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  1. Technically yes, but having a balanced crit/status chance will benefit you the best. Rivens aren't necessary, but they do help a lot
  2. It really depends on your preference, I like a good balance between crit chance and status with some attack speed, so i'll build that. A crit chance of 14% is enough for Blood Rush and a higher status means you can benefit more from Condition Overload
  3. Damn, that blends really well. Definitely going to get that now :D
  4. Can anyone show screenshots? I was thinking of getting the armor on the upcoming unvaulting. Cheers!
  5. Is it just me or the animation for this syandana is kinda bugged? It looks like it's animated at half the framerate, it's especially noticeable when you turn your warframe on arsenal.
  6. I don't think you understood. What I assume he's implying is that if you do have a job, you will understand why DE is taking too long to respond. Also, the ridiculous suggestion of "just hire more people" isn't as simple as you might think and having a job might help you get perspective on things. It's not a personal attack against you The comparison to other games only shows that no matter which game, there will ALWAYS be times where the response might take long because of several factors, such as the amount of support tickets sent for example. You just sent it at a probably busy time, i
  7. I don't know what your definition of efficient is but what you said is pretty much just a good tactic. Compare it to bringing 4 limbos. By every now and then I assume you mean every 10 seconds or so, depending on enemy spawn. With 4 duration Limbos, you can cast skills and pretty much idle to the duration of your stasis, then rinse and repeat. I'm not saying Ivara is bad for interceptions, I'm just saying that there are frames that can be used better because their skills pretty much fits the objective (e.g. Khora, Limbo, I would say Frost but that would probably take roughly the same amou
  8. Semlar riven price say that its current average price is 2250p so more or less depending the stat. try going around different server regions to find potential buyers. It's not ripping off when your potential buyers are veterans and pretty much know the system.
  9. That's the thing, riven pricing is a very tricky area. It just really depends on a lot of factors. You can probably start by checking the popularity of the weapon. Rivens for the "meta" stuff like Rubico, Lanka, Redeemer, Catchmoon, etc. usually sell very high around 200p, mind you prices could reach even 1k plat and above. Next thing to look for are the stats. You can have godlike stats for an unpopular weapon and it wouldn't sell high. Really depends on who wants to buy a riven for a specific weapon for a certain price range. As for your riven, I think it could sell maybe around 100p b
  10. Step 1. Pick Volt Step 2. Put lens on volt Step 3. Join an ESO squad Step 4. ??? Step 5. Grofit Kidding aside, build volt with range and strength
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