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  1. I think they should just up the standing cap to some higher amount like 200k or 300k so it is easier to manage standing.
  2. Well i doubt anyone will be spending 200 ducats (worth 15 to 20p) for a stalker beacon to get 4 steel essence, when one could just wait 5 mins in a mission for a disciple to show up.
  3. Seeing as his disciples drop 4 Steel Essence. The master is pretty stingy.
  4. I quite like the fight. Given that DE need to make the fight doable for new players and meaningful for MR30, they have done a good job as far as I am concerned.
  5. Riven Disposition should not go below a point where a standard mod like primed pressure point or prime elemental mod would provide better overall DPS. That would kill the riven. Owners of riven should still be rewarded for having a riven, even if all the hard work only amounts to +20% DPS over non-riven builds. Thus there is a need to have a disposition floor for rivens at close to or slightly below 1.
  6. Not needed, Nekros builds usually don't have mod slots for augments outside of despoil and/or shield of shadows. That is the primary reason why Eternal War is not a top choice as a Nekros subsume ability. The purpose of Silence is to make every enemy bow to thee (EDGE) LORD as he comes into view. The fact it disables many boss abilities is also a pretty important feature.
  7. Nekros main here. I have pretty much tried every single subsumed ability. I'm casting my vote for the skill which no one is taking about: Silence. If your build is 100% range, it is one of the most user friendly and all-round powerful skill to use. You will understand when you use it.
  8. I put it on my Sleep Equinox. There is quite fitting.
  9. Not required. You can still use the skills unbuffed. It just wouldn't be as effective.
  10. Lavos is an upcoming alchemy-themed Warframe slated for release in 2020. I think as an alchemy-themed warframe, it should be able to empower it's skills with one-time use concoctions made using common materials found all over the System. These concoctions can be crafted in special stations (that is unlocked when you master Lavos) similar to Skyrim with various buffs and bonus based on materials use. Passive: Scanning plants give double materials. Skill 4 "ultimate" is also a passive. All concoctions also apply to teammates within affinity range. Effect is increased to 2/3/4
  11. Well Nidus Prime should be the next 4th prime warframe ETA summer 2021. So those already invested umbra formas are pretty much going to be worthless in less than a year. Think of it as early retirement for the old boy. At least his larva will be the one you subsume into your other frames (as opposed to some other nidus's larva)
  12. Liches should appear for regular gameplay such as sorties, syndicate missions, relic opening etc rather than as a content island so you can progressing it even as you are doing other things. They played it too safe. There isn't any fear of failure with the existing lich system thus defeating the whole purpose of it.
  13. Too naive. FAR TOO NAIVE. 😂😂😂 Anthem is an EA game. It will be full of pay2win micotransactions on top of the price of the base game. It will offer "early access" for more expensive packages which essentially means basic players are forced to wait for no goddamn reason. And it will ship with 10% the content of Warframe with far more bugs and stealth nerfs and loot boxes. If you think for a moment that an EA game will not attempt to milk you ... I envy you. It's nice to be a young bright eye gamer dipping his toe into his first/second live service game.
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