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  1. Just had this happen to me on solo run. Headless boss somehow was attacking me and spawning infested (even though it doesnt happen at stage 2 without bugs) .
  2. In case this topic still active . Dont think anyone mentioned sentinel radar not working on the mech(it stays with the frame instead of focusing NM) . Makes leveling it way more annoying then it should be (finding enemies without radar is slow)
  3. Coming back to warframe after a year and they changed like 2/3 of the hunt. 227 isnt meta, Chroma got nurfed(no self damage) ,Wisp replaced Trin and even the lure mechanics/womva spawns are not the same ! (plus recent helmith builds ) Anyone know of semi recent guide for the thing? Prob gonna need beginers guide with all the changes ...
  4. And now I think I found simular bug at puzzle 2 ... My number is 3.6 got selection between 63(left) and 36 (right) . Since both not in clues , tried selecting 36 (cause maybe the dot got left out ) and got it wrong. Same issue as before . One of the plutforms doesnt care about clues and wants me to jump left with random pictures showing Found what was causing the issue . I though there are 2 jumping platform instead of 3 . Quess its not a bug just me being blind.
  5. Ok , so I tried that puzzle 3 more times . On the weapon selection I got the following: 1)dagger vs spear ->selected spear and its false(right side) 2)sword vs dagger->selected dagger . Also false (again, the pictures are unrelated to correct platform somewhy)(right side) 3)spear vs dagger . Selected spear and it counted THIS time (left side) Notice how the correct answer always was on the left side? Think the sides got stuck with pictures for the clues showing up entirely random
  6. What the title says. The clues are bugged . Tryed once :clue is ostron spear and apparently it wanted me to select a sword . 2nd try . Selected a sword this time - nope wrong again . Tried a bunch more times and its this particular question just doesnt work... Managed to pass it once and then it asked me a question not even in the clues Im sorry I didnt attach print screen but im not retrying that ***** puzzle untill its fixed (if at all) .It came out what? 3-4 month ago? I wasted 2 weeks on that bug already as it is In the end its not a bug . Didnt notice the 3rd platform .
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