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  1. Its weird almost like were just beta testers and warframe aint actually trying to put complete working content out for us hmmm wouldn't it be wise of them to have a testing group of gamers to try it before launch... no that would be too simple a solution I guess..
  2. Can confirm resolution is screwed with this update here i was excited to play but now well im not going to touch this update till we find out its fixed.. EDIT: Only a third of my screen shows and even in windowed mode we take performance hits because games are meant to be run in full screen for optimum performance and even in windowed mode my resolution is too big even compensating by lowering the resolution makes things look worse.
  3. Make the thermia vents spawn quicker its taking for ever to get more to show up so we can charge the coolant after each cutscene event.
  4. The Garuda changes YESHHHHHHHHH! Thank you DE!!!!!!!!!!!
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