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  1. Yes, get a better pc. Otherwise, nothing else you can really do
  2. I don't think it's supposed to look like that
  3. As the title says, when the syandana moves, it appears like it is running at a much lower framerate.
  4. This event is fun for the first few runs, then it gets tiring real quick. One simple fix to make the event more FUN is to make the gun hitscan OR have much better projectile speed because it's inconsistent.
  5. I use Mag with counterpulse augment. Modded with range and strength. Mag's 2 is useful on 1 shotting the ambulas, and then her 3 and 4 to crowd control. Also, bring a radiation weapon (I bring Tigris Prime with radiation build). Also, get a magus elevate for your operator so that health won't be a problem. Hope this helps :) I find this setup very effective even in sortie ambulas, yes even on solo.
  6. Why the heck is this skin shiny, Hope DE LISTENS AND REPLACES IT WITH A PROPER ROCK TEXTURE
  7. I agree that his 3rd skill doesn't fit him at all
  8. Nice work PS: Clean your stuff
  9. Technically yes, but having a balanced crit/status chance will benefit you the best. Rivens aren't necessary, but they do help a lot
  10. It really depends on your preference, I like a good balance between crit chance and status with some attack speed, so i'll build that. A crit chance of 14% is enough for Blood Rush and a higher status means you can benefit more from Condition Overload
  11. That's normal, I suggest you focus on the essentials. For weapons, damage and multishot (for guns) and then you can add some elemental mods (toxin, electricity, etc.). For Warframes, it really depends. For example, if you picked Excalibur, you want to have health because he is squishy, and then some strength and efficiency mods for his skills. My advice: don't try to learn everything at once, at lower levels, the game doesn't really punish you for making mistakes.
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