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  1. A frame that I'm going to be aborting missions to avoid, because like Volt she gives a speed buff, but worse than Volt, there is no way to remove it (and the 'solution' for not wanting Volt's buff is a passive-agressive, f-you to everyone who just wants a toggle in options for 'never wants any speed buffs, under any circumstances, ever').
  2. Just so you know, one server running your 64vs64 game would need something like a 1.5Gb/s upload capacity, should everyone have line of sight to each other, and 128 players need to be sent data on what the other 127 players are doing, and that's using a very conservative estimate based on the 100Kb/s upload I needed for each player hosted on a BF2 server years ago. That's a game with player numbers capped at 64, mision types designed to make them spread out, not be visible to each other, and spend only a small amount of time shooting, with much lower rates of fire from hitscan rather than projectile weapons, no AoE affecting dozens of targets at once, and no loot being dropped all over the place. I've seen what Planetside looks like. Enemy players being rendered invisible more than a few meters away during big fights, because the simple fact is that internet does not exist that can handle large numbers of players, when every additional person added increases the amount of data that the server has to send out exponentially. The only way to handle large player counts is to simply stop sending data on what more distant players are doing (good luck sniping), or slow down time in the game like was done in Eve Online. If we took Warframe's currently online ~63k players (PC, on Steam), took only 25% of them and had them in these 64vs64 games, then the peak server bandwidth that DE might require to run that, could be ~700Gb per second (and remember this is using very conservative estimates). Now let's put that number into context, from a post on the kind of bandwidth that is used by entire cloud computing datacenters:
  3. The people of Cetus sell them back to us as Arcanes and bits of furniture.
  4. Which is about the same amount of time since the last time I had the Wolf spawn in a mission.
  5. And even those of us who have friends, might not be able to do it at the same time as them, or they might not want to do (waste) another 60 minutes after having done it already with other friends.
  6. Hell no. We don't need anything that tempts the minor deity of host migration to make an appearance, or wastes an entire evening of some people's available play time. What's great about Nightwave is you can make progress on pretty much all off the tasks by doing what any normal player does anyway. Doing endless past wave 20 isn't normal unless you're one of those people who needs to publicly flex their e-peen. Completing 3x 20 waves in a level 30 and up would be a reasonable task, or even nightmares to wave 20. And it's not that I don't like the difficulty. It's the pointless waiting for ~30 waves to complete before the game gives you a decent challenge that's the issue here.
  7. Quite frankly, #*!%-em. They are entitled to use the items they earned on their starting platform, on that platform alone, and anything else is a courtesy on DE's part. The migration provides an incentive to get greater numbers of experienced players onto the new platform, where they can help players new to the game, help to build the community, and take part in it. Allowing them to instead migrate and immediately reform their own exclusive endgame-community, with their perfect gear, does nothing to serve that purpose. If these selfish players are not going to play on Switch, because they can't bring all their toys with them, then that's actually Good Thing™ for the state of the game there.
  8. I think they're hoping to stimulate the in-game economy on the new platform in a healthy way, not only by preventing a few privileged players from coming over with a lot of valuable items to sell/plat with which to manipulate the market, but also by making sure that as many players as possible will have a need to buy items from each other.
  9. A whole lot of what's wrong with Archwing could be fixed by making it work more like Titania's Razorwing: No flips into walls when you just want to strafe-drift round a corner. No removal of up/down controls when you just want to move faster.
  10. And do you really think that people who haven't received anything are going to care at all if no-one else gets anything? Why should they, when people in the 'I'm alright Jack' club did receive things, and don't care one bit about anyone else. They are under no obligation to care about people, who don't care about them.
  11. The link to the twitch drops campaign is right there, in my orbiter, in the game, on my PS4, and I've had some drops on my PS4 account from it. Nothing was ever mentioned about this being a PC only thing, or there being limitations for consoles, and yet there has been a very noticeable difference in what is being awarded between platforms. And what has DE done when this issue was raised? Made out that we're too stupid to link accounts properly, while otherwise being completely silent on the matter, as a growing body of evidence showed that it was in fact a fault at their end. Despicable.
  12. Never thought I'd see DE gaslighting their players, but that is exactly what this is. They have been thoroughly disrespectful to the console players over this.
  13. Yeah, looks like they might have fixed something in the last hour, I just got a second Grand Finale on my PS4 account (which has a whole other issue on forums, where it's considered a PC account, so can't post in the PS4 sections of the forum XD ).
  14. At this point I'm just going to watch a second stream using my SLOBS chatbot account, so at least I can get something on my PC account, while I'm failing to get anything I've already received on my PS4 account.
  15. I think a much better direction to go with self damage would be for it to always be a fixed percentage of whatever health + shields you have (mitigated to some extent by armor, and variable by weapon), so it'll never kill you, but can get you down to 1 where any other hit can. Getting sick of bandaid fixes for serious issues through new mods, that we frequently don't have the space for without nerfing entire builds.
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