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  1. I just hope that people don't spam it constantly to the point where it loses its original purpose and causes people to mute allied operators
  2. they used to have voice lines at the beginning of missions, I'm not sure if it's still a thing though but it would still be nice to get voice lines similar to how the hostage does, maybe you can also waypoint certain enemies and your operator will inform everyone of the threat level so people are aware it needs to be taken down pronto.
  3. I thought the whole point of them was that they were supposed to be mindless war machines which were designed for one factor which is to kill, I just feel that giving them a personality could perhaps break this identity
  4. I'm actually gonna have to agree with you on this one, you are pretty much making your weapon useless if you refuse to add on point blank, serration etc since the damage bonus is so high, it makes it just another band-aid mod and massively restricts your choices since there is no way that your weapon will do well in high level missions without these mods. that being said, I'd offer a different suggestion as opposed to your gilding idea, what I suggest is that the base damage of your weapon actually increases whenever you level up the weapon, hell you could actually make it so the damage is increased by 15% each time up to a total of 165%, what I would suggest of course is that the damage is increased every 3 levels so that way it remains consistent.
  5. I just hope that DE slows down on this tank meta and actually starts to look at the squishier frames and decide to compose content which is balanced for them. I'm not trying to say that tanks should be punished as a result of this, I just think that there should be alternate routes for defeating profit taker so that way stealth players are still able to enjoy the endgame content while tanks are still relevant, instead all of the new content is appealing solely towards tanks and thus it is punishing stealth.
  6. it breaks my heart to see my kavat helplessly try to reach for a roller floof which is stuck inside of my foundary, no matter how hard I try it is literally impossible to get if unstuck unless you use another floof as leverage, the same issue also applies to it going behind the arsenal and in the edges of the incubator segment as well as the mods segment. is there anything you can do in order to add a better obstacle detection to roller floofs in order to prevent them from getting stuck?
  7. so you want the option to disable your cat walking around your orbiter just because it irritates you? I'm pretty sure there are more serious complaints that deserve more attention than this, just grow up and accept the fact that your kavat that you let into your orbiter has the ability to use its legs to move around, it's really not that much of an issue.
  8. this is exactly my point, the entire game is literally bending towards a more tanky playstyle, meaning that frames like Ivara and Loki are being left in the dirt, by playing a stealth frame my invisibility should provide me with an advantage, well there is obviously a reason why frames like Rhino are presented in the advertisement for profit taker because tanks are becoming the literal future of this game which means Ivara, as well as other stealth frames, are being made redundant. if I want to play a glass cannon, the game shouldn't just go 'NO, you must play a tank frame for this fight', and don't tell me to use something like quick thinking, I tried and it did literally nothing aside from take all of my energy away from me while also downing me. in a game that is all about 'ninjas play free' it sure isn't looking like that anymore, instead it's only about making a ton of noise and soaking up damage, which of course is destroying stealth frames and even squishy frames for that matter since enemies are somehow completely bypassing the invisibility and, due to them being designed to kill tanks, one hit me.
  9. no problem, the Hek is a very powerful shotgun so this build should hopefully allow you to deal slightly more damage to it, though if it doesn't turn out well you can always message again and I'll try to help as best as I can
  10. you do, it's in your mod list underneath your weapon
  11. I mean for where this person currently is in the game, it will take this person forever to even have a chance at getting one of her components since it is literally locked behind an endgame boss (who will remain unnamed for spoiler reasons)
  12. for you Hek build, this is what I recommend: remove tactical pump, fatal acceleration and ravage, replace with either chilling grasp or shell compression and level them up a bit so the damage of the elements increases, also up the damage on point blank. that's all you really need for this fight, hope this helps.
  13. most of these suggestions are kind of silly, Rhino is fine but Hildryn? and Ignis Wraith? overall my assumption is that you possibly reached the phase with the tomb guardian, from my understanding they are actually weak to corrosive and viral (don't ask why), so I suggest you go Toxin+electricity for corrosive or Toxin+Cold for viral, I also suggest that you keep on moving during the entire fight, use bullet jumps like there's no tomorrow and be sure to take cover when necessary
  14. this is the warframe equivalent of your cat sitting on your keyboard
  15. agreed, it has literally reached the point now where most of the new content is designed for tanks frames in mind, not only making invisibility redundant but also outright going against what the core game is all about: Stealth. I would love for there to be a boss similar to the scarab in Halo but also similar to a kind of western train robbery where you chase it down on a K-Drive or even an archwing if it's in space and jump aboard where you will have to traverse a stealth segment where a single giveaway will result in a punishment, either adding in additional obstacles or destroying certain segments of the path, causing you to have to go in alternate and more dangerous paths. this of course is an idea which could be expanded upon but my point is that invisibility i gradually becoming a useless tool, for every mission that you need to play a tank frame for there should also be an alternative for the more squishy players, hell you could even offer different ways of defeating the profit taker which appeal to these play styles, as of right now though I'm being forced to play certain frames in order to even stand a chance at defeating the new content, regardless of whether nor not they actually appeal to my playstyle.
  16. this is a message I have received every single time I try to login, I have checked on 'manage game and add ons' and there is no update, yet I am still unable to connect at all. can you please look into this issue DE, I literally can't even log in now.
  17. strange, I've only recently noticed it while doing eidolon hunts, maybe because I use Operator mode far more than previously
  18. I've noticed an issue which often takes place whenever I exit operator mode, after leaving the mode there is a strane issue wherein the games seems to think that I've selected the quick-select on my abiltiies (ie it thinks that I have RB selected even though I don't), this can be fixed by pressing RB again or entering and exiting operator mode but in the meantime any buttons pushed will result in the corresponding abilities being used. anyone else having this issue, or is it just me?
  19. what? a few people with about 100K subs, you do realise that there has been loads of marketing with this game (take the recent trailer for example), also someone has already mentioned this but big youtubers like Markiplier have actually been paid by DE to play their game, sure it seems forced but when you're guaranteed to advertise something to about 2 million people that is statistically more likely to encourage people to test it out. besides, a lot of people question the mental health of content creators like LifeOfRio who only ever complain, that's all some of them do is complain and it is exactly the reason why they leave, but if you are also choosing to leave as well then you're just being childish and jumping on the so-called 'bandwagon'
  20. just because a few vets are leaving doesn't indicate that the game is dying, you too would get bored of something after 2K hours of it. besides I'm seeing loads of MR1 players who are taking their place, in other words people are still joining this community and playing this game, so this comment on WF dying is just an exaggeration, it is simply the circle of life taking its toll on the game.
  21. the entire pause menu could do with a few renovations, it's gets tiring moving my cursor over everyone's loadouts one by one, so much unused space which could be used for a lot of different features
  22. 1 - this game has reached the point where playing quietly is an uphill struggle, enemies who somehow notice you while you're in invisiblity is starting to emerge and homing attacks will track you regardless of your visibility 2+3 - my argument is that the playstyle is making frames like Ivara redundant, and the reason that's an issue is because the game is supposed to be all about stealth 'Ninjas play free' has lost its meaning entirely, there is nothing ninja-esque about playing as a frame like chroma who is nowhere near like a ninja, while not all frames are desgined for all situation I should still stand a chance against something like the profit taker regardless of who I pick, I have no chance against homing rockets that track me down even while I'm in invisibility. 4 - the amount of times I get killed by literally nothing is immense, there is no way that I will be able to maintain any amount of energy while using something like QT + PF, and once I run out of energy there is literally no hope then my biggest critisism of this game is that it is no longer what it used to be, the reason I'm stating that invisibility is basically useless now is due to the fact that there is no new content that actually appeals to stealth gameplay, instead tanks have officially taken over the meta since they are the only ones who can survive anything, from profit taker to exploiter, everything appeals to loud gameplay and nothing to stealth and is only further emphasised by how punishing playing a stealth frame is now
  23. stop what, drinking, worrying, existing?
  24. I only watched a few of his videos, but looking at his content now he is just a black hole of depression, literally nothing but negative statements, he literally posted a video 1 day ago titled 'Warframe-The end of content creators'. dear god this person is repetitive
  25. incorrect, though not wrong. they do attack where you last were but not via infrared or light distortion, admittedly they are the only enemy who is actually fair to go against and actually makes sense so I can't disagree with you there not actually true, I've been killed by a sycto, revived then ran out of its sight and went invisible to attack another enemy and it still attacks me, even if it is the case that they attack you once you attack them it shouldn't mean you are 100% visible to them at all times, they really should be treated more like the beserker in GOW: they will go for you but will be restricted to where they first heard you,
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