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  1. Pretty the same. One, two minutes missions with Nidus (not the fastest frame) but get the mask from less that 40 runs. I dont really care to get the mask because it's ugly and just use the missions to farm orokin cells and wolf sleadgehammer parts.
  2. Not for me. Im on the opposite side of Earth. Winter is comming... 🙂
  3. MR2 is just 10000 xp. So if you just max one warframe and 2 weapons you're MR2. And i dont even count xp from unlocking starchart. Probably he was being taxied by a friend or just played like a brute. If it's a alt to a vet he can just speed run through beginner stuff even without care to mod his gear, the firsts planets are very easy.
  4. Yeah HEK can do it. There are few primaries really good at MR 6 (Contrary to the melee that have some very correct weapons at low Mr (Orthos prime, atterax etc.)) If you wait a little and do some invasions missions, Karak Wraith it's worth the time and ressources ( but MR7).
  5. Galatine is great with Tempo Royale but for a beginner it's hard to obtain that stance. Atterax do great and orthos prime even with 0 forma and just a potato do great job.
  6. Two are cool but very different. I play Loki and mirage with just one format each and that's work fine. I tuned Loki to max invisibility duration (dont need disarm enemies that can shoot you) for solo spy and sorties and some riven challenges (exstermination without detection, headshots while on walls etc.) and Mirage for max Hall of mirrors (Amprex and Zaw polearm make her a meatgrinder). Mirage are more fun oriented and Loki more specific so your choice. Maybe just do some Fissures and buy a potato after trade some relics , because both warframes are worth it.😉
  7. Probably a chat suspension that restrict your ability to trade.
  8. The easiest way, without removing vacuum, is to go to plains of Eidolon, shoot from afar some iradite and just mark the ressources that pop out. 3mn of work.
  9. I dont play much, i start doing Nightwatch 2 weeks after it begin and almost never do the "with friend/clanmate" mission (even if i can), and i managed to finish the Wolf Of Saturn challenges. So i imagine that it's not so punishing for solo players. Yeah, loose 10k rep can seem much but in the end it really doesn't matter. It's like others challenges (fight big bad spider, mine rare ores, gild a modular weapon) that need a specific requirement. Not everybody can do it.
  10. When i dont go solo I always go with Nidus and almost always do survival arbitrations so moving alot. Picking some points and reviving a player will not be big deal. Last time i forget and go with 3 dragons keys and be fine so i presume that the penalties will not be a problem...😁 Whatever it's a better option that see the host migration.
  11. " suspended until 2035 because of EULA violation " Probably not the plat problem. Maybe the fast xp exloit or another accusation but the negative plat balance just demand to buy plat to get the account back.
  12. I love this one, especially while my Saryn melt alive dozen on poor guys in agonizing pain and do some dance in the middle. 😂
  13. Ballas mourn in the void, corpus mess with Wolf and sentient juice, Railjack incoming and Natah discussing the possible come back with her mother... I think many thing can happen soon...
  14. I dont despite hammers but there are so many more versatile, reliable and powerful melee that they are not the first choice. My heavy blade zaw litterally harvest waves of ennemies in a blink, constantly acceleratint (berserk) and smash the rest of them with the Tempo mod finisher. So yeah Jat kittag is cool and can do the job but im sure DE can make hammers more appealing. EDIT But i will do another try of Jag because your enthusiasm is contagious.🙂
  15. Wolf Sledge can be throw in the face of enemies. Stylish even if not very efficient. Hammers are not very good in WF... They need some love.
  16. https://warframe.fandom.com/wiki/Chains_of_Harrow
  17. Doesn't do much arbitration. By far only get 3 mods (beside endo and sculptures) and 2 was Adaptation. Not fair... Probability can be tricky (you can have 10% chances and do 1000 runs and dont drop it, it's not very probable but possible) and karma is a bit*h. Just farm some relics and buy the mod. You're sanity is not worth the fight with the RNG. RNG easely win...
  18. Why ? Just why the only faction made of flesh and dont wearing protective armor will stop armor piercing bullets ? And for me it's totally opposite of the feeling to fight mindless waves of zombified/infected mobs throwing themself on me. If anyone of this squishy mobs became a impenetrable wall it will be soooo much fun...
  19. Not totally true. There are around many relics not opened and just by playing fissures you can have someone in your squad that open a Valkyr prime relic. But the trade is a way faster and easier.
  20. I totally love this mentality.🙄 Did you know that in the past you must for some games (solo) read the manual BEFORE even playing. How terrible... Sure, Candy Crush dont need a manual.😁 Warframe is a wikigame, i know that before even i put my first login and you, a self proclaimed veteran, ignore that ? And it's not a bad thing that the game incite to some research and to ask questions to others players. Yes, some aspects are foggy and may be more explicit but "all that is bad game desing" ? Just your opinion, not a thruth. Many tools in warframe ? Yeah totally true, and some more adapted to some contend. Nothing strange in that. I have Chroma and Chroma prime and even make build especially for Eidolons, but you know what ? I never play them on plains just because i dont like this warframe. Prefer Nidus or Valkyr. And i do the same in Orb Vallis. All this blabla because you just miss the info that special drops reset the the cooldown...
  21. Totally the sentiment i have. I hate doing capture mission and heard "Bring to Lotus for interrogation". Always have the image of the greenir "invited" to Red Veil room on relays. Ah zo, thee ask ze questions !! We, tenno, do the dirty job and genocice thousants and millions of poor dudes having 0% chance against us. For what ? Dont let a faction become more powerfull that other and maintain the status quo by keeping afire a "equilibrated" war. No matter who suffer or if their aspirations are legit. So tennos probably are more that psychopatic. And now, that we know the the bad space mom work for the sentients and probably maintain the factions weak to make them easier to destroy later and that she just dump the naive children and go back to the big space granny, what we do ? Simulate by ordis the same old orders, cry about being abandonned and still saying "For the Lotus" IG. So pathetic and immature... So tenno seems self indulging and dependant wuss They will be heros the day they accept make theirs owns decisions, stop lament on themself and take some responsabilities in theirs actions. Sometimes i really will have more control on my avatar IG...
  22. Yeah, if you're a initiate you cant purchase the BP.
  23. You never NEED maiming strike. You need it only if you're only able to do spin for win. It's ages that i sell my two maiming strikes and never regret it. Spinning is still usefull because that dont stop your movement and give you good reach but only spinning is soul sucking...
  24. The orbiter is pretty empty. Ordis just monologue, helminth whisper a little and my unmatured cat that i keep for compagny sleep most of the time. A tenno wandering between mod console and the foundry... It's not very astonish that we finish to summon this void fueled schizophrenic double. Just to have someone, just a presence... "Dont call me kiddo, Wilson !!"
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