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  1. Hi, it's me again. Will you think of another way to get the Prime Glyphs for Prime Access/Vault? Having to buy the highest tier just for the glyphs is impractical. Are there any news about better rewards for Arbitrarions? Any news about the third Orb Mother? Will the Ropalolyst have an articula just like the other 3? Based on what you did with Hildryn, will Gauss (or just future Warframes in general) alt helmet be available on the next season of Nightwave from when he is released or will you add the helmet to the rewards pool as soon as it's released? Have you thought of adding more daily challenges to Nightwave? Having only one daily challenge is kinda boring. Speaking of Nightwave, what happened to the super hard challenge where we had to do a Spy mission with Operators only?
  2. Hello, it's me again. 1.- Will there be another way to get the Prime Glyphs? Having to buy them only from the highest tiers of Prime Vault or Prime Access is not working for me and probably for other people who want to farm for the latest Prime and then just buy the cosmetics and are not interested in the warframe or weapon spaces, boosters and plat. 2.- Speaking of cosmetics from Prime Vault, why not just give us an option to buy them individually in case we already own them from other unvaultings? 3.- Are there any plans to improve the functionality of the "h" key? The way it works right now kinda defeats the purpose of using it to change the perspective of the aim in order to see better. 4.- Any news about changes in Arbitrations when it comes to the time the rotations take? 5.- Also, any changes you will make to the rewards pool? having something there that's enticing like rivens would make them more worth playing. 6.- Can you please consider bringing back the blueprints for bait on PoE and also introducing the same for Fortuna and future open world expansions? Having to go the hub to get the bait instead of just farming for the materials and then waiting a short time for the bait to craft is annoying and I don't know why it was changed, why not give players the option to buy the bait or buy the blueprints just like with weapons and stuff in the market? except you buy the bait with standing and not platinum. It would be better that way. 7.- This is kind of a personal one for me but, how many Warframes are you planning to have in total? 8.- Can you please change articula so that they won't depend on the loadouts I have saved? I don't use them for anything other than the articulas, so it would be better if I could just pick the warframe I want with the accesories I want and display that. 9.- Any news about the third orb mother?
  3. Hi, my comment is probably not gonna get noticed but I'll give it a try. DE, why is it that the Prime Glyphs are only available for the higher tiers? How come they aren't included in the accessories pack or even sold individually?. Right now for example, I already have everything from both of these Prime Vaults with the exception of the Nyx glyphs because last time they were unvaulted, I didn't buy the highest tier for her. So, what now? should I buy that highest tier just because of those glyphs? why? I don't need the weapon or warframe spaces and I already have the cosmetics but I want the glyphs and they aren't available to me, so what do I do? I'd just like it if you could think of a way to solve that, it shouldn't be too difficult.
  4. Hello, it's me again. 1.- Will there be another way to get the Prime Glyphs? The way things work right now, you can only get them buy buying the highest tier of Prime Access/Vault but I'm not interested in getting extra plat or weapon/Warframe spaces, I just want the cosmetics. That includes the glyphs. 2.- Speaking of cosmetics on Prime Access/Vault, can we please get an option to get individual cosmetics or at least just the ones we need? I don't want to buy the same armor set/syandana/sugatra if I already have it. 3.- Are there any plans to change the functionality of the "h" key? It could be a useful feature but the way the chamera goes over the left shoulder of the character without the character adjusting to it correctly isn't good or useful. 4.- Like almost everyone here, could you please change the rotations of Arbitrations so that they are the same length as regular missions but with the restrictions of Arbitrations? That would encourage me and many more to play the mode. 5.- Speaking of Arbitrations, are there plans to add some other rewards to the pool of rotations? Being able to get something like Rivens would be nice. 6.- Can you please consider bringing back the blueprints for bait on PoE and add the respective blueprints for Fortuna? It's annoying that I have to go to the hub area to get the bait instead of just going to my foundry and making more. Why not have the option for both like in the market where you can either buy the thing or buy the blueprint to build it? What I would change is the requirements for creating the bait. Make rare ocean fish bait use regular ocean fish parts to craft it, etc.
  5. Hi, it's me again. Will you consider another way to get the Prime Glyphs? It's really frustrating to farm for the latest Prime Access or Prime Vault and just wanting to get the accesories and glyphs but you have to pay for what you've already farmed for in order to get what you want. I don't want the platinum or the "free" slots, I just want the cosmetics.
  6. Hello, it's me again. Will you add another way to get the Prime Glyphs outside the current Prime Access/Unvaulting tiers? I hope you give players more "granularity" when it comes to choosing what they want with the Prime Access stuff. Especially if the player wants to farm for the Frame and weapons but doesn't want to buy them again just to get the glyphs.
  7. Hi, Me again with the same question as before. Will there ever be a way to acquire the Prime Glyphs other than buying the highest tiers of the Prime Access/Unvaulting? I'm only interested in getting those and the accessories, I don't want the platinum or the frames/weapons offered and yet I still have to pay a premium if I want to get those.
  8. Are there plans to add the Prime glyphs to the accessories pack or get them in another way? I already own the frames and the weapons but I want to get the accessories as well as the glyphs and the only way right now to do so is buying the highest tier for Prime Access or Prime Vault Unsealed. Also, would there ever be another way to get the accessories of the Prime Access' that we missed before playing?
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