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  1. Deluxe is out, Tennogen still bugged. Splinter Storm don't shatter the glass on the helmet:
  2. Will they be added in the future? Because... well...
  3. I think Iron Staff is a good weapon, it has good status chance and once you slap that Sacrificial Steel and Primal Rage you can see an orange crit here and there. What kills it is the stance the ability has, too many ragdolls and useles animations on the combos. Whoever made it was more concern on looking cool than being effective. Back to the post, the problem is not Khora, Saryn, Equinox or any other area nukes, but the reason in wich the are used. Why use these frames on ESO for example? Because if you dont kill fast in a large area you dont get to wave 8. It's the frames the pro
  4. "It's all mostly focused on buffing stuff, it's not nerfing stuff." - [DE]Scott, Home Devstream #8.
  5. Remove Lifting from Glaive combos(from the game if possible), because when it procs EVERY SINGLE SUBSEQUENT HIT is a miss. Add the old "Gun+Glaive combo chain" somewhere in the stances, as it was superior in every way compared to then.
  6. The Silica Tennogen Helmet dont shatter when using Splinter Storm it's bugged since August 17, 2019.
  7. Gara deluxe looks beautiful, but for the love of the Void fix her Tennogen Helmet.
  8. Will the glaive stances be looked as well? Currently the "equipped gun combo chain" is far superior than any combos the stances have. It's fast, hits multiple enemies in a wide area and don't have the Lift status in it (yes, not lifting is take into account to see whether a stance is good or not, you should revisit it as well a.k.a remove from the game).
  9. Since Gara Deluxe is coming soon™, i would like to post again that the Silica Tennogen Helmet glass do not shatter when using her second ability. It's bugged since August 17, 2019.
  10. Because is for very experienced Warframe players.
  11. On your edit you forgot to erase the "customization system for very experienced Warframe players", because MR 8?! Really?! I'm glad i always have low expectations to not be disappointed, but congratulations, you've done it.
  12. Visual bug persists since August 17, 2019, almost a year now.
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