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  1. I like this idea. It would synergize well with having more reactants per relic opening wave. The rate of void traces per relic could still be the same, but just faster due to this mechanic. I'm sitting on hundreds of relics I'll probably never open at this rate anyhow, and I'd imagine I'm not the only one...
  2. So we have void fissures where you open relics, and we have Steel Path where you fight tougher enemies. Why not have both in the same level? Lets face it: everyone who's gotten ahead in Warframe and have destructive power enough to melt steel path enemies, still crack relics open from time to time. Those people are way overgeared for the current fissures. And while it is relaxing to breeze through the normal mode fissures, it is also quite boring for those of us who have that power. For rewards of those fissures, I don't know, maybe give more void traces per relic opening and finally
  3. I'm making a separate topic about this on feedback category since it doesn't seem like a bug but rather an oversight or intended, the latter I doubt and hope its not like that. Another counter-intuitive thing, and while it doesn't completely defeat the point of using Quick Thinking on Wukong, still a great mod on him, it is so disappointing.
  4. I've tried building Nyx a tank just for the sake of it, and it can survive level 120 enemies, even heavy gunners and bombards, with my very mediocre skills. Without using abilities, pizzas nor operator that is. So I'd say it's not even the frame you pick necessarily, but how you build it and use it. For my tank Nyx I have Arcane Guardian, Vitality, Gladiator Resolve, Redirection, Hunter Adrenaline, Flow and Quick Thinking, as well as a sentinel with all healing and shield goods like Medi-ray and Guardian. For easymode a Furis with new loka augment for a sidearm or Hirudo crit Blood Rush build.
  5. People saying one Nekros is enough haven't checked the skill description and stats, nor read wiki. In abilities it says it has a 54% chance for extra loot, not 100% like Hydroid with Pilfering Swarm. That why common setup in Vodyanoi is 3 Nekros 1 Nidus, and host preferrably be bit laggy and Nidus so it might stack.
  6. My money is literally on 5 more years, or more, just because it's a very good game and has already lasted for 5 years. Two things that set this game apart from others are the diversity of stuff you can do and the fun factor in farming, as well as the great community. ❤️ I'm a WoW veteran, was there since beta for 4-5 years with a break and Warframe does some important things right what WoW didn't just as much, like movement system, farming, chat moderation. I know many disagree on the last one but trust me, it's better to have region chat like we have now than a spam of Anal Dirge in
  7. Nah it's easy to understand because you make it once and forget it, don't have to pay attention to it. But what I'm more surprised of is a vet who hasn't been involved in Hema research farm with their own keys.
  8. Might be just very bad RNG. It's bound to happen to some people out of the 100k+ playerbase here since there should be other rewards on the tables.
  9. Void is not gonna be deserted, people still come there for argon crystals for eidolon lenses if nothing else, and void survival and defense should still drop relics, right?
  10. As you see a lot of people say "get Hek", which is good advice. What they don't seem to say is get Scattered Justice mod for it, costs little to max and gives a whopping 200% multishot. Either take Steel Meridian (and Red Veil, its' ally) as your syndicate, or buy it from another player in warframe.market site for maybe 15 platinum. Money well-spent. Also once you get to mastery rank 7 and are in a clan, you might wanna consider getting Grinlok from chem lab in dojo, and getting the mod Deadly Sequence to it. 200% crit rate for low endo and credit cost. As others have said, beating bosses
  11. No matter how I look at it, that looks like a buff. Or did you change the subject without editing your starting post?
  12. It's not a fix because it's not broken, not bugged. It's intentional from DE unlike Chroma nerf that was both a fix to a bug and a nerf at the same time, and called-for.
  13. How is that not a buff to cataclysm? Answer: it is. It improves it, which is the definition of buff.
  14. Sure. Compare Limbo to Frost and Gara, their bubble and bucket can be and is often broken with damage. Not Limbo's. Gara's bucket stops them but is very fragile. Frost's bubble is more durable when you cast it 4 times but enemies can move and attack inside it. If you buffed Limbo's 4 you'd also have to buff Gara's 4 and Frost's 3. Which they likely won't do, seeing how they are already good enough for level 100+ content, except maybe Gara's. That is why Limbo's 4 needs to have at least some drawback, it's already stronger than Frost and Gara equivalents. Who would use Frost and Gara if yo
  15. Maybe because she saved us while abandoning her race. I wanna see the story unfold before I decide what to do with her, if we even get such a decision.
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