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  1. just wait until the riven dispo on them goes up. When the catchmoon had a 3 dispo it was insane.
  2. damn... that's 3 prime access in a row that i have to throw down for....
  3. it will be the same skins and items they put out every year. And from what i remember it doesnt usually start until the middle of October.
  4. to get the MR of a weapon requires you to get the weapon to rank 30 1 time. so technically you need zero forma to get the MR from the weapon. So yes i was incorrect. but you are also very wrong as well seeing as how no weapon requires 5 forma to get the MR from it.
  5. do you need absolutely every weapon at max rank?
  6. you are not required to do any of that. you think you do for some reason. It takes 1 forma per kuva weapon to get the MR from it. Aside from that it's up to your personal preference what you invest in each weapon. Will you be using each kuva weapon simultaneously? No. So maybe think about this rationally.
  7. do you even have every kuva weapn yet?
  8. i can get like 4-5 forma blueprints in like 20-30 minutes doing relics. It is super common. The build time is a day, so pick a weapon you want to work on and like and invest forma in that. Don't get angry you cant throw forma in everything. you aren't a twitch streamer comparing or breaking down weapon DPS. You not being able to run arbitration is most likely your fault because either: 1. you haven't been playing the game long enough. 2. you have been investing poorly in weapons and warframes or 3. you just aren't very good yet and no one wants to carry you. Forma is prett
  9. 100% this! Lots of online games have bonus XP weekends near holidays and i would like to see this become a more regular thing.
  10. https://www.pcgamesn.com/warframe/warframe-player-count 12 million players would beg to differ. New content is on its way and before the end of the year we will have railjack.....soooo
  11. Well the article is about the amount of content in the actual game, of which there is quite a lot from the beginning. I see your point that unlike some other games that have big events warframe falls behind in that aspect.
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