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  1. Beam weapons are too strong. They have broken scaling with multishot bonuses on status damage, giving them a major edge on all other guns. Since deadlock protocol, Multishot has affected both base damage and status chance, resulting in a double-dipping from multishot bonuses on status damage, much like Faction mods but far stronger. Is this going to be balanced? Status damage just needs to be divided by the multishot factor.
  2. Was hoping Gun Arcanes meant we could finally get some use out of the Residual and Theorem arcanes. Being restricted to kitguns is unfortunate. Surprisingly light nerf to Kuva Nukor. No address for it's unique status effect counting for condition overload. Mixed feelings on the Galvanized mods. I generally dislike conditionals, I prefer weapons to work out of the box. Other than the Galv status mods, the on-kill conditions don't solve the gun issue. the initial killing threshold will still be limited to the initial stats, which for the conditionals are lower. It's a high dependency on momentum. At least the condition durations are mostly generous, except for the scope mod. The Galvanized scope having two conditions is also too much. But the conditions at least ensure these mods won't be seeing use for some bosses, such as Eidolons. +Damage stacking between the arcanes and the new mods is kind of a new direction for Warframe. Slots are generally dominated by stats that multiply each other, but we're finally seeing a decent amount of same-stat stacking. The new status mods are the most impressive. The condition is reasonable, and they were already common with status weapons, so it's nice to see those get a mild buff (because they also generally slotted Heavy Caliber or Magnum Force). Weeping Wounds is still an outlier, vastly outscaling all other status mods in the game. There's no Status 2X for heavy attacks, key for weapons like Arum Spinosa. Lich Ultimatum I see is the direction this ended up going. Going to depend heavily on how plentiful these are. Will need to try them out to make a better judgement. Overall, the Gun-Melee gap has slightly closed just due to the melee mod nerfs. But I think players will be hard-pressed to slot many of these galvanized mods. They seem highly dependent on preference. The arcane slots are kind of freebie buffs, those will be the most important.
  3. Nice, looking forward to Invigorations. It'll be a nice RNG wrench into the meta, rewarding players with diverse arsenals. I'm in favour of everything that dislodges any established "meta", even seasonal shake-ups. The top frames will be just as strong as before. Think of it as a chance for almost-usable frames to finally see periodic use. Fair point, but easy fix: Make Invigorations not work in operations. Also fair point, but I think we all know by now that they lack the resource to apparently do this. I think some players will interact with this system and others won't. People seem to be frothing at the thought of the insane buffs, but get rekt by the RNG. This is gonna come down to a demographic issue. Let's see how it plays out, but it should be healthy for the game overall.
  4. It remains to be seen how her abilities scale. I could see the 3 being handy for speedy missions, especially combined with the k-drive. Her grouping skill on 4 hopefully doesn't cost 100 energy. Grouping skills are super handy, and maybe this one will stand out with some high range or something. It's a little unfortunate that the enemies go flying upwards, but maybe there are other effects. I expect this frame to be kinda squishy, which is my personal biggest concern. And k-drives being kinda poor to handle.
  5. Some clarity on this, it costs 100% more energy.
  6. Still a bug. Looks like it's been an issue for 14 months. The original thread was even marked "Fix Pending" Edit: It's a returning bug, covered in another thread.
  7. 14 months. Edit: Allegedly fixed before, but has been around for the last 2 months again.
  8. I definitely disagree with almost all of this. It's okay to start weapons at 0.6 maybe, but rivens already feel compulsory for turning certain weapons usable. Tightening the range? This would only raise the ceiling further of already obscenely overpowered and popular weapons, while plummeting the bottom of garbage weapons into hopelessness. 0.5 - 2.0 honestly would be my proposal. Not even 1.5 dispositions can save the likes of certain weapons, they're that bad. Closing the range to 1.25 would overwhelmingly skew riven usefulness toward already powerful weapons that frankly don't deserve riven power. There is a fairness reason for starting at 0.5 dispo too. Brand new weapons have zero rivens in circulation. Their trade values would become prohibitively expensive, far beyond what they already are. It gives non-riven users a 3-month grace where they don't feel left behind by players experimenting with rivens right out of the gate.
  9. Think we might get some extra chat functions? Like Ctrl+A to select all text to quickly clear your message, instead of holding backspace and waiting several seconds because it saves >.<. Also adopting window's hold-repeat settings (hold delay and repeat rate). Also faster text scrolling, like clicking where I want to make an edit instead of being limited to arrow keys. Or Ctrl+Arrow to scroll whole words at a time, Or Ctrl+Shift+Arrow to scroll while selecting whole words at a time. I know I've died a few times in arbitrations to typing in chat *-*
  10. VhwatGoes

    Wind Up Speed

    Hi! I've done a bit of investigating into wind-up speeds. I'll just weigh in some details, but my research never completely finished. I intended to measure the true attack speeds, but it's a lot of work and I'm still missing one weapon from nightwave XD (and I will never possess Skana Prime, sorry). The two of the three outliers are misleading. When selecting Sarpa or Volnus for use, they will display the correct values that fall in-line with their weapon class as expected. Only Keratinos has a truly unique heavy attack with it's own speed, damage, animation and effect. The values are indeed mostly consistent per weapon class, but the true values are heavily rounded so much that their displayed time is a bit of a lie. All wind-up times use perfect divisions of 360. I made this breakthrough by finding the rounding points for certain weapons by using different wind-up bonuses. Prova (and likely all machetes) will round up to 5 seconds with a +55% wind up speed bonus assuming their true wind-up time was 0.68889. This means the value cannot be the next decimal less of 0.68888. However, still assuming 0.68889, a wind-up bonus of 100% should round up too 4 seconds, but it instead rounds down to 3s as if it was 0.68888. There is no integer number that precisely fits, only the fractional of exactly 31/45. The only denominator that fit all of my less precise results was 360, so the true fraction is probably written as 248/360, which is the exact wind-up time of machetes. This isn't unusual. Attack speed, and likely all base damage values are stored this way.
  11. This is not the fault of the augment. It may be a lame QoL augment, but it's bad enough to be an exilus mod. Primed Sure Footed frankly shouldn't be an exilus as it's far beyond the usefulness of other exilus mods. Again, not the fault of that mod either that the knockdown system is immensely unfun and unforgiving in this game. Knockdown and PSF are the root of your issue. No exilus in the game comes close to immunity from all knockdowns including your own. The mote augment is on par with other exilus, but obviously not the PSF outlier. You might as well make the exilus a 9th slot for anything if PSF sets the bar.
  12. This is intended. You can see their reply here.
  13. VhwatGoes


    I used to be one of those people. I'm so certain that it didn't always cap. But then recently I had the silly thought of maybe using gas on Dual Toxocyst, only to find that it now caps, prompting me to start this thread.
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