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  1. I came up with the idea to put Nourish on Garuda and used a high status build to test it out and results were pretty interesting. Nourish, asides from healing u also grants u 1.5x toxin damage at 100% str like mods to ur weapons. Guess what. Garudas seeking talons combined with Nourish's buff gives u really good damage for her bleed procs asides from giving damage to her weapons. On top of that garudas passive can double that damage. It's really crazy. You just have to focus on a status weapon build, the higher the weapon status the more procs you will deal with less hits,which means a lot of
  2. So, I've recently started to use akarius as secondary and I find it pretty interesting. However, due to it's tracking missiles I couldn´t land headshots since the missiles point to the targets body center and not their heads, even after testing in the simulacrum, so basically it was impossible for me to land headshots from far. Not to mention that it causes self stagger often. Is there any way that makes me do headshots with it?
  3. Yeah but strength benefits its base damage so it could help a litttle bit, what i dont get is why doesnt energy conversion work on the ability. If it did would be great news for my build C:
  4. Ability strength does indeed affect the exalted weapons. The more strength u have the more damage it does because it scales with it.
  5. Hey, I'm posting this because I thought Titania's lantern's damage accumulation on the target and it's invunerability during the cast would benefit Marked for death. But things didn't go as I thought. The combination I thought was to put marked for death on Titania so during the Lantern's cast I could damage the target and all the damage accumulated would be done in a single instance and it goes with the MFD skill. But in the simulacrum all I got were some poor damage numbers. Can anyone explan me what was wrong. My thoughts are that the explosion damage from the lantern took the damage instan
  6. So today I was testing in the simulacrum and suppostly Titanias razorwing ability and its exalted weapons are affected by ability strength. But after many tests the results were that Energy Conversion doesn't work at boosting her exalted weapons damage. Can anyone explain me how and why, is it a bug?
  7. Thanks for the tips, I'll play around more with this frame and see what I can build. What I though of was a high duration and strength Zephyr, where u change her 2nd ability to Eclipse, to get that sweet weapon damage boost(affected by strength), using tail wind to get out of bad situations and her 3rd ability to be tankier. And a really low range with Narrow Minded to reduce the tornados spawn radius to make it easy to hit projectiles with punch through so I can get that damage multiplier per tornado the enemy is dragged into( so without the funnel clouds I do 100% of my weapon damage x4
  8. So I decided to focus more on Zephyr because she's so left out and few people use it and I started to think about her potentials. I've seen so many people say that other frames can do what she does but better and in fact thats a truth. But, as a person who likes to use frames that no one uses I decided to explore her. I did my researches online and tests on simulacrum and found something interesting. Her tornadoes, not only does 2x critical damage multiplier, but also does addicional damage per tornado affecting the enemy. What I mean by this is imagine if one enemy is pulled/affected by
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