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  1. That's fine, play time can factor in too. This is mathematics, we're not limited to only one or two variables. My point is total number of logins doesn't tell the whole story. The fact that you apparently have zero interest in your MR speaks volumes about the general incentive to raise it. I mean, I get what you're saying; once I hit MR15 or so, I cared much less because the only things I couldn't use are a few weapons and some garbage rivens. MR is a metric that contributes to indicating a player's eagerness to engage with content and systems. People who try new things, regardless of how long they've been playing, are valuable for the diversity and health of the game population. Even small perks can encourage that. Let me put it this way: whether you've played 1000 hours and just hit MR6 or only ("only", haha) a 100 but managed to reach MR12, 120 endo or a 180 nano spores or 10k credits or most any of the other non-milestone rewards are more of an insult than a nice bonus for playing. If it's even acknowledged at all. (FWIW, most games I've seen with login bonuses regularly give the equivalent of plat or forma. Not saying DE should too, but it's an interesting reference point.)
  2. I still think it would be a good idea to scale the login reward according to MR as well and not just on time. Doesn't have to be game-breaking, just a perk for having actually played more.
  3. Not gonna lie, the spreadsheets were the hottest part of the whole stream, even if the palette choices are questionable and I couldn't hold back my cringe when I saw pie charts of all things. It'd be cool if the raw data was just available for public consumption.
  4. I wasn't aware there's scaling at all. Sure doesn't feel like it. I'm not against the idea of numbers of days matering; most games with daily logins have that to an extent. But removing the value of higher MR entirely seems counterintuitive-- MR means people are actually playing and not just logging in. If not for the endo, maybe apply MR as a multiplier for the other ordinary resources? When my "reward" is a single neurode, I just roll my eyes and wonder why I even bothered. 17 neurodes, though? That'd be cool.
  5. All I really want is some confirmation that you're actually working to fix the ghastly state of menu UX on consoles after the poorly-considered cursor update.
  6. Suddenly, I'm very excited. Not being able to scroll like every other game under the sun has been endlessly frustrating!
  7. Does this fix D-pad scrolling? Please tell me it fixes scrolling...
  8. @[DE]Rebecca your beret is super cute and I want one for my operator!
  9. Will finishers be receiving any changes? Please consider allowing larger weapons to hit multiple enemies with the same finisher animation like with every other attack. Also, will you be addressing the inputs for stances? They're very wonky and unreliable in my experience.
  10. I won't lie, you enticed me in with the prime frame, but by the time half an hour had passed, I was totally engrossed anyway and wouldn't have been too terribly salty even if I never got it. But this shows once again that your dedication to the players is real.
  11. Aww, not in time for my day off tomorrow. 😞 But still nice.
  12. I don't care about The Sacrifice nearly as much as I care about once again having a UI that doesn't actively make me want to not play the game.
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