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  1. Having the same problem, but i think what's happening is that Zephyr is being damaged by enemies that shoot her Tornados, somehow the damage is affecting her too. I'm going to test some more to see if that is the case.
  2. Sometimes I take damage from enemies weapons while the abilitie is on. EDIT: After some testing, it seems she's being damaged by enemies projectiles that hit her own tornados. Somehow the effects are aplying to her, and since the damage that gets redirected by the abilitie is not a projectile it can bypass Turbulence.
  3. Favorite Warframe: Valkyr, best girl. Mission Type: Survival, Disruption and Interception. Weapon: Sobek, Akvasto Prime and Machete Wraith are my go to Loadout. Quest: All, I like the Lore of the game. Aspect: Fast gameplay, movement, customization. Character: Ordis, Ballas, Entrati Family. Location/Tileset: Grineer ships. Enemy type: In order: Grineer: All variations. Deimos Infested: Because shield based Warframes have a chance against them and their eximus have variety, not like the regular ones that are ALL parasitic eximus. R.I.P energy.
  4. I'm going to be extremelly sincere, so if a Moderator or a DE finds something i wrote offensive I'll happily delete it. This is all based on the 7-8 years that i've been playing this game: Open Worlds abandoned after launch When was the last time the Plains and Fortuna received some replayable content? That Valentine shop? Cool, but short lifespam. Deimos is going the same path and it will be the same formula for future ones: Launch it with new resources to farm, fish, mining, then once you done there's no reason to comeback to it. Game modes that kill variety If
  5. It actually don't bothers me the kill/damage dealt results, i just find it funny.
  6. You have ammo restores and ammo mutation mods. —But i am nothing without infinite ammo. —If you are nothing without infinite ammo then you shouldn't have it.
  7. The effect just ruins the fashion frame, i thought pure infestation effects where a Nidus thing. The Void Cloud around the body is enough to alert the player that the ability is up. Pure cosmetic suggestion.
  8. I have no problems with the ability at it's current state, and i'm think it's a pretty good ability as it is. Don't know what's your build but i suggest redoing it. So that will be a no for the proposal for my part.
  9. Sobek AkVasto Prime Machete Wraith
  10. Gonna get them all. Speaking of noggles, any plans on adding new Warframe ones? Some of them don't have noggles yet... and you know... i need to complete my collection...
  11. For the people who just want the cosmetics and don't care about credits/endo/kuva/riven/boosters. Currently the're too expensive given the fact that the last bundle don't give the rewards from the other two, thus the only way to get them is to buy them all.
  12. All I want is a separate bundle with just the kavats and weapon skins, i really dont care about the riven/endo/kuva/boosters.
  13. They forgot to put the special text "ALTERED" like in Roar and Quiver.
  14. It's funny that some primes have it(like Hydroid and Mesa) but others don't. Also it should be a option for the other special skins like the Void Corrupted Vauban and Rubedo Rhino.
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