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  1. As my two cents on the melee update, it looks amazing but I am going to want it in my hands with all the information in front of me before I make a real judgement on it. I can appreciate and actually look forward to the combo-crit, spin-to-win, and CO nerfs. I feel like it opens up a lot more options for viable melee builds than just those three. (I never really liked crit melee anyway tbh. I usually built status w/ CO.) I may have missed this, but will riven dispositions be changing with this update or at a later date? I look forward to exploring every stance in the game again!
  2. I had this happen to me once, it was in the void where I think two tiles over lapped. I found the screen shots I took.
  3. This is taken straight from the drop tables as I was looking for good places to farm relics. As stated in the posts above, the A6 is replace with another P2 in the B rotation. I also found this in most other interception missions with Axi relics in their B rotation.
  4. Also have 2 "Mow Them Down" Missions. I actually was able to reach 150 kills once, but it reset down to 10/150 again soon after. I don't know if I got the standing from it though, and both missions are still in my nightwave screen.
  5. Infernal + Celestial Frame(s) https://forums.warframe.com/topic/1063988-infernal-celestial-frame-idea/ Mostly a raw concept at the moment. I hope to update it later.
  6. Any news on the Kubrow and Kavat skins from the Tenno's Best Friend contest?
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