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  1. Any chance we could look at exalted blade bugging out ever since melee 2.999...7? Id like to be able to play my boi again >_<
  2. So ever since the new melee system rolled out there has been a bug with excal where after you put away the exalted blade you are locked out of using any weapons, abilities, and rolls. This is basically gamebreaking and its not really worth using excal until this is fixed
  3. Then why have any matchmaking at all then? "Get friends 4head" is a bad argument. All matchmaking does is make it easier to find people to play with. There is no downside to that
  4. Is there a reason that there was no matchmaking instituted for exploiters? The only way to find a group now is to queue public into the vallis and hoping that whoever you match with isnt mining or doing fissures. Iirc these same problems were around for eidolons until matchmaking alleviated all of them. Honestly, farming this solo has been a very trying experience
  5. I experienced a bug where after the orb was defeated inside of the cave, it did not spawn outside of the cave so that we could finish the fight. We stayed around and looked for a while until eventually just extracting
  6. To people complaining about Hildryn being possibly time limited, you have no idea if she wont be available somewhere else after the event is over. Don't try to complain about something that DE hasn't done yet
  7. Cant wait for 40 million players to take out Violence over and over again in the hope of getting Memeing Strike
  8. Im glad you fixed the Sarpa FX. That stuff was rediculous
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