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  1. What is the point of having submenus, when we can't put the bindings within them where we want? When we can't move less used bindings like map/tag/inspect into a submenu, instead of having them take up valuable space on the very limited number of buttons a controller has? I've played on PC using mouse and keyboard, and quite frankly, gamepad support is a joke in comparison for how crippling it is, because of things like forcing you have roll and slide on the same button, so they don't respond instantly like they do when separated on M/KB, but add a delay for a hold/tap check to be performe
  2. Plus with the amount of anti-coop visual <insert horrible disease> caused by abilities (or a******** who think yellow is a good energy color on a mutalist cernos), making it impossible to see what the hell it is you're trying to attack for so much of the game, you really need enemy detection so you can at least use your minimap, like an 8-bit asteroids style game, while the rest of the screen looks like the results of a tornado hitting a glitter factory.
  3. All I'm seeing is 'I can't aim for ****, please make the game easy again'. However, I for one think that games should reward skill, and my opinion of DE will only improve as they continue to nerf all the easy-mode cheese in this game, like guns where you can hold down the trigger, wave them around in the vague direction of the enemy, and get the highest damage for the team.
  4. Form over function design. DE's obsession with flashy graphics effects has already got to the point where I frequently have to use the minimap to see where enemies are, so I can actually play the game. May as well be playing Asteroids.
  5. I don't have a tigris yet, but I do have both a sobek (+acid shells) and a vaykor hek fully forma'd. They vaykor hek is in a completely different league from the sobek, which will start to show a very noticable damage falloff before you get to the higher level sorties, meaning you have to fire a lot of shots to get a kill, and suffer those long reloads. You also have to consider that acid shells is affected by enemy armor, which of course is the major factor in higher level enemies being tougher. The only frame I use sobek on at high levels is Ember, because I build for accelerant, and ge
  6. Slash is probably the best damage type against armor, provided you back it up with +status chance to get the armor bypassing slash DoT. Did the first 3 with Titania, in razorwing, and for the 3rd swapped from single stat corrosive combo to a fanged fusillade and dual stat viral combo for more +status and a greater proportion of slash, and the increase to damage was like enemies had dropped 20 levels.
  7. And that's going to fix all the other problems with matchmaking, is it? No. The whole system needs rebuilding from the ground up, because it simply has too many flaws in its current state, and all band-aids are going to do is turn it into even more of a knotty, sticky mess.
  8. Play a Nova, use M-Prime, follow the pretty glowing circles, then shoot them in the face as soon as they appear.
  9. And spore saryns use a gas ignis with over 100% proc chance per second, modded to hit pretty much everything in front of them at once.
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