, but less range. I think its a great melee weapon.
  7. "You don't need rivens". Classic. Ok, so you don't need serration, hornet strike, split chamber, etc...
  8. Really nice suggestions. I also didn't understand this Chesa's nerf out of nowhere. Even though Smeeta's charm is incosistent, it is still superior to Chesa's new Retrieve ability, specially because only smeeta can double the amount of Kuva and Void Traces. I can see myself using other companions more often when they remove the stasis system, but I agree that Kubrows need some tweaks to be more competitive with Kavats, and all your ideas sound really good
  9. I can't say i was impressed by her abilities, but I think its early to take conclusions. Let's wait and see how Wisp can perform on daily gameplay after release, and most important, if it will be fun to play her
  10. The good thing is that you can spawn Tusk Ogma as your ally with Nekros ultimate
  11. Just give all archwings the ability to blink instead of nerfing Itzal and replace Itzal's first ability with something else.
  12. I don't think Scott was being literal when he said "Nerf Itzal". He was just stating the problem with overuse of a specific gear. My suggestion for this: Give ALL archwings the ability to blink, with "roll" for example, and replace Itzal's first ability with something else. K-drives also could gain a specific ability to gain speed.
  13. Can we get new buffed status chance mods so that we can reach 100% status chance on pellet weapons without having to resort to rivens or using undesirable elemental combinations like blast?
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