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  1. Hi, I have noticed that some scans in my codex, that were not fully completed, stays uncompleted no matter how many times I scan the actual mob or object. Although I can't confirm for all the mobs/objects since my codex is almost fully completed, the (maybe?) bugged entries seems quite random. So far I found two entries not responding: The large grineer explosing Barrel (I have scanned 12 more of them yet it still stays at 6/20 or something), and the Vapos Elite Ranger Eximus ( I scan 12 of them in the Jupiter Eximus Stronghold Sortie mission and yet, I'm still at 3/5). I'd like to know if anybody encountered something similar and those entries or others. PS: Also, I can confirm than so far others entries seems to work alright. Haven't found other bugged ones since.)
  2. So, i found the room. Twice. Once in Kuva mission (Extermination) and one in Invasion mission (also Extermination) If that helps people.
  3. So yeah, to shut it down: You can't trade scans in Simulacrum, they are not added to your codex once you leave. You can scan your own mobs, and mobs spawned from other mobs, but that's it. If you join somebody ee's simulacrum, nothing will be saved on your Codex.
  4. Nice to know Gray, thanks. Also yes, you can complete scans in Simulacrum from mobs that spawns other mobs. However I don't know about scans from another player's simulacrum. I'll make tests tomorrow.
  5. It's all in the Title. The Idea is to have a hub for everybody to trade and complete scans. I'm personally missing a few ennemies in my codex and I'm looking for someone with one or more of those scans (must be completed). - Artificer (From an discontinued Event) - Datalyst (From an discontinued Event) - Carabus (From an discontinued Event) - Nightwatch Carrier (From Anniversary Dex Event) - Nightwatch Reaver (From Anniversary Dex Event) - Jackal Eximus (From Fortuna) - Vapos Crewman Eximus (From Jupiter Gas City) - Vapos Prod Crewman Eximus (From Jupiter Gas City) - Vapos Elite Ranger Eximus (From Jupiter Gas City) - Vapos Aquila (From Jupiter Gas City) - Bailiff Eximus (From Kuva Fortress) In Exchange i can of course provideothers scans that i have completed.
  6. As anybody recently found the dreaded room of 13.2 or 13.3?
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