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  1. Still no fix for bad fish spawns (in caves) on fortuna and plains., dye partially not working
  2. Fixed already atleast for me and the clan im in
  3. CTRL+F Dojo Not Found REEE still no fix for the dojo vault issue 😞 thanks anyways for the other fixes. We all fix together.
  4. first off all, be happy they work on the weekends to fix important stuff. second of all. you dont have to exit a longrun survival as the hotfix is deployed. staying IN the mission does not kick you out.
  6. use warframe. photoshop or any other image editing software, can even use paint if you want. and/or use the ingame captura
  7. My Entry. How could i not go with harrow for this poster 😄
  8. I mean, they cant fix everything at once... Ofcourse some thing should be fixed before other things. But some may take longer than other problems. Im sure fixes will eventually come. Godspeed Tenno
  9. I can place the atmos mask over a bloody scarf but it wont be shown when the mouth if fully visible and not obscured in any way XD Facial Accessories still not fixed. this is the only combo i know of at this moment for face accessories and hoods. Furthermore ear accessories have the same issue with certain hoods. Thanks for the other working fixes
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