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  1. Clearly y'all need to worry about lighting/colors when the surprise Railjack drop is actively on fire... but as my roommate said, "But is the fire the right color?!" I noticed that Harrow's deluxe skin isn't as bright in the sunlight as it should be. His colors suddenly seemed way darker than they should be in the arsenal, then I realized it was the light. It became clear due to the "Enter Railjack" port in the back of our orbiter. Look how glowy he is here (especially the 'crown'): Versus in the natural light sections of the orbiter:
  2. There are a million posts about the coildrives (I have contributed), but I've been farming Caelus on Uranus and keep finding enemies (mostly Dargyns, some Ogmas) stuck in geometry. This is not a great screencap, but you can kind of see see the bottom of the Dargyn stuck in the asteroid. It could turn, but not move. I've seen at least six vehicles like this. Unrelated to vehicles (?), but in that same mission, I could not see point C, and when I was within the circle for C, it wouldn't capture. We spent three rounds never capturing C, as far as I could tell, though the other squad members could see it. EDIT: Another screencap, this one from Syrtis, Mars.
  3. I've had this happen twice, too. The first time, I was trying to do the Catalyst K-drive race near the Pearl, and a Coildrive got distracted and started running in circles near Boon, which was remarkably annoying. Later I was running the second level bounty, trying to do the ambush near the Enrichment labs, and the Coildrive got stuck going circles about 150m from the ambush point (F6 images attached). After a bit, someone realized that the "hack" action came up, so they "hacked it" and it proceeded to the ambush point... then went off road again and froze this time, without activating the trap. They hacked it again, and a countdown timer appeared as if it had been trapped, but it still said "waiting for the target". When the countdown hit zero, nothing happened.
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