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  1. The shadows do not benefit from lifesteal of gloom. The damage dealt by shadows heals the warframe himself. I use this build for typical missions (ie steelpath content <1 hour, level 5 sisters etc): https://overframe.gg/build/152352/nekros-prime/gloom-nekros/
  2. Melee nerf reduces player choice. This is the conclusion I have reached after a number of considerations. 1. Melee weapon is short range with higher potential damage. 2. Ranged weapon is long range with lower potential damage. 3. Ranged weapons is always better in cases where enemy can be one/two-shot by Ranged weapons. Let's call this "Range Optimized Levels" 4. When ranged weapon damage is insufficient on steelpath and long endurance runs,, melee takes over. Let's call this "Melee Optimized Levels" 5. Each player has a different level range of when enemy levels switch from Range Optimized to Melee Optimized. 6. Warframe is a game with infinite enemy level scaling but no infinite rewards scaling. Therefore it doesn't really matter what enemy levels players are able to reach, beyond bragging rights. For example, a starting player may find that Range Optimized Levels for him is between 1 to 60 level enemies,. For example, a MR20+ player may find that Range Optimized Levels for him is between 1 to 100 level enemies. For example, a fully maxed player with rivens and latest meta weapon may find that Range Optimized Levels for him is between 1 to 150 level enemies. Now let's assume, (1) and (2) remains true after the gun buff and melee nerf, then the level range of Range Optimized Levels shifts to the right for everyone. This is fine but do not really make much change to the existing meta. Players will still use Ranged weapons until they can't. Now if we assumed (1) is no longer true, meaning that Melee weapon is short range with lower potential damage and Ranged weapon is long range with higher potential damage. Then every level becomes Range Optimized Levels, effectively deleting melee weapons as a weapon class. Based on the above, the outcome is either neutral, or bad.
  3. Everyone has 24 hours a day. However, everyone have different commitments like school, work, family etc. I used to have the kind of free time to play 12 hours a day. But I don't now, due to work and wife. I do not at all envy my pervious state.
  4. Well there are a number of ways to do this. I'm mostly of the opinion that faithful use of a warframe should reward the dedication. Most Invigoration buffs are strong enough to make even non-meta frames more than capable of steelpath. Otherwise, another possible option is to allow us to subsume a prime warframe and that warframe will always get a Invigoration. Subsuming a second prime warframe will replace the first, so at any one time, there can only be one "Main frame".
  5. Instead of waiting 3 or 4 weeks to get our favourite Warframe buffed, one of the three Invigorations, or a fourth one, should be reserved for our most played Warframe. This will give the players who like to “main” a certain frame (Nekros in my case) something to excite them. Players tend to stick to a frame because the frame appeals to them in terms of looks or playing mechanics. No one is going to change up their favourite Warframe just because random frames got some buff this week.
  6. One thing they can do is allow for subsume of passive abilities. I wish they do a round of review and buff the passives of warframes with bad passives, but if that can't be done, then allow for subsume of passive abilities works as well. There are the God tier passives that are better than many actual abilities in the 1-4 slots: 1. Any Slash procs inflicted by Ash (from both weapons and abilities) deal 25% more damage and last 50% longer 2. Atlas is immune to knockdown effects while in contact with the ground 3. After casting three abilities, Protea empowers her next ability cast with an additive 100% Ability Strength bonus 4. Wisp is completely invisible to enemies while in mid-air, until she lands or fires a weapon And some really specific ones that only help with specific riven challenges: 1. Chroma possesses an extra midair jump and bullet jump 2. Loki's Wall Latch duration lasts 10 times longer than normal And the really pointless ones: 1. Mag pulls nearby Pickups towards her when Bullet Jumping (lol?) 2. Nekros regenerates 5 (lol?) points of Health any time an enemy dies within 10 meters of him 3. Creatures of nature rejuvenate in Oberon's presence (lol?)
  7. Protea is supposed to control time with her 4th ability. (time) With gloom subsumed, she can stop enemies from moving. (space) Dispenser and equilibrium keeps her energy topped up. Gloom Protea is one of the best builds for Protea currently.
  8. I believe DE should review companion survivability, especially in modes such as Arbitration and Steelpath. Enhanced Vitality and Metal Fiber are basically trash because companions have very low base health and armor. Link Health and Link Armor works well for some frames (Inaros) but very poorly with other frames (casters) that use other means of survival: limbo: rift hildryn: shields caster frames: quick thinking Some possible suggestions, ranged from minor tweaks to huge changes: 1. Combine Link Health and Link Shield into a single mod and buff it, giving +200 Health-link and Shield-link. 2. Companion base health and armor also scale with map levels, similar to spectors, making Enhanced Vitality and Metal Fiber worth using. 3. Companions are immortal, except from death via Sacrifice. BTW, just when are we getting another prime Sentinel? It has been a while.
  9. I once made a similar (but different) post using Nekros as an example. It feels like many of the augments are required for a skill to be even worth using; despoil, shield of shadows My solution was to add some minor bit of relevant stats into the augments. For example, Omni Reservoir could also add 10 range and 10 power strength Despoil could add 50 max energy and 10 range Shield of shadows could add 10 power strength and 10 duration Just something minor to compensated the use of a slot.
  10. Void corruption mechanic has never worked well on huge maps especially if the players are moving and killing fast. Railjack missions are extremely huge maps so there is the main problem.
  11. This is a quick guide on how to farm solaris standing. I shall discuss and list the least efficient to the most efficient. Skip to the bottom if you just want the best method without any discussion. (Worst) 1. Debt bonds Debts are expansive. At the start they are a quick way to get medical, advance and familial bonds for ranking up. For veterans with massive resources, they are a way to convert those into bankable standing in preparation for the time when you are on holiday or something and don't have time to farm. 2. Fishing With highest end fish giving only 1k rep and bait needing standing and hotspots been so hard to find, you need all the fish you can get for their parts. It is a waste to provide them for standing. 3. Bounty They are a good way to start off when you just got to Orb vailis. You want a copy of every mod anyway. And farming relics for unvaulted warframes are great. But if you look at the pure standing to time spent ratio, they are not the best. 4. Mining Mining is very good. You need gems for crafting anyway. Spend your time mining until you get to Old Mate. (Best) 5. Conservation I didn't know this miracle method until I got to Old Mate and bought a Kubrodon lure. I did the early ones, of course, for floofs. But the standing gained wasn't too impressive for how annoying it is to track footprints. Then I got the Kubrodon lure. The weakest Kubrodon type is worth 1.5k-2k. The mid-tier is 3k. The strongest is a whopping 6K standing! My eyes lit up the first time I caught one. To took me a something like half an hour to clear my 25K cap. Kubrodon, you are the coolest bro. 😎
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