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  1. VhwatGoes


    I used to be one of those people. I'm so certain that it didn't always cap. But then recently I had the silly thought of maybe using gas on Dual Toxocyst, only to find that it now caps, prompting me to start this thread.
  2. VhwatGoes


    I had a puncture thought where enemies grow holes, granting all attacks a chance to punch through on the affected targets. As opposed to the traditional depth-check. Something like 28% chance +8% per puncture proc. For melee it would be a chance for follow through to not count down. The Impact and Blast headshot thing would be interesting. Rather than that, maybe there should just be a universal incapacitation bonus. Could use the melee stealth multiplier or something, or just some plain added crit chance or damage (you know? enemies being physically off thier guard? Crit makes some sense
  3. VhwatGoes


    Think of it this way: You have a choice to form gas with Heat+Toxin. Say you use, 2x 60/60s. That's: 50% + (60%/2) = 80% of base damage per tick 3 + (60% / 0.3) = 5m radius. +120% status chance, or dps. Or you can use two 90s: 50% + (90%/2) = 95% of base damage per tick 3 + (90% / 0.3) = 6m radius. The 90s on their own are lower value, but you can consider stacking one along with the 6060 pair to focus on damage or radius. Pistols specially have a primed heat mod. This grants them 165% / 0.3 = +5.5m radius, for a very large total of 8.5m. With a 60/60
  4. VhwatGoes


    For this, I meant heat bonuses only. So, +90% heat from a mod would add 3 meters, on par with the current 10-proc gas cloud. Serration simply adds to the damage, while heat does not add any direct damage. Now, there are some pretty substantial heat bonuses like Ember's augment and Theorem Demulcent (but residual boils basically doesn't work anyways) and rivens, but that's just to add fun. This is such a popular idea XD, where is it coming from?? Sure you could do this, but for such an effect to have much meaning, Gas should really be it's own unique element with +gas% mods si
  5. VhwatGoes


    You are exactly right <3
  6. VhwatGoes


    It's true. That's why it's good to make suggestions that they can just steal after doing the thinking for them. It's easy to say "what is DE doing??" but straight complaints aren't enough. Basically, be constructive, and cross your fingers. The more attention something like this gets, the more chance it has of becoming reality, as unlikely as it may seem sometimes ^^. I feel you. Even my suggestions would not widely alter the meta, but that's more reason why I think it's doable. I'm a player that likes to experiment with Warframe's modding system and the different options available to
  7. VhwatGoes


    Indeed. Viral and Slash are far too top-heavy. Viral was strong enough previously. The 4x buff was overkill. Slash, the hp-counter, has instead become the defacto armor counter instead. Corrosive doesn't hold a candle to slash. Heat is simply the strongest primary element with it's special mechanics on top of ideal resists and can even be paired with Viral or Corrosive. Gas not only can't be paired with any of the 3 remotely strong elements, but it's in it's own dumpster even if it could. I also don't want to end up with rock-paper-scissors choices, but it's the least they
  8. VhwatGoes


    I think some people are getting hung up on my opening sentence. You can debate it, but it's true. Even if it wasn't, Gas sucks. It needs to be improved. I would actually argue Blast has more use than gas. Like radiation, Blast is used to counter certain bosses as a damage type. These bosses include Thumpers, Vay Hek, and the Wolf of Saturn Six. Gas has the Juggernauts and Zealoid Prelate, but in general the only strong infested enemies are Ancients and a variety of Deimos enemies, which are instead fossilized and not weak to gas and is on-par with Electricity. Blast as a general damage
  9. VhwatGoes


    Gas is currently the weakest element in the game. Period (Edit: Seriously, even Blast has more favourable damage resists!! Also, please read the post, Gas has major handicaps that I outline!) This fact is one reason why elemental diversity is nearly non-existent, leaving Viral and Slash to be the end-all of damage types against strong enemies. If you need another damage element, it's Heat. Free 50% armor reduction, infinite duration, very favourable resistances and even compatable with Viral by modding. Brief History: Prior to Warframe Revised, Gas damage competed with Corrosive and Viral
  10. That does sounds like somewhat fun Hydroid gamplay. After reading your post, I did try iterating a few times on Hydroid Prime builds to see what can finish SP Adaro. Obviously SP heavily depends on your weapons. I brought Komorex, Zymos, and Galatine Prime, all with half-decent rivens. I could ramble on about my thoughts, but I'll try making points: #1 issue, staying alive Curative Undertow heals extra slow for Hydroid (1/3 rate), can take up to 10 seconds at 144% strength. I tried one Rage + Curative build, but that wasn't necessary and it usually caused instant death instead of
  11. I'm curious how you manage him in SP. Are you just sitting on Undertow? Are you not using helminth?
  12. I agree Hydroid needs help. The best way to do it is offer suggestions, discuss them, and make more noise about it. I'm positive Yareli will be vastly-different in gameplay. She's like a noble water princess, while Hydroid is some davy-jones nightmare from the bottom of the sea. Hydroid suffers from the issues you state: Clunk, damage, unreliable mechanics, speed, and bizarre handicaps and penalties which we can include augments as (mod slot penalties). Most importantly, he's not fun. Here are my personal suggestions: Tempest Barrage Suffers from high energy cost,
  13. It is greatly appreciated to see any changes to weapons, no less QoL ones.
  14. Well, that's not a very nice opening sentence! My forum date also does not represent my account date. In fact, my account may pre-date yours by a month. Not that it matters, you're just making a malicious, belittling statement. That's... what?! When was the last time you used Tidal Surge?? That skill cannot turn, completely kills your velocity after casting, cannot be canceled or controlled... It's not remotely as versatile let alone it doesn't damage, proc, or slow like Vial Rush. And yes, you absolutely are using vial rush to proc as well. It's your top proccing skill next to Probe.
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