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  1. Hek (Unrolled) Mr8: +6.6 elec +7.5 Heat +9.9 MS 50p Strun Mr14: +163.9 MS +124.6 CD 24 Rolls. 60p Both of these rivens are V polarity. All prices negotiable. Please message me ingame or here. If I am not online please add me with a message saying what riven you are interested in. Thanks 🙂
  2. ok so i have a cyath riven that has dmg toxin channel dmg and -sd i know its not the best roll but ok. selling for 100p i also have a primed ravage rank 8 for 50p and magnum force rank 9 60p
  3. Rubico tot rotat cc cd 1000 plz dismanted. i mean sold i can spell plz dont bully me
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