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  1. (yes there's 3 other topics on the front about the Wolf specifically but mines maybe slightly different hold on) The Wolf and his effing hammer are now tied with the Khora Sanctuary Onslaught farm for Things That Make Me Uniquely Hate Warframe and Want to Stop Playing I knew it was coming but I finally had a random squad that wanted nothing to do with the Wolf when he spawned, so they just finished the mission and left, and now I feel an INCREDIBLY animosity towards them too, isn't that wonderful! But wait, the team I had two missions before did stop what they were doing, waltz into the spy vault with the Wolf, and spent 10 minutes shooting him and...disappointment! For sticking it out they got a turd on their face! I made this thread partially because that first experience left me *uniquely* embittered in ways 50 failed RadShares could not, but also to ask: Can we consider replacing horrible random grinds with long but inevitable ones but for real this time? I was excited about the Wolf but now I'm not. I was excited about Profit Taker and the Heist but now I'm not. I was...well I wasn't really into Sanctuary Onslaught to begin with but now I'm REALLY NOT INTO IT. If you weapons/mods/stances on everything like this chances are I'm going to play those things to the point of resentment. I was excited for Exploiter, and liked and STILL like Exploiter, because I didn't want anything from it but Hildryn. I did not want the hyper rare Epherma thing from it. But I've seen the venting from people who DID want the Ephemera thing and now they hate Exploiter. They hate one of the best received boss encounters you've released since Eidolons (I think they're good shuddap) because you had to attach the random shiny thing, after we thought Epherma would be Not That Yet Again. I think maybe, you might want to reconsider how much gameplay time any given thing Warframe needs to have extracted out of it, and set limits with a Syndicate or something. I'm not asking you to remove grinds from the game, just to re-implement them in ways that don't make people hate the content their associated with afterwards. (Like Defection I love and Infested Salvage but everyone hates them like it's a meme ._. ) I am excited for Flydolon, new Nightwave things, and Empyrean I hope I stay so after they're here.
  2. Hi there can we... use the K-Drives in dojos? >_> It was brought up earlier to use them on the obstacle course but why not just let us grind everything in sight. Let us tear up those indoor cities people are building in their dojos, tag the place up. Implement dojo rules that when broken incur a wanted level that allows dojo cops to hunt you down and you have to fight back with spray paint. Also maybe figure a way to allow dojos to have customizable open world areas/super huge tiles, like a virtual Plains of Eidolon we can place decorations on and turn into an outdoor skate park to compliment the indoor skate park.
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