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  1. Hello everyone , I just wanted to share my opinion about something and ask a question ( sort of). Am I the only one finding some prime warframes are much easier to acquire than their "normal" counterparts? And By easier I mean extremely easy. For instance I never got to build basic Nekros but after a bit of farming and trading 1 part I got Nekros prime. Didn't take me that long and I got to farm other priime parts while doing it. And now I have no reason to go farm the original by fighting lephantis 23 times. Does anyone see what I mean ? The same could be said for limbo, I haven't done the quest because of AW but I'd rather farm some relics and make some plat on the side rather that redoing the same mission 15 times to get all parts. What I'm trying to say is that some frames ( at least from y persperctive) may be harder to accquire than their prime counterparts . I don't want DE to make the game even more grindy but it's just a weird feeling I had and I wanted to share and see if other players think the same.
  2. Deidaku

    Melee: Present and Future goals!

    Finally separate heavy attacks! Idea, some kind of dash mechanic to lock on ennemies and get closer fast could be usefuuseful right? And about aerial attacks; hitting an enemy with one should allow us To perform a mini combo on them ,1 or 2 extra quick hits depending of the weapon type
  3. Deidaku

    Should Nyx get some love?

    As someone who plays Nyx prime a lot , I can only say that the only ability that needs a true rework is Psychic Bolts. It needs to do something else than just confuse and proc radiation. The PB augment should be the ability and there should be some synergy between the abilites. Something one the lines of : > number of enemies killed while under the effect of chaos increase a meter that increaseses the power of the n°2 ability. > n°2 ability becomes something like special beam cannon but acts like a arca plasmor shiockwave , damaging enemies in its wake. the Higher the previsouly mentionned meter is , the stronger and bigger the Blast.
  4. Hey guys , Just got Nekros Prime (finally) ( hell I even skipped regular nekros) and i'd love some advice on how to build him. No specific role in mind , I'd just like to see what people have come up with :) NOTE: I do not posess any "Primed" mods (I know I should but Baro isn't in synch with me and I don't have infinite plat" + Any weapon that could go well with this frame? Thanks in advance !
  5. This looks so cool , that I might start playing again :o
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    Gif Thread

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    Gif Thread

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    Gif Thread

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    Vacuum: Discussions Post Devstream #80

    I think that breaking down vaccum into 3 mods is a bad idea. People wont even bother to use the Health or energy vaccums if they have a good team / mod setup. Just spitting ideas but what if vaccum became a passive for all sentinels and then can be tweaked and changed with mods . Example ; All sentinels have regular vaccum, sucks up objects like old vaccum used to. Now we can add dual stat ( maybe corrupted) sentinel mods : Mod prototype 1 : Absorbs 75% more health from health orbs vaccumed ; but 50% less ammo from ammo drops. let's say my shade sucks up a 50 point health orb. , with the mod at full strenght it becomes 87 hp but ammo picked up by the sentinel are 50 less effective. So instead of 20 pistol rounds, we only get 10. Could be useful for melee centric players who don't use ammo that much or go sword alone. values can be tweaked to be less op x) Absorbs 25% more energy from orbs , but gets only 50% health from health orbs. So we get 31 energy from energy orbs but only 25 hp from health orbs. +25% ammo gained pickups but -20% health and energy from orbs. Best used on gunslinger frames using ammo devouring auto weapons like dex furis or twin vipers. Meaning a frame using those weapon types with a carrier sentinel with built in ammo mutation would basically become very ammo efficient despite the high consumption. Pickup speed and range increased by 30% : but , -15% less ammo & health from pickups. Biosynthesis : vaccuming health orbs when warframe and sentinel health are full will provide the and the warframe sentinel with overshields that degrade over time. ( +100% sentinel overshield max and + 50% oversheileld for the warframe.). Yes I got a name for this one x) I don't believe affecting ressource drops or mods drops is necessary or a good idea. People would just pick those vaccum mods mods , max them , get some boosters and go draco somewhere for easy loot. I also suggest that sentinels get a "vaccum" slot . because all the prototype I mentionned would be impossible to put in one build without sacrificing sentinel build integrity. TL:DR: No need to split vaccum into 3 parts. Keep it the same for all sentinels and create mods that add some variety to the vaccum ability instead. Those mods can affect pickup proportions to suits your playstyle. The sentinels also need a "vaccum"/ slot of their own. that doesnt need an adapter please If you're making vaccum universal : do not turn the base vaccum into a mod. Thanks for reading
  10. Deidaku

    Coming Soon: Devstream #80!

    Hell yeah a devstream !! Question time : any plans on giving us different types of crosshairs according to weapon type or faction? Have you ever considered creating a "cyber" / machinery based warframe?
  11. reduced nikana damage again? :( But why? they're not even that powerful in conclave x)
  12. Deidaku

    Last Chance For Nyx Prime In The Void!

    Damn I need to farm scindo prime now before it's too late Dx
  13. Deidaku

    Coming Soon: Devstream #78!

    Yeee Boiii Question time Any plans on adding different crosshairs for different weapon types and factions. I don't think we should have the same crosshaires for litterally every weapon considering the immensly vast arsenal we have . Ember's passive is too situational the only way to make use of it is agaisnt the grineer who have 4 or 5 fire type units. Is it going to be changed anytime soon? Any ETA on Syndicate melee weapons? Are we ever going to be able to rebuild destroye Relays?
  14. Deidaku

    Specters of the Rail: Hotfix 4

    DE! Dunno if you fixed this but there's a bug with the launcher or game When I start it always launches in windowed mode 800*400