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  1. Thanks! EDIT: Any chance that we will be able to re-arrange the order of our loadouts any time soon?
  2. thank you a lot! EDIT: Would you mind taking a look at the PoE Conservation Codex entries? Some species like Mergoo won't pop up there after being scanned, while Kuakas have multiple identical entries at once.
  3. Yay, thank you a lot! One thing I'd like to mention that has been disgruntling a lot of Tenno: Could you fix hacking consoles so they count as solved at the moment the hack has succeeded? I had moments in Spy missions where I hacked the panel successfully, but suffered from a Blast proc knocking me off the console in the milliseconds short time window where the panel is fading out, just for the hack to not count as done and potentially fail the vault completely.
  4. Thanks! EDIT: One question though - will there be a Frame Figher Fragment for Hildryn any time? Doesn't seem like there's one around, Baruuk already missed out as well...
  5. I hope not too much will be released until March 21st, the day I'll have to submit my Bachelor thesis 😅
  6. Likely he prepared what he wants to say in a text note just to paste it in at the next update. That's how I did it some times
  7. Please add the new relics to the drop tables!
  8. Well. Seems like someone at DE decided to delete my first post for whatever reason...
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