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  1. Then they could theoretically increase the ammo cap on the dex pexia. make it more than 60 or whatever it is set to right?
  2. take a break. Im using this down time to play some of my back catalog that i've missed over the last year. Log in and do your daily's and then play something else.
  3. best way to go about it is with friends if you can. I've gotten up the ranks in convlave but i find it so tedious so sometimes i will get a few people and we will play whatever game mode is empty just to get the points.
  4. Still it limits the weapon unnecessarily imo. Sure it reloads fast but why does it need to reload? It should just be an unending fury of tiny bullets.
  5. I say remove the statue period and maybe keep the endo. Endo is easily farmed elsewhere so it is a bit redundant being in the reward pool for sorties imo.
  6. 100% this! Lots of online games have bonus XP weekends near holidays and i would like to see this become a more regular thing.
  7. Rolling guard is good in certain instances. But the problem is that I mainly use rolling for mobility and probably about 50% of the time i wait for the RG cool down to finish so i can use it when i actually need to.
  8. K-drives are MR fodder. Level them up and forget about them.
  9. I would still like to ask why dex pixia has an ammo cap? No other exalted weapon has this....
  10. i hardly every buy prime access but i do buy the accessories as they come out. Being MR 27 i dont have much to do so i like grinding for relics and opening them with my friends.
  11. what does this have to do with buying the Atlas prime access?
  12. True. but i get matched with a Kora very rarely. I get matched with terrible limbo's all the time.
  13. Best way to do it is whoever is hosting pick up the target first.
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