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  1. Levitating tank vs floating stick
  2. Judging from the post I assume he's still fairly new to the game and want to experience stuff and he still doesn't have archwing launchers or kdrives. Wait for him to get those and maybe he'll say it doesn't find it immersive to use on the open worlds lol. From my experience doing bounties, a majority of them always have the drone/rescue mission
  3. You can post on the clan recruitment page in this forum :) I've recruited some people there. Also try the recruitment subreddit. Don't think this is the right subforum but I guess it kinda fits since you want to help other players. happy playing!
  4. Do you visit PoE/Orb Valiis,those 150 bullet jumps are nothing. Doing one cetus bounty would guarantee lots of bullet jumping from moving from spot to spot. People have been complaining about the grindy stuff and here you are complaining about something so trivial. No hate, i'm just saying. Hell, you can even do mobile defense/mobile defense and just bullet jump at your spot
  5. It is a known bug right now. Hopefully DE releases a hotfix soonᵗᵐ
  6. I think that defeats Excal Umbra's uniqueness. In my opinion, there should only be one umbra frame although I would like to have that scarf available as an attachment. More umbra frames would just dilute the game as we already have primes.
  7. For anyone wondering, most of you are right that I won't be missing much since I'm already rank 15 (20k kuva) on nightwave. If this kind of missions with progress walls don't appear in subsequent weeks, I'll still be over rank 30.
  8. omygod ive been going mad for this. Thank YOU!
  9. Anyone else having viewing their mods? My inventory says I have 5/15 rivens but only shows 2 but I can still link the other rivens on chat. Several mods, when searching my mod inventory, doesn't show up but it shows up when modding stuff. Clicking the mod button arsenal doesn't show all the mods equipped. Possible bug?
  10. Kill the Profit-Taker in Orb Vallis while playing with a friend or clanmate. Welp, this will be the very first nightwave mission I'll miss since I don't have max standing with Fortuna.
  11. Well, there are loadout slots... When I wanted to try a new different build, I just press config C and mod there. If I don't like it, I just switch back to my first config. Literally one click away. But I can see what you are trying to say. I Just hope we get some sort of copy loadout function so that we don't have to mod from scratch on each config.
  12. Maybe some of those instanced are not them leaving but rather connection issues. I'm having a hard time connecting at times, It would show that I got in a squad but disconnect mid-loading. This usually happens if I go directly to Orb Vallis instead of going through Fortuna first. Judging from what you have said, you might be doing this. This is also true for Cetus/PoE. For a better matchmaking experience, I suggest you join or make a clan so you have people you can rely on instead of randoms. Smaller clans are better since clan members actually interact with each other. Also, chill out. :)
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