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  1. after finishing decorating the ship ordis has a chance to say : I love when the operator decorate the orbiter with trophies from his mission , my favorite are *crack* enemies heads
  2. 1st ability : break some of his part and attach them to enemy to become his follwers 2nd ability : throw his legs at enemy , stagger them and have a 25% chance to open them to parazon finisher , also when he loose one of his legs he losse 25% of his speed so without legs he has only 50% of his normal speed 3rd ability : sacrifice 1 of his arms to use it as melee weapon ( sword ) 4th ability : break himself and reattach to an enemy to gain 50%more ( health , shield , energy ) based on the type of enemy passive : for each part he loose he loose 50 of his health pool and gain 25 energy pool
  3. a portal themed warframe will be cool , the idea I have for him is that he can open portals in the battle to help him , like open a portal directly to the enemies to shot them , or protect himself by opining portals around him to stop pellets from hitting him
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