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  1. Everything is either off or on low settings.still having fps issues
  2. I’m experiencing massive frame rate drops. sedna-hydron(and similar types of defense missions) and free roams are fps killers i am really trying not to talk about this topic because warframe is a huge game and performance isn’t the sweetest spot for switch but it came to the point where aiming became hard af and now i’m just blindly spamming abilities to clear out enemies.I usually play with squads and you prolly guessed what i’m going to say... so like 80% of the time they always have explosive or high fire rate weapons while maining warframes that literally kill everything in one second for example mirage 4th ability or wukongs 4th ability and now imagine everything literally merged in one map/mission. huge amount of enemies “shiny” waframes explosive/high fire rate weapons map rendering all I’m trying to say is that de should create a performance mode which deactivates certain parts that take gpu power in order to increase fps or just make it stable I love this game and i play it everyday so please make performance mode... thanks for reading
  3. Soo i was farming xp on hydron and an ability level up icon just popped up telling me that my miasma reached rank 3. (My saryn is fully maxed out) I got curious and checked my ability menu in arsenal and every ability was on rank 3 is this a bug or rank 3 is maximum?
  4. I’m on switch and I cannot change my primary.yes i’ve unlocked zenurik but still nothing.i’m stuck with vazarin.
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