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  1. So astrology is a thing for many people, more for some like me. And we already have an alchemist warframe, so why not astrologer warframe? However, since game only measures the time of the day and not days, months nor years, the concept would need to be a bit different. I'll name the astrologer frame "Logos" for now. Logos, distant cousin of Lavos. Logos would have less base armor and health than Lavos, as Logos is a scholar-type glass cannon support like Harrow. The abilities of Logos would be heavily dependent on the planet the mission was played in. I don't give any numeric values to abilities because it's a concept so you can just imagine that DE would balance the numbers there properly. 1. Ability - Stationary Conjunction Channeled ability Makes the 2nd and 3rd ability to become a stationary buff dispenser like Wisp's flower, when activated after activating the 1st ability. But the buff dispenser will keep draining energy as long as it's there. 2. Ability - Malefic Logos buffs the guns (primaries, secondaries and arch-guns) of herself and her teammates. 3. Ability - Benefic Logos buffs the defensive capabilities of herself and her teammates. 4. Ability - Read Fate Logos reads the fate of a friend or an enemy. What happens to the friend or enemy will vary depending on which of the three other Logos' abilities she is already using at the time. Acquisition of Logos warframe (includes real lore spoilers): So the Tenno get on the railjack and set the course towards a Veil Proxima corpus spy mission to acquire coordinates of the alleged sentient ship ruins. In those ruins they'll encounter Logos, who tells them her story and get her main blueprint as the reward, and then get to farm her parts' blueprints in Oprhix missions that would hopefully be a bit lowered in difficulty perhaps.
  2. I put the ammo efficiency on Chroma, as it's already a weapons platformer of sorts, buffing weapon capability (damage) a lot. Though I could see it working on frames like Wisp, Octavia, Harrow and Mirage too, when you have insane fire rate buffs and then the ammo efficiency on top, slow strong weapons become more like machineguns. If only we had two helminth abilities to be fused on a single frame, it'd be quite OP to have both eclipse and ammo efficiency ability on a tanky frame. Of course that kinda thing is not always great... like with Malice acolyte, you really don't wanna use guns I think, but melee instead. Come to think of it, Malice could be the bane of these kind of frames we've been suggesting (I too suggested a concept of a gunplay "Rambo" frame).
  3. Instant reload and ammo efficiency can often enough be the same thing. I use the ammo efficiency helminth ability enough to say that from experience. And in theory it goes like this: with 75% ammo efficiency you have 100% ammo efficiency in 3 out of 4 shots you fire, or so. Which is absolutely fantastic with weapons like Kuva Nukor Tonkor, let me tell you... it fires 4-5 rounds in rapid succession in a matter of second or two, and even one round can wipe normal SP grineer. I like the idea of any kind of weapon master or gunplay-focused frame which would encourage us to make better use of our guns instead of being a gunslinger with exalted weapons and some tankiness and that's it (looking at you Mesa). What I would like to see though, is a frame that'd further encourage the use of non-explosive weapons a bit over explosives. Why, because right now explosives just dominate when it comes to kill-count with your non-exalted weapons. And OP, I really like your ideas, they are innovative for sure. Perhaps I like the idea to be able to use primaries or secondaries in other slots too, the most, though the buffs ability and dual-wielding weapons ability really compete tight for my second most liked idea of yours. To be able to have two secondaries together would be quite sweet, both a damage-crit-built one and a status applicator, or the same with primaries. And while I think that instant reload + fire rate ability is underwhelming, it's also true that it's better to have one less powerful ability to feed to the helminth. That one should be worked on though if it becomes the helminth ability, since there's already Energized Munitions which is kinda better if you have at least 100% ability duration, I think, as its base duration is 5 seconds iirc, with 75% ammo efficiency that is not affected by ability strength, so it kind of makes having that kinda skill moot, unless you buff it somehow, like giving the next 2-3 reloads instant and make the casting a "one-handed or hands-free" animation so that you can shoot and reload while casting it. Used in conjunction with energized munitions and some high-power one-bullet clip weapon like Tonkor, that thing could become absolute beast. And I don't think there's anything wrong with that. ^^
  4. Mania and Misery, two acolytes I do with ranged weapons (guns, Tonkor lol). Right tools for the right job...
  5. But Grendel is a weapons platformer like Inaros? With less health and more useful abilities and a shield that makes him useless in hijack missions but more useful than Inaros in regular content due to shield gating. My main problem with Grendel's abilities is the same as with most other energy-using frames' abilities, and it's especially so in any infested SP mission: those purple infested (ancient disruptors and any mobs in their aura) eating up all of my energy with one hit so I won't be using abilities anyways a lot of the time. Maybe fix that first before you fix any single ability? Just my thoughts, nothing more.
  6. Yup. I've discovered the joys of fermentation and meat preservation recently, just add salt and water and maybe smash the veggies hard and voilá! Of course you want the best drinking water you can find for that, as well as high quality sea salt and a clean airtight glass jar... but it's worth it :D for your health at least, if not for everyone's taste buds.
  7. My thoughts too. I don't find it surprising that some players would resort to toxicity on this kind of an issue, but I'd find it a bit surprising if that toxicity was widespread.
  8. I wouldn't, Primed Sure Footed is already there and it's just too goooooood for me to swap for anything else, especially this when I'm a weapons platformer. For people who play the game with brains and focus though, yeah I can see why you'd like Natural Talent as an exilus mod...
  9. Hmmm, I thought the 10th invigoration would be permanent, but I suppose my reading comprehension is awful as ever, I probably just read too much into it. Did some digging into it, and I may have been very wrong about it... sigh. :D Thank you for correcting me.
  10. I like the weathered orbiter and frames' look, but that's just me and my taste. I think more customization options would not be amiss in cases like these so more players would be happy with their stuff. Visual stuff is a big part of probably most players' enjoyment here, so I'm all for this. It's part of my enjoyment too, although to a lesser extent compared to technical functionalities of the frames, like how abilities work and the stats.
  11. ...if helminth gave a permanent invigoration, that is? In my case, the list of frames I'd not give the invigoration to, if I could have a say about it, is rather short, so here goes (with personal reasons why not): Hydroid - I just can't get on with this frame, 4th ability is boring to use and the loot bonus is not enough to justify using it. Limbo - even though I play this frame some rare times, it's for very specific purposes which don't require any invigoration whatsoever. Loki - too squishy. Perhaps if I got a power range invigoration, I could make irradiating disarm build... other than that, just no. Vauban - I don't know this frame too well, and while I like the look of prime and get the usefulness of some of his abilities in certain missions, still not a good pick for me. (Yareli) - I don't have her yet, but looking at the abilities and stats, I don't really want her either. Maybe I avoid getting her altogether so I wouldn't get her invigorations. There are other frames too that I'd rather not invigorate, but those five are my least favourite candidates for a permanent invigoration. Also, would you sell the frames you don't want to invigorate if you can avoid it, so you could avoid having to invigorate them? Even if you were a collector or something? Personally, I'll probably end up selling some of my frames rather than have them invigorated if this is how DE handles giving permanent invigorations, by not being able to choose which frame gets the permanent invigoration. It's a shame to sell Loki and Vauban Prime, and other primes too, Vauban looks nice on prime and so does Hydroid. But I'd still rather sell them than be forced to invigorate any of them. But I'll probably end up selling a lot more frames than just those 4, just to force the permanent invigoration to certain frames. I'd like to remind DE that if players start to sell their frames just so they wouldn't have to be invigorated, you'll lose revenue from slots those players would buy for frames otherwise, less platinum exiting the market. So as the end bit, I have suggestion for DE regarding helminth invigorations: allow us to choose what frame to permanently invigorate, at least if we'd get a certain item like a holokey or a few scintillants or extra copies of three last invigorated frames, whatever, as long as you give us the choice. The choice is ours anyhow in a way, it's just a matter of whether you give it to us this way or the way it is now. If you'd give us the choice, you could make it so that you can't permanently invigorate the same frame twice, or if you could, you'd have to permanently invigorate 2-4 other frames before giving that frame another permanent invigoration.
  12. I would like a clown / jester frame for sure, think I suggested it once here (jester) with an ability that'd make body parts (or maybe just heads) bigger so you'd have easier time landing headshots (which now would be nice with the new amalgam mod). I like your passive ability idea, as well as the gas grenade one, though I'm not sure if it sounds a bit underwhelming for a 4th ability. Maybe if the damage component is well-scaling or high enough or both, and if the cast time for it is short enough so you could spam it (as well as low energy cost so you could indeed spam it). Though crowd control like that is nice on higher levels and SP, for sure... maybe if the laughter crowd control effect couldn't be broken by damage or if the treshold for breaking it with damage was high enough, to justify the energy cost you suggest. Looking at the numbers of your suggested 4th ability, it seems you intend it more for crowd control purposes than for fast killing, for which I think 100 energy is a bit steep, even though the damage scales well in your suggestion. But still, a nice idea. :)
  13. Have you ever wondered why we have people leveling their weapons by nuking the map with Saryn or Mesa or something like that, in a defense mission like Hydron or Helene? Or wherever. The "it's fun" argument is the best argument I've found for that, and it's not a waterproof argument either since you can steal off the fun of others when you go in like that, in addition to stealing the affinity gains of someone else who's leveling their frame in your team. But since I'm against adding restrictions to existing game modes, etc., I thought of a "new" game mode just to fix this problem: easy-tight arbitrations! Why the name, because: Easy = it should not have the kind of death penalty that arbitrations we have now, has, the kind where you need to have your teammates collect stuff from bots in order to revive you. No, instead it should have normal reviving mechanics like any other mission. Tight = it should have way more bots than the current arbitrations have, so much that you'd have to kill at least two bots per one group of mobs to remove the invulnerability effect from them. This should be compensated by giving extra affinity from killing those bots, so the bots should have at least that part coded differently from normal arbitrations. Arbitrations = it should still have those bots I mentioned earlier, the ones that give immunity to nearby mobs. Just to prevent the map nukers from doing their thing. Perhaps make them have nullifier bubbles too, or something like that, so that you couldn't just mindlessly kill them with explosives either. I don't know what the level range of this kind of arbitrations should be, and obviously it should have more rewards than just the affinity and your usual resources so there'd be the incentive. But then again, this kind of mode would probably see a lot of ignis wraith use if it was implemented like this, so maybe scrap the whole idea...
  14. You know what they say, you can't fix stupid, and stupid is what a quite a few people in public matchmaking are. Teaming up with randoms is more often than not a bad idea in my experience too. First, it's their rules or the highway or flaming contest or ignore them, none of which are very nice options but most people seem to conform to their rules, probably because sheeps will be sheeps. Second, the skills and knowhow of the game of average player is not often good, and if it's good, at least 50% of the time they use that knowledge to make your gaming experience worse when you group up with them. Third, you can't fix stupid, I've tried. A lot of people for example level weapons by nuking the map with Saryn or Mesa or something on public matchmaking, which makes zero sense. Yes you get the exp for weapons from killing stuff, about 5% of the exp you'd get if you killed WITH those actual weapons! And 25% of the exp you'd get if you'd let other players kill with whatever they have. I've had all kinds of counterarguments and one I deem actually valid is "but it's fun this way", I've no complaints if you want to have fun in the game even if the effectiveness drops abysmally low for you then, okay. But you also can take the fun out of other people's experience by nuking the map and not letting them at least pretend they contribute. So it's not a waterproof argument to "have fun" when it's at the expense of fun of others. I've tried to explain them that even warframe wiki says that leveling that way is very ineffective, but it just almost never sinks in. So I gave up. Now I level both my frames and weapons solo half the time, and it works well enough considering. And no I would not want DE to implement any restrictions on how to play in certain nodes, maybe just make a hardcore version of arbitrations where you got as many of those bots as you do enemies but no death penalty like you have in arbitrations, and let us level there. But that's another topic. Point is, you can't fix stupid even if you try your hardest because when it comes to objectiveness, a lot of people are like horses with blinders on the sides of their eyes, they can only see what's straight in front of them and nothing else. And they'll hold onto that like a drowning man holds to a life jacket. /rant
  15. Nullifiers are no problem unless you are ability-reliant, or rely on certain weapons that have gained more and more player-ground these days, explosives. It would suck for you even more if you relied on both...... Right tools for the right job, is what I like, instead of just slapping one thing on and never changing it. Having said that... I do think your idea is not all bad, OP, but I would still rather some variation. Perhaps random variation even. Maybe sometimes nullifiers with a bit bigger bubbles, sometimes nullifiers with normal bubbles and sometimes nullifiers whose bubbles could be popped by killing a drone like your idea was. You might be aware, but there exists a nullifier buffer drone which gives bubble to fellow mobs, in Orb Vallis (Fortuna's outdoor world, Venus). I quite like that and hope we see that kinda thing in corpus missions in future. Maybe not so much in survivals, but in other ones, why not...
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