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  1. Excellent stuff, guys! Keep up the good work!
  2. Thank you guys for all your hard work. My roommates and I love the disruption game mode. Please get some sleep tonight - I'm sure you'll be working your butts off for the next few days, so don't kill yourselves tonight. Excellent work! ❤️
  3. I unfortunately agree with this. Nightwave made me deal with missions and game modes that I had been avoiding, and made me use weapons/frames I hadn't touched in a while, which genuinely broadened my horizons and made me a better player. I found out that I actually like conservation, after hating it for a long time, and I also like doing derelict vault runs, which I had never once done before. I do sorties and nightmare modes a lot more often now, even without needing to do them for Nightwave acts, and I'm switching frames more often, too. I'm also one of the people who didn't think that a 60-minute survival or 40-wave defense was so awful (I liked the challenge), as long as there weren't game-breaking glitches. I'm in fact looking forward to the new task to do a spy with only your operator, because it's another new thing I haven't tried before. In short, there are some changes that may have been necessary (like not having acts that were inaccessible within the timeframe, i.e. Profit-Taker for someone new to Fortuna), but there are other upcoming changes that make me rather sad. I'm sorry that some people's resistance to challenges has to ruin other people's fun.
  4. This list of updates is AMAZING. I am so excited! Thank you for listening to the community feedback, and especially thank you for all of your hard work, DE!
  5. I started playing long after Plains of Eidolon came along, but Fortuna has caused me to go back and enjoy the Plains. I'd like to hear if you guys are working on anything to improve Plains bounties to be more like Vallis bounties, such as: having Ostrons out on the Plains to give out further bounties without returning to Cetus alert levels to scale up Grineer attacks and resulting loot drops bonuses for certain clear goals in each stage (I love love love this feature) I'm sure those would be MASSIVE updates to work on, but they would be fantastic. Also, as someone who loves Gara, I'd like to hear about: The Arca Plasmor has been bouncing off her glass wall for a while now. Is this staying because it's intentional, or have you just not gotten around to fixing it yet? Is there any chance you can change the Coildrive's hitbox so that, during defenses, Gara can stand on top of it and activate her four from up there? Right now she just slides off and has to activate it from the ground, which really doesn't provide much protection.
  6. Good work folks! Happy New Year! Looking forward to what else you have in store for us!
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