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  1. I concur entirely with this post. Not only do enemies stop becoming a threat, eximus enemies become a chore to take care of rather than a 'oh S#&$ an eximus' and being legitimately concerned of that eximus stomping on our progress, for me and im guessing many other players, they do not give us a legitimate challenge, only just annoy us when they knock us over or slow us down-- and that's all eximus enemies do at higher levels in my experience, knock us over or slow us down, they're not a threat, just a chore or a slight annoyance. Heavy enemies are about the same way aswell, the only type of threat i can think of for high level special enemies are corrupted bombards and heavy gunners that are level 100+ and not even because they're tanky, it's because their weapons eat you alive and i believe that is the type of 'boring-fun' joezone mentioned in his prior post, for me, it's boring fun because half the time you won't get a chance to do anything about it - or even see them before they instantly gun you down or blast your warframe into pieces (which clearly isn't fun) Syndicate and hunter enemies are also in need of a power re-balance, i remember the first time each hunter spawned on me; i was scared because i didn't know what was going to happen, if i'd get taken out by stalker, get my warframe snatched by zanuka, or uh - whatever G3 does with you, but after significant level increases and their changes over the years (wink wink shadow stalker) they aren't a threat anymore, more of a 'uh oh, i wonder where stalker is gonna spawn' and 'hmmm i wonder if he won't drop a dread this time', they don't possess a legitimate threat or challenge anymore just a faceblast of any primary or secondary weapon and they get deleted
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