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  1. Cervantes (Earth) Mission Hello everyone, I feel there are some locations of caches in sabotage missions that are particularly obscure or difficult to notice, even with Thief's Wit equipped. Given the time consumed within this mission and similar missions, I feel an overall audit of all sabotage cache locations might be a reasonable QoL consideration for future versions of the game. Please consider this request, and thank you for your time and attention.
  2. Hi everyone, I would enjoy seeing more polls for content reception after in-game operations and events, with the forum posts that are most interacted with being Likert scale or "bubble-choice" options, along with an "other" scale or bubble requesting further concerns to be submitted to the forums or marked as N/A in either case. I enjoy providing feedback, but there are times where I feel the forum users do not represent as much of the Warframe community as a multi-medium (email, forums, social media, or maybe even voluntarily in-game via the Options menu) questionnaire requiring a
  3. Video Example I feel that if Helios is powerful enough to override the energy field to revive a Warframe, it should be able to disable the Grustrag energy field altogether as long as it remains active, respawn/invuln. state or not. After all, the Tenno arsenal was always meant to have a significant advantage over its opposition. Thanks for reading!
  4. Hi everyone, I was playing a Lua defense mission and noticed that when I purposed the Vectis Prime or restore pads too closely to the defense objective, the projectile mapping and regeneration pads were ignored. When aiming directly at enemies, the bullets never appeared in the environment ahead of my Warframe or impacting an enemy, and I missed a few hundred energy boosts by accidentally placing a restore pad in an ignored area near the defense objective. Thank you all for reading, and I hope this assisted players and staff lacking the knowledge and the potential for improvem
  5. Just a concept, so I might not expand upon it, but I'll edit if necessary since this is spur of the moment. Abilities: 1. Plasma Optic - Stare through enemies, literally. An optical laser projects a caustic beam onto the enemy in visual focus. 2. Fuel Cell - Remove an unstable fuel cell from Obsidia's abdomen to be thrown in enemies' proximities, exploding after 1.5 seconds. Once multi-element turret is unlocked, explosion type changes to selected element. 3. Multi-element, Shoulder Turret - When Obsidia wants supplementary firepower. Swap between elemental types to
  6. Great to see the overall improvements and what's to come in text! Thank you.
  7. Another sturdy leap forward in console gaming's potential! Thank you for the info.
  8. Personally, I try not to allow this impedance to affect my bonus-collecting potential by only running the "Cleanse the Land" bounty, and I agree that the drone should be reinforced less than a Fortuna bounty drone, but should be provided a mechanism to stall enemies at a periodic interval for gameplay balance. Thank you for your input, and I wish I had logged-in sooner to comment more promptly.
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