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  1. I think the blueprints are awarded at the end as a mission completion drop and that is the dropped Jackal Sigil I think if you try to item that by pressing G while pointing on that part it will tell you what it is.
  2. Hello there I was messing about with my riven challenges and came across something that seems like a bug where warframe abilities work on archwings just came to ask if this is a bug or if it should be like this and if it is a bug I came to report it so it can get hopefully fixed here is a small clip of my Nova and Loki working on the archwing while being immuniy thanks to Novas Null Star and Loki`s Invisebility and being able to move around while Itzal loses the invisibility power after you move. Thank you and hopefully it gets patched if its not meant to be like this. https://youtu.be/VyKmERxMPgg @[DE]Rebecca
  3. It does Reddy and so does one of the Saryn bundles but I got both of them and those skins are very outdated want something new and we only have 2 Dual Sword skins sadly :/
  4. I have been playing dual swords for a long time and sadly I get bored of the same looks would it be possible for some fashion creators to make us some since we are lacking in dual sword skins, I would try to make some but my artistic imagination is like a 3 year olds :D. It would be dope if we could get some nice dual sword skins that look something like from Ichigo`s Swords at the end of Bleach chapters or some other anime/games/movies. Thank you for reading this and may you have a great day.
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