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  1. Rhyno and nyx were the first round of unvaulted frames months ago. So they wont be back for a while
  2. The grind isnt bad but the 15 creds you get is quite lacking. Especially when you would get 50 before.
  3. ive seen much worse rivens ask for more. i honestly hate the trade chat and actively avoid using it. better to play the game with friends and trade among each other.
  4. they are different frames with different play styles i guess they are comparable since they can become invisible and teleport but that's pretty much it. Loki has a duration based invisibility, wisp does not and can only be invisible while in the air. The benefit to this is a bit questionable but the benefit being you can get stealth aim glides and free invisibility. Loki on the other hand while invisible is like a wrecking ball with a ranged melee or hushed invisibility. As for the teleporting that's harder to compare. Loki requires an enemy or player present for it to be used so its situational. Wisp can teleport whenever and where ever she wants and have it pass through lasers which seems more useful.
  5. wisp looks great. i look forward to using her as my new point guard going forward.
  6. i think she could be useful elsewhere but she is definitely a team supporter frame. And you are right about defense and interception, but provided her reservoirs arent on a timer than you could use them for edilons and orb missions. Spread them around the battlefield and WP them so people can run to grab boosts. and then cc the enemies that get bated there
  7. she seems to be a point guard type character. Looks great imo I like how with her one the reservoirs dont disappear so team mates dont have to run to you for the buffs.
  8. it would be neat if you could customize clem and make him as a deployed object, like the arcgun deployer.
  9. you get the parts from the Alad V assassination mission on Jupiter
  10. maybe we will get some info on the dev stream today or possibly on Tuesday when Danielle does the PS4 stream. But nothing has been announced yet.
  11. i use magus elevate, 75% chance to heal warframe for 200 when transferring in. or you could run regenerative molt instead of contagion cloud. But really unless im running sortie level 90+ enemies i never really run into that issue.
  12. my build is as follows Growing Power, Power Drift Primed Flow, Primed continuity, augur secrets, contagion cloud, vitality, stretch, blind rage and overextend
  13. probably whenever we get the next update
  14. why are you trying to hit a corrupted heavy gunner with anything other than corrosive?
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