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  1. Fixes... aaah, fixes. Gotta love 'em!
  2. Oh my, I played Dark Sector and adored the glaive mechanics in it! Loving these changes, glaives needed some love.
  3. Detron sits in quite a strange spot on Mag's hip when holstered. It should be centered properly. This of course applies to Mara Detron as well.
  4. After joining a T5 Deimos bounty for tokens I got migrated, then selected the "For Science!" one from Mother. The first stage of it, area control, granted no Mother tokens. Unsure if was due to the migration I went through or is just a regularly occurring bug. edit: I also experienced this bug in the Plains of Eidolon after leaving my previous squad while they were trying to head back to Cetus, forcing a migration for myself as I wasn't host. I then went on to complete a three stage bounty and got no rewards for any stage of it. This bug is not isolated to one open world.
  5. I have been testing a looter Mag build and noticed over my ~2h run that when casting Petrify (using Ore Gaze for loot) the petrified enemies would sometimes become completely frozen in place. The bubble pulls all enemies directly to the center, but occasionally when petrifying it seems to break the "magnetic pull" effect, and enemies will then start to just walk through the bubble without any issue, no pull effect dragging them in.
  6. Hotfixes are always nice, any plans to rework the economies of the first two open worlds, Fortuna and Cetus, to be more in-line with the Deimos token economy? It seems much more well balanced and rewarding than the previous open worlds.
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  9. I noticed the mod [Precision Strike] for Tonkor wasn't giving the reload speed bonus if it impacted an enemy that's being ragdolled (Khora's Strangledome was how I initally noticed this). I also noticed that Zhuge Prime is not detonating when being embedded in ragdolled enemies, so I would assume this bug has something to do with on hit detection of ragdolled enemies? I'd imagine it affects a larger number of things than just these.
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