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  1. I know that one, it's quite old already and unrelated to Kuva Lich missions though. In fact this problem can be fixed by switching to operator and back in most cases
  2. Thanks! EDIT: I usually hate bringing up unrelated issues to hotfix threads, but Kuva Lich missions have been afflicted by a game breaking bug lately... https://forums.warframe.com/topic/1176094-world-interaction-failing-completely-at-random/
  3. I returned to the game after some weeks of break to find out that in like 1 of 2 missions, my world interaction capabilities might break at some point during the mission, that means I cannot: - press any buttons / use any consoles - pick up ressources or Ayatan stars (Vacuum causes ressources sticking inside of me though) - finish enemies / Thralls / Liches - revive other players or revive myself after death. Switching to operator or dropping into a pit/water to reset doesn't fix this, but I can still use most of the interactions while controlling the operator. This primarily happened to me in Kuva Lich missions, not sure if it applies to others. I hope this can be addressed very soon, as it is kinda gamebreaking.
  4. While we're already at it with the new weapon stats, why won't you finally add a Max Ammo stat to see how much we can carry with us?
  5. Oh god thanks I'm getting flashbacks now O_O
  6. I don't think the Scrap UI is supposed to look like this...? (I was soft-locked BTW and had to force close the game)
  7. Will this finally be the year of Quality Assurance? 🙂
  8. I am willing to trade one of my Liches for any Kuva Karak Lich: Kuva Kohm - 30% Radiation Kuva Seer - 37% Impact Kuva Ayanga - 48% Magnetic Kuva Twin Stubbas - 27% Cold Hit me up on here or ingame if you're interested
  9. Thanks! EDIT: Today I applied my first Reactor upgrade, some time later I found out that the capacity has reset and the Reactor screen now shows me this: I think this needs some fixing...
  10. Thanks for the update! Four patches in and Empyrean still has some kinda stuff that needs to be looked at... 1. The forges' REFINE feature has no point and actually does more harm than good! The aspect of managing your collected resources during a mission might be interesting but kinda gets messed up through the mechanic that is refinement. First off, resources you don't refine during or by the end of the mission are lost. Why is that though? Can't there be a thing like auto-refinement after mission success? Where is the logic in just letting them vanish off the ship? Second, the all-time availability of the feature makes it dangerous during critical mission phases. Someone might unknowingly refine the ressources when they might decide between failure or success of a mission. I had someone once who refined when we had a fatal hull breach and thus couldn't forge the much needed Revolite to avert mission failure. This shouldn't be a thing that can happen! (On another side note: a few moments before that, said person who refined didn't even know that a thing like the forges existed, wondering why their Omni wouldn't fix breaches when we were out of Revolite. This happened on goddamn SATURN. Railjack needs a tutorial!) That being said, the best measure to handle this IMHO is to just take out the feature at all. Give each resource a capacity on its own to prevent resource clogging and auto-refine all that after mission success. 2. The pacing between Railjack missions and resource farming is quite off. Currently the missions look like this: you start a mission, fight off fighters and crewships and maybe disable an enemy base, all while getting a bunch of resources. If you want to go for extra resources, you'd have to go out after the mission and scavenge the debris, which yield more rarer stuff like Fresnels, Trachons or some extra Dirac. This issues here are for once that it depends on the Railjack host to allow to go for extra stuff. If they wanna leave, you have no choice but to leave as well. Will we at some point be able to decide individually how long we want to remain in a mission? The other issue is that, with the debris spread along wide distances and the Railjack and Archwing speeds being kinda low, farming this stuff takes a lot of time. Railjack speed can be upgraded, AW leads me to the third point... 3. Reconsider Archwing Blink / Controls Not everyone has been happy with the latest changes to Blink, with the 2 second cooldown taking a lot of the speed that Itzal provided previously. While I very much like how AW controls now, the one thing that boggles me the most though is how you have to handle Blink and Afterburner in turn to travel the fastest, with both being bound to the same key. For my part I've even written an AHK macro to deal with that. Why can't we bind them for ourselves? Railjack got a whole own key binding section, why has that never been a thing for Archwing? Please let the people decide how the wanna control their Archwings! EDIT: Someone told me the Sprint/Roll bindings would correspond to the Afterburner/Blink controls, which I didn't know, but makes sense. It would still be nice to keep those settings separate and clean.
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