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  1. TYPE: Scarlet Spear - railjack and ground mission crash + matchmaking with clanmates can only be started from ship DESCRIPTION: finished one railjack mission and on the way to next/ground mission finished 2 and the third one cr5ashes the game VISUAL: none REPRODUCTION: yes cause game crashes 3/4 times EXPECTED RESULT: bug in matchmaking/linking OBSERVED RESULT: could only send 2 times bugreport, cuase even this interface starts to crash REPRODUCTION RATE: 3 of 4 games chrashed Game freeze and crash on Multiplayer and Solo play for excample on railjack or during ground mission. Impossible to play stable with clanmates...
  2. True... welcome to warframe for beginners, where you can't hurt yourself ...
  3. RIP Titania, first time felt not so squishy 😢, for Hildryn it doesnt matter but Titania... Only playin/using her during the last Infested Event for Forma farmin. And why does it take so long to fix this? Found it out yesterday and insert an Forma in her for this ^^
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