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  1. I just read the wiki to confirm, completely forgot it was. My bad.
  2. Stats Really welcome changes. Spore I'm a little concern about that one, while the changes sound really good, what benefit a corrosive DoT will bring to a Corpus fight? With the current viral damage she's a really good enemy debuffer for all factions, so i would prefer to remain the same. Molt Damage absorving is a great implement to the ability and the movement speed make it a great escape tool. Toxic Lash Affecting other weapons is great, and my Melee/Tank Saryn will be even more powerful. Miasma All the stats buffs are great, but the switch between elements with Spore made me worried. Perhaps give Miasma the status chance boost suggested to Spores. Overall it sounds like really good changes, but i just hope they are not based in ONE bad designed/variety killer/meta, cheesy only viable mode(AKA Onslaught), just like Chroma changes where based on the same bad designed/variety killer/meta, cheesy only viable Eidolon Hunt.
  3. How about the way that Status/Sec works get revisited too, because for a beam weapon to truly hits 100% Status, it needs 400% Status/Sec.
  4. Since we're talking about Warframe re-revisited, here's my feedback and suggestions about the changes and other things: WARNING: LONG POST!