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  1. Kiro, you said it exactly the way i wanted.
  2. Ok, now people can extract at will. Is everyone happy? No. Besides the host migration bug that you need to fix asap you made the game much harder for starting players. Im sure you have all been in mission where 1 person couldnt keep up and could barely stay alive. Well, right now that person will fail his mission. Do you think he will keep playing and learn when this keeps happening? I doubt it. Make a prompt whenever someone is extracting if you want to extrac with them. 9 out of 10 i will pick yes
  3. When host leaves, host migration takes place and it fails most of the time. Survival and excavation missions are most problematic since last update of solo extraction. Pls fix asap.
  4. No need to be specific. Host migrations fail 2 out of 3. Only place they always work is fortuna and cetus. Things got way worse after solo extraction update because more people are leaving and more migrations occur. More migrations means more failures. Right now im not doing any kuva survival anymore because im afraid the host will extract and im left with nothing.
  5. Maybe there was a extraction but it didnt show up as a waypoint. it only does that for a limited time after completing an excavation. Check your map for the extraction location. On a large map it might not be visible on the screen so run around.
  6. Also had this bug on xbox. We dont have the exploiter update yet so didnt pick up anything
  7. You should receive the relic in the mail.
  8. Same here. Remove solo extraction or fix host migration
  9. Nice updates. What worries me about individual extraction is the increased failure of host migration that is going to take place.
  10. can you also hold these events during regular office hours? That way Europe can also receive these twitch drops. Unless of course you don't value your customers from the other side of the world.
  11. will the relics be vaulted again also? dont see anything about that in the post.
  12. you made a mistake with this update. XB1 doesnt have a mouse. Emulating a mouse is just lame.
  13. thx for the update, but whats wrong with the download speed? im currently looking at 13h update time.
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