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  1. Thank you for Hot fix..have found a issue with Orb Vallis .Stuttering motion gameplay,its not fluid ,having issues playing ...
  2. How about removing Hydroid prime systems from syndicate rank up..making it easier for newer players,,maybe change it to 1s we get a lot of....and when can Volt prime be unvaulted
  3. how about taking Hydroid prime systems blueprint ,out of Syndicates ..its 1 of the hardest pieces to get..can it be possible too make it as a Reward in this new set up..plz..luv this game ..keep up the good work..
  4. my only question is when..i much like the new setup......But When..Keep up the good work ..i like this Very muchly..,;the shop 4 the items,,excellent idea.having that is going to improve our modding of Frames and Items...
  5. Thank yu 4 the Update ......luv this game
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