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  1. I understand there is certainly frustration to be had when it comes to playing with randoms, but as a lot of people have pointed out, the negatives clearly outweigh the positives. Some of my long-time vet friends have told me vote-kicking was a thing at one point, but it was removed for the exact problems that were stated. What I do think needs to be a thing though is the ability to leave a squad with friends. So for example, you're in a squad of 4 with 1 friend and 2 randoms. Another friend wants to join. How the game works right now, at least one person needs to leave the squad, and re-invite the other 2 people. Alternatively, you would be able to leave the 2 randoms in a mission and remain in the same mission with your friend. in a separate squad of 2 without the randoms you entered with. It would also fix leaving a relay/dojo/cetus/fortuna in a squad, and suddenly not being in the squad anymore. Whether this is possible/easy enough to accomplish in a spaghetti coded game like warframe, I don't know. But this sort of thing would be a nice quality of life change for sure. It's not quite what the OP has in mind, but it's within the same vein of squad problems.
  2. An idea I had that would be great for new players is for every time you rank up, you get 1 free warframe slot and 2 free weapon slots. It might not be enough, but it would help. (this in addition to doing away with the absolutely terrible daily standing caps you get before higher mastery ranks, but that's besides the topic at hand.)
  3. Ember's 1 seems to be entirely invalidated by her 4th ability. Or at the very least far too situational compared to her 4th ability. It costs 25 energy to cast, and deals less than half the damage of her 4. Meanwhile her 4 costs 10 energy per enemy. Granted in most situations it would be more expensive to use her 4th ability because there will be more than 2 enemies that will be affected by it. However, It would still be more expensive to use her 1 4 times to hit 8 enemies than to just cast her 4 once and hit all 8 of them. Even in situations which her 1 is intended to be used (against generally 1-3 enemies at a time) you're still getting an astronomically larger amount of damage out of her 4, and assuming there's only 2 enemies you're consuming less energy. I suggest either buffing fireball's damage to be on par with inferno, or give it armor stripping capability like her 3.
  4. I made a Mutalist Castle. category: Dojo room (Ghost clan) It's an ancient castle that was twisted by infestation into a massive monster. The only builder is myself.
  5. My only immediate concern with these changes is Amalgam Organ Shatter. Right now it is a perfect mod for melee weapon with a special charge attack such as the wolf sledge or zenistar, because their abilities rely on charge attacks, Amalgam Organ Shatter is a potentially important mod for some builds. There is no other mod that increases charge attack speed, so having that attribute removed takes away a lot of potential from these particular weapons. Not to mention, I've read through this post several times and I can't find any reason why this mod needs to be changed. Heavy attacks replace channeling, not charge attacks, so I find this change not only frustrating, but confusing. I see no reason why this mod shouldn't be left be, and a new mod can be made instead to increase heavy attack speed.
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