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  1. I was a little hesitant to make this boss but if you put aside the bugs( the screen became all black during half a fight, being stuck in a infinite fall boucle etc.) it's not much a deal for a well equipped player, even solo, and the combat it's not very annoying. And before saying it's too easy we must see that is a boss on Jupiter so the new players will come to him relatively early in starchart progress. Of course it's not perfect. Natah is very annoying after 3 or 4 runs and the huge gapes and the electric arcs on cables is blatant attempt to push us to use the new amalgam sets. On the other side the Wisp drops are very reasonnable so DE probably hear some complains after the Hyldrin release.
  2. Wait a -75% coupon and when why not ? It's a game and for some bucks you have far more fun time that with a classic AAA solo game. I take Nidus and buy some slots and never regret it. Just some tips. You will need endo and certain ressources. Dont buy them. As soon as you obtain acces to Maroo Bazar you can do Ayatan Treasure Hunt. You obtain sculptures that you can trade for endo and (bonus) you can even return to maroo to do again the hunt. You must finish it and second time the statue that you grab will not be a recompense (because it's only one time a week) but you can farm ressources from orokin derelicts (nonospores, plastids and argon). It's a great shortcut. Next you will need mods. If your unlucky some even basics mods (like serration) can slip through you fingers and it's not cool. Try to join a clan or find friends IG that will be more that happy to give you some basic mods (flow, intensify, hornet strike etc.) If you dont find kind people (i bout that) just contact me IG.
  3. Nef Anyo recently start selling truly delicious high protein bars... A little overprices but truly tasty and 100% natural. .... Whistle...
  4. You can (almost must ) spend your starting plats on warframe/weapons slots. You can also trade some prime parts (obtained by opening relics), mods and sculptures with others players. The easiest way for a beginner is to obtain some lith relics prime parts, some syndicate mods and do the Ayatan hunts from Maroo to get some sculptures, and just sell them on trade chat. You dont get rich this way but you grab enough plat to buy a few slots and dont have to do tough decisions about what warframe you will keep or not. Good luck.
  5. Pretty the same. One, two minutes missions with Nidus (not the fastest frame) but get the mask from less that 40 runs. I dont really care to get the mask because it's ugly and just use the missions to farm orokin cells and wolf sleadgehammer parts.
  6. Not for me. Im on the opposite side of Earth. Winter is comming... 🙂
  7. MR2 is just 10000 xp. So if you just max one warframe and 2 weapons you're MR2. And i dont even count xp from unlocking starchart. Probably he was being taxied by a friend or just played like a brute. If it's a alt to a vet he can just speed run through beginner stuff even without care to mod his gear, the firsts planets are very easy.
  8. Yeah HEK can do it. There are few primaries really good at MR 6 (Contrary to the melee that have some very correct weapons at low Mr (Orthos prime, atterax etc.)) If you wait a little and do some invasions missions, Karak Wraith it's worth the time and ressources ( but MR7).
  9. Galatine is great with Tempo Royale but for a beginner it's hard to obtain that stance. Atterax do great and orthos prime even with 0 forma and just a potato do great job.
  10. Two are cool but very different. I play Loki and mirage with just one format each and that's work fine. I tuned Loki to max invisibility duration (dont need disarm enemies that can shoot you) for solo spy and sorties and some riven challenges (exstermination without detection, headshots while on walls etc.) and Mirage for max Hall of mirrors (Amprex and Zaw polearm make her a meatgrinder). Mirage are more fun oriented and Loki more specific so your choice. Maybe just do some Fissures and buy a potato after trade some relics , because both warframes are worth it.😉
  11. Probably a chat suspension that restrict your ability to trade.
  12. The easiest way, without removing vacuum, is to go to plains of Eidolon, shoot from afar some iradite and just mark the ressources that pop out. 3mn of work.
  13. I dont play much, i start doing Nightwatch 2 weeks after it begin and almost never do the "with friend/clanmate" mission (even if i can), and i managed to finish the Wolf Of Saturn challenges. So i imagine that it's not so punishing for solo players. Yeah, loose 10k rep can seem much but in the end it really doesn't matter. It's like others challenges (fight big bad spider, mine rare ores, gild a modular weapon) that need a specific requirement. Not everybody can do it.
  14. When i dont go solo I always go with Nidus and almost always do survival arbitrations so moving alot. Picking some points and reviving a player will not be big deal. Last time i forget and go with 3 dragons keys and be fine so i presume that the penalties will not be a problem...😁 Whatever it's a better option that see the host migration.
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