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  1. i dont see why they wont fix it. they already changed the archwings so seems like titania will follow suit.
  2. the AI is so bad on the Umbra sentient i wouldnt see any value in it, personally. Also there are maybe 5 or 6 frames that actually need all 3 umbral mods for certain builds. there are some frames, like hyldryn off the top of my head, almost have zero use for the umbral mods, or can work maybe 2 max.
  3. you should also be able to merge extra copies of a mod to increase its rank.
  4. lets be honest here. The whole MOD system in warframe is super restricting in almost every aspect. you have 8 base spots on a grid, pets and sentinels excluded, to play around with. 1 is basically locked to the damage mod, and then followed by the usual ones, crit chance/ damage, multishot, range, health, ect. so you are pretty much locked into using the same mods over and over with little to no flexibility. As i play this game longer the more i despise pretty much how extremely small the pool of mods to pull from is. Even when new mods come out i dont use them unless they boost the aforementioned stats..... Questions like "why isnt reload speed a exilis slot mod?" or "why is this warfame ability mod taking up a spot that i need for my usual mods?". DE should think about adding a separate riven slot for each weapon, and 4 ability mod slots for each warframe.
  5. makes sense. serves me right for only reading the first bit.
  6. do sentinel weapons really have a use outside of vigilante or gladiator mods? I mean i run the cryotra with either corrosive/blast or radiation/viral on Djiin and all the vigilante mods and call it day.
  7. Can we revert titania's razor wing back to what it was. After the update it's absolutely horrible to use.
  8. the dics basically gets more time with the combo counter (56 seconds with 6 or 7 combo counter) but ya default is 8 seconds which is useless.
  9. I hardly use it, i find it way too slow. How is it broken now? good or bad broken?
  10. Does anyone else find that the melee changes completely killed the zenistars functionality?
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