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  1. I play solo in railjack and crew is fine addiction, but it could be more controled. When i set someone to pilot and then i take pilot seat, what this crewmate do? With secondaries role i would know, becouse i would set as secondary gunner role and then my pilot when pilot seat is taken would go to turrets. When secondary role would be done base on primary role: pilot- when pilot seat is taken by player defender- when there is no enemies on ship enginer- when there is no hazards gunner- never Here some examples: primary defender secondary enginer- in case
  2. For options with no full resource you should include info where this resources can be find or where this info is.
  3. There is few stats buffs in game that increase base stats of warframe. If its only one buff it is manageable to calculate values our selfs, but in case of more buffs is bit harder, becouse we need to know the interactions between those buffs(which one go first? does they stacks by adding or by multipling?). Hp and shields we can see, but i.e. armor and sprint speed are not visible for us in mission. The view of current stats should be available in mission . There are few abilities like rhino iron skin that take your current value of armor(and others) to calculate power of this ability, so
  4. Why there is no options in advance captura to toggle "show FPS" option? At least i couldn't find it and if there is not then it should be.
  5. It is for sure the only way to do what i want right now, but aside from farm for Nezha prime i would need orokin reactor, umbra forma, 2x normal forma, exilus adapter to be able to reach Nezha prime i have and build i want to do. I guess i pass that option and probably go stab my Nezha prime each time i want switch place of xata's whispers and waste resources.
  6. I have Nezha with infuse xata's whisper insted of his 4th ability in configuration C. I want to infuse xata's whisper insted of 1st ability in configuration B, but i want keep configuration C intack. Right now there is no option to do such thing. In order to infuse same ability in different place or/and different configuration i need to remove infusion and infuse ability, but it will remove ability from configuration C from 4th ability slot. It would good if in picture below i could infuse xata's whisper again and then choose place as 1st ability and configuration B, while conf
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