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  1. Update: Khora's Vanilla, Delphi and Urushu helmets are ok looking but Leveau is clipping in the neck now and Mithra is just misaligned again.
  2. Since U30.2.1 Khora's Vanilla, Delphi and Urushu helmets are now misaligned with the base body neck: Now here's a challenge, can there be a fix for the above without screwing up the Laveau, Mithra and Miyabi helmets? Now they look like this... As they should.
  3. You forgot to include Laveau and Mithra in the logs. EDIT: Now the vanilla, Delphi and Urshu Helmets are misaligned...
  4. Changeable invisibility visual effects?
  5. The right shoulder plate isn't positioned and/or angled correctly on a lot of frames. So far I found these frames that have this issue Equinox, Equinox Prime, Equinox Antonym Skin (Position and angle is wrong) Ivara Skathi Skin (As-symmetric skin, shaky inclusion) Chroma, Chroma Prime, Chroma Dynasty Skin (Nitpick, one shoulder plate is higher than the other) Excalibur Proto-Armor Skin (Slightly clipped inside the shoulder. Even the poster boy couldn't escape the wrath of the clipping shoulder plate.) Grendel (Nitpick, one shoulder plate is higher than the other) Hydroid Rakkam Skin (Noticible clipping inside the shoulder.) Inaros Prime, Inaros Ramses Skin (A bit of everything) Lavos (Angle) Mirage Prime, Mirage Oneiro Skin (Floating mid air.) Nekros (Nitpick, one shoulder plate is higher than the other.) Nekros Prime (Even more impressive floating mid air ) Nekros Irkalla Skin (Angle and possibly the position) Nezha Empyrean Skin (Noticible clipping inside the shoulder on both left and right plates.) Nova Atomica (Noticible clipping inside the shoulder.) Octavia (Clipping inside the shoulder) Octavia Prime (It went on an adventure to talk with it's old mate, the spine... It's in the spine, how did no one catch this one is beyond me.) Rhino Prime (Noticible clipping inside the shoulder on both left and right plates.) Saryn (One shoulder plate is higher than the other.) Saryn Prime (Clipping inside the shoulder.) Wukong Prime (Clipping inside the shoulder.) Xaku (Clipping inside the shoulder.) Zephyr (Clipping inside the shoulder on both right and left.)
  6. Add normal octavia to the list of misaligned shoulder plates.
  7. After all these years and the amount of Tennogen, Prime Access and platinum sales on fashion alone you would have wondered why the developers don't give us an option to change out that virtually unchanged invisibility effect that effectively hides all fashion. Now, lets give the credit where it's due, the current invisibility is loud and clear that you're invisible, no confusion and it should stay as default (yes, even for wisp). But for fashionistas that's the biggest eye sore thus the request for the changeable invisibility effect. Thank you for your time. Edit: To make it more clear what I mean here's a visualization: Both frames are invisible but wisp has a special effect attached to her.
  8. Since I started to air out my dirty laundry, lets keep going! Since around the time khora's deluxe skin came out these two helmets were misaligned. Khora Laveau: Khora Mithra:
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