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  1. eidolon hunts is just the same with other items, if you don't want to hunt eidolons, u just not gonna get arcanes, simple if u dont want to farm SO u wont get khora if u dont want to do deimos survival u wont get octavia if u dont want fight orb mother u wont get hildryn
  2. everyone has access, through hunting eidolons
  3. i can tell u dont play much eidolons, most experienced hunters dont hunt for the loot. If u ask "then why they raging", its because eidolons are no longer exclusive if permanent orphix arrives
  4. Eidolon hunters' raging / protesting
  5. magnificent. p.s. this is warframe.market page of arcane energize
  6. DE always listen to their players dont they
  7. Steel path missions are supposed to spawn enemies as if there is a full squad even if u are solo right? (if that was always not the case and not a bug pls lmk and ignore the rest of the post) However, im experiencing super low spawns on steel path as shown in the clip below Here's a comparison on a normal mission with a full squad as you can probably see, the normal mission has way more spawns than the SP one
  8. TYPE: In-Game DESCRIPTION: Ability use prevented bug in the orphix venom event AGAIN, after the hotfix 29.6.2 (patched the bug caused by resummoning it and its last position was inside an Nullifier) but this time i suspect it is caused by transferring into necramech while the mech is in a nullifier bubble VISUAL: REPRODUCTION: i suspect it is caused by transferring into necramech while the mech is in a nullifier bubble EXPECTED RESULT: BE ABLE to use abilities and transfer out of necramech OBSERVED RESULT: NOT ABLE to use abilities and transfer
  9. im having same problem but i think it is because of transferring into mech while mech is in nullifier bubble
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