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  1. Wonderful!! Would still like a slider to set how long I need to "Hold", or dedicated keybinds to separate the tap/hold entirely, but I greatly appreciate that this is getting attention. Edit: Saw another suggestion to replace "hold" with a button combination tree. For example, The Lost -> Gaze might have you tap 3 -> 2, or The Lost -> Accuse would have you tap 3 -> 1, and 3 -> 3 for Deny.
  2. Gas doesn't cap, that is just visual. It's radial effect caps at 10 procs, but the damage continues to rise. It's one of the many neglected aspects of that poor element.
  3. In my opinion, it's the utter weakness of corrosive that leads slash to being the *only* option for any level of grineer. I have done the math comparing Slash to competing effects like Toxin/Electric/Heat. Heat for example reduces 50% of armor, even accounting for that with the same base damage for each proc: Slash procs beat 0% heat procs after 471 starting armor Slash procs beat 150% heat procs after 2,079 starting armor Slash procs beat 0% heat w/ 10x corrosive after 2,350 starting armor Slash procs beat 150% heat w/ 10x corrosive after 10,393 starting armor.
  4. I think I have a grasp on the frame now. I'd like to offer some alternatives to the popular suggestions. TL;DR index since the post became quite long: Tap/Hold is not fun. See the three two suggested alternatives. Efficiency is too worthless on probe, see new formula. Damage is good, utility is good, blast is bad. Status-immunity passive is unreliable to play around. See alternative. Love the Boot-Heels. Skeptical on the popular suggestion to have elements stick around after casting. The frame overall is quite complex, probably the highest skill cei
  5. As with my Xaku feedback, I'm once again asking for dedicated keybinds for the hold/tap dual-function keys. They have no place, and I have many keys on my keyboards, as well as the unused Alt modifier I would much rather press than hold 1234. The Tap/Hold invert toggle is inconsistent between frames. On Xaku (a frame I heavily use), it lets me tap to cast The Lost, which is what I prefer, but on Lavos it forces me to hold all of his abilities to use, when I would again prefer to tap to cast. Even better, add frame-specific keybinds. I want dedicated keys for each of The Lost's abilities,
  6. There is a law for this? Maybe in some mystical totalPlat:realDollar figure, but it's also a way to make collecting parts feasible for many players. I would not have gone for MR30 if I had to solely trade through trade chat, among other ways it adds value. As some other posters mentioned, having such a market integrated right into the game would reduce the value of the items further, "devaluing" the plat even more. If this is out of concern for DE's bottom line, I think they have a very good grasp on things. You also need to consider the built-in plat sinks like forma bund
  7. Is this really devaluing? Or is this race to the bottom of market pricing actually raising the buying power of platinum? You can buy more prime parts with less plat. Also, this comes down to how many parts DE circulate with drop rates and such. This player probably invested time (the biggest price) to farming tons of parts.
  8. Any chance of a Bio Rifle skin for the Stug? Otherwise, this is super cool!
  9. Thread title could be better, but this bug still exists (29.5.6). Some tiles, especially the new corpus ship, have many ledges where Danse Macabre attempts to mantle, only to face the frustrating situation noted above.
  10. Tested again today (, and can confirm the augment is still not functioning properly. A fully ranked Beguiling Lantern only provides a 1.25x multiplier, the augment's bonus for Rank0. It applies after all modded damage. This was tested with Elements, +Melee Damage, Crits, and Faction Damage. Every result was 1.25x. Hope this gets fixed, this augment has the potential to be a formidable damage amp if it functioned properly.
  11. Khora went from the most garbage frame on release to something that did everything. Her damage is not special, but she acheives it with a single mod slot for strength, Accumulating Whipclaw, the strongest augment in the game. She has two lives with Bodyguard, Strangledome is the only Crowd Control skill in the game to ignore nullifiers, AND it has a pilfering augment, and she has an objective-healing cat. Those are some insanely efficient mod slots, with room left over for the gladiator set, an unusually useful mod set. Damage, control, and health, a frame needs no more. Slashing Accumula
  12. The reload can interrupt it's own reload? That is terrifying. I think Self-Staggering has gone too far.
  13. It's a bug that long ago they likely decided to leave as is, but lately they've been altering age-old elements of the game, so I thought I'd make some attention for it. A +100% critical damage bonus granting +200% actual critical damage is more than expected, because that number is lying, and that is what a bug is.
  14. Reproduction steps: Open Arsenal - Braton unmodded (1.6x base critical multiplier) Equip Rank-5 Vital Sense (+120%) Expected result: Only the critical bonus receives a 120% bonus. 1.6x - 1 = 0.6x 0.6x * (1+120%) = 1.32x 1.32x + 1= 2.32x Critical strikes Actual result: Crit multiplier includes the base 1.0x damage in its bonus: 1.6x * (1 + 120%) = 3.5x Critical Strikes, a 229.1% increase in critical damage. Personal Comments: This has caused an unbalancable ecosystem of critical vs status weapons, heavily favouring weapons with any usable critical
  15., Still a bug. Now very exploitable with Well of Life, practically guaranteeing headshots on an unkillable host.
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