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  1. I guess this could be a nice addition for folks who don't have Zenith yet. Just so you know, Zenith's semi-fire mode's head highlighting through walls seems to be capped around 30m, the last time I checked like half years ago. From a personal experience with Zenith I can say that not all the players would have the skills to utilize the 4th ability much without some kind of auto-aim. Why, because enemies in this game can maneuver erratically and often do, something you notice when using Zenith's semi-fire mode. It's hard to hit them heads through walls even with infinite punchthrough and head h
  2. I'm with you on this one, wanted to start a topic about it at some point but bailed out on it. Yeah... operator equipment should be a thing in loadouts if we're gonna have an operator open world. Even now it should be a thing, because of different operator arcanes. Now it's just the same situation as it used to be with companions: a sentinel or smeeta and that's it, no dogs no adarzas. It only makes sense to follow suit with operator equipment, both the arcanes and the amps, but especially the arcanes at this point.
  3. Aren't those all old abilities you list fixed damage numbers, not dependent on enemy total health, unlike Marked for Death?
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