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  1. If you're effectively able to one-shot them at the weak-point at all times then this is no longer an issue, one two pew pew both nullifier shields down. We don't need a stat squish, we severely need armour to be re-thought, it present a massive balance divide. From there they can then once again increase enemy scaling by another 2-5x and boom, now factions are balanced against each other effectively and actually become difficult to kill. A stat squish in some areas would help, but this would be less of a stat squish and more of a standardization to stat scaling.
  2. Don't like this suggestion. Nullifiers have slight issues, but they as a unit are fine. We just need to have the weakpoint drone that you can kill to always be on the side of the bubble the nearest player is on, or when they're aiming. It should be made to move around the bubble on it's own and not be set in a static spot, this encourages aiming for the weakpoint and allows slow firing weapons to compete. The rest of your suggestions I don't like, none of that addresses the underlying core balance issues. You can't add healthy difficulty without balancing the underlying fla
  3. To add any properly balanced "difficult" content, or content that actually scales in a meaningful way, DE would need to almost entirely rebalance the damage system. That's not to say they need to scrap it entirely, they should keep the core components of course that make Warframe unique, but we need a heavy rebalance. The rebalances that we need are as follows. armour scaling removed armour could also alternatively be changed to a third life pool similar to shields and health status efficacy: balancing high fire-rate and low fire-rate weapons when relating to debuff ap
  4. Oh, interesting, couldn't find anything on the wiki about that reduction so I assumed they didn't have some extra arbitrary reduction tacked on. No, extra damage reductions like that should be entirely scrapped as a mechanic, we don't need more convoluted never explained mechanics slapped onto every enemy. Also yeah, they changed the scaling which was an attempt to address the issue, but the issue is the fact that armour scales at all, if armour scales even a tiny bit it presents a massive balance divide between enemy types that should simply not exist.
  5. That is an issue, but a separate one entirely. Converting enemy damage to be hit-scan with indicators would be a massive overhaul to the combat system but would make the combat infinitely more engaging and rewarding. Even with these changes however shields would still fall drastically behind except for cases where shield-gate abuse comes into play. So basically what I'm getting is we should be able to amplify our shield damage reduction value? I absolutely agree with this, and I believe did mention it somewhere in the post. I do believe though even if we get the ability to do things
  6. We're making armour no longer scale. That's all. The Eidolon Hydrolyst at level 60, due to armour scaling, currently has ~79% damage reduction from armour, whereas it's base armour value is only 150, a 33.3% reduction. They would need to buff enemy base armour values, since armour would no longer scale it would grant the same effective health bonus at all levels, this would make enemy tankiness scale linearly. This would allow weapons that don't force slash procs via some method to actually compete against armour just through sheer raw damage. Currently, to kill a level 100 Heavy Gunner,
  7. This brings up another design flaw to me. We have damage modifiers for everything, we're supposed to be encouraged to build for the enemies weaknesses... why are we then just entirely bypassing everything about these enemies that distinguishes them from the rest because unless we do that then we can't be effective at all? Radiation is meant to be strong against alloy, but the armour scaling gets so ridiculously high that even slash is dozens if not hundreds of times more effective. Since slash universally bypasses armour now armour types are irrelevant, all that matters is armour or not. The s
  8. Making him less reliant on having enemies, okay, right, that makes sense! I actually like this, probably just make it have an energy cost then when no enemy is in belly? Juiceless post... lemme see... Oh, that also mentions the energy cost when no enemies inside, perfect! Love it love it love it. Armour rework, absolutely fair, until it's reworked it would still pose a significant issue so it makes sense for the strip to apply instantly. Yes, the buffs would also apply to allies.
  9. It's simple, if you don't like the movement system then don't play. The movement system of Warframe is fantastic and one of the reasons many players appreciate the game, if you don't like one of the core mechanics of a game why would you continue to play? I don't mean to sound snarky, but it's just how it is. If you're not skilled enough to complete the test that's a different issue entirely, but if your complaints are that you don't enjoy the systems then simply don't play.
  10. Well my post clearly and concisely disproves everything you just said. Also adding damage reduction does not increase engagement, fun, or the health of the game's balance. So I urge you again, if you wish to put forth your opinion on the topic you should actually become well read on it. You very clearly lack any understanding of why armour is imbalanced right now, and seem to lack an understanding of what makes a game enjoyable and engaging.
  11. Not even sure why I'm dignifying this with a reply. Rub your brain cells together and re-read the post if you plan to comment again.
  12. Good post addressing Grendel's issues, I just have a few bits to add. Reducing energy cost is great, and while having secondary resources is fine and dandy, I don't think we need to fit one into Grendel's kit here. Simply lower the energy cost to be flat per unit and not scale in the ridiculous way it currently does. Static value per enemy, linear scaling per enemy, no more energy cost over time. The armour strip on Feast, armour is a separate issue entirely, DE needs to address the armour mechanic as a whole rather than slap arbitrary armour removal onto every new frame. So for this
  13. The reasons DE is essentially forced to make any frame able to achieve 100% armour strip is directly because of the issue in question. If armour was properly balanced and had healthy methods to deal with it then they wouldn't be slapping 100% armour strip onto every frame to give them any chance at viability against armoured units. If we take Steel Path units, a Heavy Gunner will always have over 98% damage reduction. This means even if it's health were equal to a non-armoured unit, it would take 50x more damage to kill. Armour, much like shields, should be something you have to consider when
  14. Here is my absolutely tiny suggested change, despite how simple this would be to implement it would have a massive positive effect on the total balance of the game. Below the suggestions I will have a breakdown/explanation of why this balance change is absolutely necessary for the health of the game's balance. Remove armour scaling. Armoured units now have a static armour value that applies at all levels. This means the Heavy Gunner unit would have 62.5% incoming damage reduction at all levels, no longer increasing with levels. Base armour values would require a
  15. Nukor is overtuned and needs nerfs. This has been an issue since it was released. With these changes nukor would be getting a nerf to it's application rate (now applies debuff statuses, like radiation, at 0.5x efficacy) but it may still definitely be overtuned after this, and could be looked at for some nerfs.
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