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  1. I once made a similar (but different) post using Nekros as an example. It feels like many of the augments are required for a skill to be even worth using; despoil, shield of shadows My solution was to add some minor bit of relevant stats into the augments. For example, Omni Reservoir could also add 10 range and 10 power strength Despoil could add 50 max energy and 10 range Shield of shadows could add 10 power strength and 10 duration Just something minor to compensated the use of a slot.
  2. Void corruption mechanic has never worked well on huge maps especially if the players are moving and killing fast. Railjack missions are extremely huge maps so there is the main problem.
  3. TYPE: Gameplay DESCRIPTION: Vauban's fourth ability Bastile is behaving strangely. Enemies do not get suck together in the vortex but instead becomes struck to the ground in place. REPRODUCTION: Equip Vauban in lockout, enter any mission, cast Bastile EXPECTED RESULT: Enemies do get suck together in the vortex by Vauban's fourth ability Bastile OBSERVED RESULT: Enemies are struck to the ground in place by Vauban's fourth ability Bastile REPRODUCTION RATE: Every single time
  4. Hmm, for an example, a player has a Kronen, and Duel Ether with a Riven. Without the DPS calculator, Kronen will always be the default choice based on the weapon base stats, and hype. With the DPS calculator, the player might realize Duel Ether with a Riven as the better option.
  5. https://overframe.gg/ has a DPS calculator, why not have one in-game? 1. The DPS calculator would quickly enable players to compare how to slotting certain mods could improve or reduce their DPS. 2. Players with high disposition rivens for less popular weapons, could quickly compare against meta-weapons with or without riven, and ascertain which weapon would be better for his/her specific case at his/her current progress. 3. The availability of more tools for players to improve their game, in the game, will work toward lessening the learning curve and dependency on external ref
  6. Here is the simple explanation for riven dispositions. The majority of the playerbase uses weapons without rivens. The majority of the playerbase uses weapons based on weapon tier-list Even if a player has a strong riven for a particular weapon, he will stick to the meta-weapons because he will not bother to spend time to test the performance differences between a meta-weapon without riven against a non-meta-weapon with riven Thus no matter how much you nerf the disposition of the top tier weapons, the usage will continue to remain high. The only time the usage of cu
  7. I just want forma to be an option for the exchange table.
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