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  1. My only immediate concern with these changes is Amalgam Organ Shatter. Right now it is a perfect mod for melee weapon with a special charge attack such as the wolf sledge or zenistar, because their abilities rely on charge attacks, Amalgam Organ Shatter is a potentially important mod for some builds. There is no other mod that increases charge attack speed, so having that attribute removed takes away a lot of potential from these particular weapons. Not to mention, I've read through this post several times and I can't find any reason why this mod needs to be changed. Heavy attacks replace channeling, not charge attacks, so I find this change not only frustrating, but confusing. I see no reason why this mod shouldn't be left be, and a new mod can be made instead to increase heavy attack speed.
  2. At least I'm not alone on this. hopefully this issue is addressed in the future.
  3. I'd just like to point out that despite their recent upgrades to sharing fashion frames, and moving captura to a less cumbersome spot, the randomize button still remains directly next to the back button
  4. I have been unable to progress in the Vox Solaris syndicate because I have not been able to get a particular item needed to rank up to drop. I am aware of where to obtain it, but through what I can only imagine as awful luck, but this sort of thing should not be determined by RNG if this is the case. I need 10 atmo systems 10 Calda Toroids, and 250K credits. I am missing 6 atmo systems, and this is the item I am unable to obtain due to RNG. I think it's even more of a slap in the face that one rank later I am able to purchase them from Little Duck, which makes the fact that I have to give them to Little Duck in order to rank up at all even more confusing and frustrating. I have tried repeating the second heist mission over and over again. they simply won't be awarded to me. I have been trying this off and on for months, before finally giving up a while ago. I've been doing phase 2, because it is the quickest. no matter which mission I pick, atmo systems are always uncommon. The worst part is, that even after I get them to drop once, I'll be missing one. which means I still need to get amo systems to drop 2 times. Personally I believe in a progress based system for a syndicate, an item that cannot be obtained through any other means besides random chance being required to progress in said system is the worst possible way to handle it. It creates a disparity in effort for a common goal. some people will have more than enough right away, and others, like me, will seemingly never be able to progress at all. It's not fun, it's lazy game design, and quite frankly I think DE can do better. It doesn't take a game design expert to figure out a way to either make atmo systems obtainable consistently at this stage (such as making them purchasable at rank 2) or replacing them with something else entirely (like the unique toroid that the profit taker always drops) Either way, I think this issue is clear, and unique. no other syndicate has a progression snag like this. even when you are required to sacrifice prime parts, prime parts are tradable. Meanwhile the only way I can currently get atmo systems is through repeating the same handful of missions filled with enemies that bottleneck me into playing a tanky warframe. the sad thing is, these are only uncommon, yet because of the nature of rng, someone has to never obtain them, and that person is me. Other people have told me it's not that bad, because they DID get atmo systems. The only solution to the problem is to keep grinding and hope they drop, unless this changes. please, for the love of god, make that change happen. RNGrinding for the sake of progress does not belong in warframe.
  5. This has been a long standing issue for me, and has proven to be a legitimate problem for me several times in the past, and even now. why is there a huge randomize button right next to the back button? I've accidentally hit it instead of the back button multiple times, resulting in the complete and utter ruining of my warframe, and equipment customization. I see no reason why this can't be in the same section as the randomize colors section. (This button could then be labeled 'Randomize All' instead of just 'Randomize') I figure with the rise of overhauled interfaces that incorporate more (sometimes less) comprehensive, and stylistic design, it is a good time to bring up this issue. I hope the placement of this destructive button will be completely separated from the back button. Beyond that, an undo feature would be an amazing quality of life addition for those who use the customization features extensively I don't think anyone can disagree on that front. And if one exists, someone please tell me. Also, for anyone that will probably tell me "just press the escape key" I'm aware that the escape key will also work as the back button. but sometimes I press the back button anyways. and I'm willing to bet plenty of other people choose to press the back button instead of pressing the escape key too. "Why?" You might ask? Well maybe sometimes my mouse cursor is really close to the back button, maybe my other hand is off the keyboard, maybe I just like clicking the back button more than pressing the escape key, maybe for no reason at all, my brain just tells me to. Either way, this thread isn't a cry for a solution to this problem, this is a complaint out of principle. The interface is bad, and anyone that might tell me otherwise is being contrarian. There's no benefit to anyone by having a button that effectively undoes all your customization, right next to the button that allows you to leave the customization menu. The functions are completely unrelated, and have tragic consequences when paired together. So please, DE. Please separate them.
  6. It's not so much the technical distance, but rather the aimless flying around trying to find another fracture. It's inconsistent, and experiences heavily vary as a result. Sometimes I find like 3 fractures right next to each other, other times they're all spaced out. Other times it can take forever to find more fractures. Either way, there's no exact certainty in where they will show up, where-as in mobile defence missions you can always rely on an objective marker showing up. A simple solution would be to make map markers for fractures while you're holding a canister.
  7. I have a different issue with fractures. I believe the process whether it's long easy and boring, or short and difficult is rather unrewarding. Allow me to compare this event to ghoul purge. The key difference is that ghoul purge uses the bounty format. you get an award for each incursion completed as part of the bounty. And this is where the unique rewards come from. meanwhile all rewards from this event are tied to the exploiter orb boss fight. Which offers very few unique rewards as well. On top of getting multiple rewards for one bounty, you also got ostron standing for completing ghoul purge bounties. You don't get standing for sealing fractures, or defeating the exploiter orb. I suggest re-imagining the thermia fractures in a bounty format. Perhaps these new bounties can make mods like jolt more easily accessible. maybe opticore vandal parts could be available as rare drops. Also, thermia is always on the table for each incursion, maybe always being guaranteed when you complete all bonuses. as for the issues these fixes address, while I do believe these changes would make the grind faster, I don't think it would make the fractures any less boring. I find it disappointing that it under-utilizes the design of Orb Vallis. The map has plenty of unique spaces for many different types of objectives. Right now all we have is an extremely drawn out mobile defence mission. Which in its own right just doesn't utilize Orb Vallis in an interesting manner... in fact it only brings out the drawbacks of it being such a huge map. Mobile defence as a standard mission type not only has fewer objectives, but the maps are far more condensed, and quicker to navigate. Sometimes it can take as long as 2 minutes to find a new fracture after completing one, meanwhile in mobile defence missions, you follow the objective marker for maybe 20 seconds to get to the next defence target. In short, These fractures could of been funner, quicker, and more rewarding should they of just used the already existing bounty format, instead of being this extended mobile defence.
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