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  1. In the Arsenal I keep seeing a weird second Nikana Scabbard when viewing in the arsenal and the Scabbard seems to disappear during missions. Don't know why these are so small but the scabbard is showing in my orbiter but is not in mission. I have it set to not visible when holstered, and changing it just makes the sword and scabbard visible in the orbiter.
  2. I like the boss fight as a boss fight. Honestly I think it's the best boss fight in the game so far. I have a few things that have really ticked me off though - Thermia Canisters in Phase 1 need to be marked - I wasted two solo runs before I eventually found them The orb should NOT be able to climb onto the mountain - this makes it way too difficult to kill all the coolant raknoids, especially the ones that spawn on the other side of that ridge I think the general difficulty of the boss a tad high to do it solo - Mostly the increasing level of the coolant raknoids along with their numbers and point 2 The whole 'Shoot the Canister' thing is weird, especially in the second part - Just have us throw it at it.
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