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  1. I've been mulling over it for at least a week (AFTER farming all the Necramech and Cortege parts) and while making the toxin survival section harder made it a bit more threatening, in the long run over repeated Isolation Vaults completions, nothing interesting happens. Really the only unexpected things that can happen are someone isn't geared right or doesn't know about (understandably) poorly communicated Reflecting Iron Skin on the mechs, or a glitch happens and causes the entire worm cycle to be a loss. So either nothing interesting happens and we get to the third vault as usual, or somethi
  2. I forgot I started typing thoughts on the reimagined Spy Vaults then forgot to finish them. As other people have said some of the old vent shortcuts are just blocked off permanently past a certain point, and it doesn't seem to have made these vaults harder, just less interesting, barreling through the vents is fun. I feel it would be better to leave them randomly open and shove in the laser vent grid from the Vallis spy sections at higher levels, or even put one of the smaller observation drones running through them. That said it only seems to be maybe half of the vaults shortcuts th
  3. I don't think The "Steel" Path is going to live up to it's name without fiercely corralling the rate at which we regenerate health/energy/ammo/void energy. Long as some players have access to those, they are going to be both bored, and leaving behind everyone who doesn't have access to a bottomless well. The cooldown on Gear pizzas is a good start, but if you don't address all sources of near endless supplies it's in vain. If after reining in the collective healing/energy/ammo economy (I'm including Warframe powers in this) things are too hard, you can relax the enemy d
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