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  1. It is for sure the only way to do what i want right now, but aside from farm for Nezha prime i would need orokin reactor, umbra forma, 2x normal forma, exilus adapter to be able to reach Nezha prime i have and build i want to do. I guess i pass that option and probably go stab my Nezha prime each time i want switch place of xata's whispers and waste resources.
  2. I have Nezha with infuse xata's whisper insted of his 4th ability in configuration C. I want to infuse xata's whisper insted of 1st ability in configuration B, but i want keep configuration C intack. Right now there is no option to do such thing. In order to infuse same ability in different place or/and different configuration i need to remove infusion and infuse ability, but it will remove ability from configuration C from 4th ability slot. It would good if in picture below i could infuse xata's whisper again and then choose place as 1st ability and configuration B, while conf
  3. Fog made by orphix is orange and so does necramech hud. I'm not color blind, but it quite hard to see. It would be much better if players have choice of color for necramech hud or just give white color to middle point of this hud.
  4. i hope for rip line too. Now i hope DE will rework valkyr giving her different ability insted of rip line and then add rip line as helmith ability.
  5. Can you take look at endless bounties rewards as well? Lately you change do some bug fixes and some improvments, but still there is no reason to have 50% drop chance for amber stars (aside bug that couse amber stars not droping in normal missions). The excavation one is takeing to long, pls make one excavator for one player with bounus to keep it above 80% hp or add possibility to summon two excavators at once. Right now this take to long for what it can give. The one with reasercher is fine thanks to changes you made. And it would be nice to have better description on how the rewards are dist
  6. I hope you will acknowledge first ever lunaro e-sport tournament.
  7. Old title: Sporothrix + Wisp bug. I got same bug with Vectis. So i asume it is for all sniper rifles. I found a bug with Wisp and Sporothrix when sometimes after shot player get recoiling effect( like after fully charged velocitus on ground). It happend to me when i play solo, in many different missions. I use Sporothrix with others frames and i never had this situaction. 0:00-0:16 first clip 0:17-0:26 second clip 0:27-0:48 loadout i use, i only show the things that may have something to do with this bug. All the extra recoil shots happens only after using w
  8. Yes, that is good change. With pervious change to corpus researcher both endless bounties shuold take similar amount of time. Rewards % chance should be changed, Amber star have 50% pls lower this to 20%, and add something like 250xcryotic with 20% and remaining 10% distribute equally to rest of rewards. I hope DE will make more improvements to this game mode and add to the rest of open worlds.
  9. Finaly fixes for endless Deimos Bounties. :) I hope you will take look to rewards tables for those, amber star is 50% ( there is no reason to have this on 50%, lower it to 20% and increse chances for mods or add something)
  10. Pls take a look at endless bounties on Deimos. fix bugs and change rewards( at least lower chance to get amber star ot os 50% now)
  11. When you take look at endless bounties on Deimos? This is good idea and it's just being ignored.
  12. Mercy kill opportunity is very low on non-lich mission and it should be increase or reward for killing in that way should be incraese. For now parazon is kind of forgotten. De can add vacuum mod to parazon. It can be vacuum on action like Mag passive.
  13. The corpus researcher fix is nice. When you gona do something about endless bounties? Those are fun, but little underrewarding. Please make it good and then add some to plains of edilon and fortuna.
  14. Still no bounus reward in endless bounties after geting all perfect :(
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