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  1. Thank you for the patch notes and the new Railjack additions sound entertaining!
  2. I agree with this concept for all missions, and feel this request would be best implemented through an "Options" menu selection like "Server Location" has for mod pop-ups remaining on, only displaying new mods, or completely disabling mod-pickup notifications. Thanks for your input!
  3. I just wanted to add the additional context that Sanctuary Onslaught and Elite Sanctuary Onslaught do not provide enemy drops other than energy and health orbs in comparison to the other suggestions and function best when evenly purposing the Warframe abilities and equipped weapons to dispatch enemies for surviving the affinity-awarding simulation longer. Thank you for your contribution and taking the time to assist another player! :)
  4. I was addressing a general audit for all tilesets' sabotage caches, but your choice of language is somewhat discouraging in regard to your advice. I was attempting to locate caches at various attitudes considering some of the previous locations I've found them in, and I'm aware of some of the various, alternate niches in the environment where they may be. Please consider more polite word-choice for your posts in the future, but I appreciate you responding to my post.
  5. For future thread-readers, support courteously informed and directed me to [DE]Connor's post about Riven disposition changes. In summary, they wrote Riven statistics are modified from the base variant of each weapon family in order to maintain a reasonable balance between each of them as an intended mechanic. Personally, I would appreciate the navigation arrow on the right side of the "Fits In" UI window-element of the lower-right corner of the Riven-cycling screen for represented weapons to have a pulsing particle-effect to influence players to click it if they aren't aware of thi
  6. Cervantes (Earth) Mission Hello everyone, I feel there are some locations of caches in sabotage missions that are particularly obscure or difficult to notice, even with Thief's Wit equipped. Given the time consumed within this mission and similar missions, I feel an overall audit of all sabotage cache locations might be a reasonable QoL consideration for future versions of the game. Please consider this request, and thank you for your time and attention.
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