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  1. I'm using [F] though, [Alt] is unrelated to this. Yeah it's strange, some people say they have the same problem, others say it works just fine for them,
  2. Thanks for the hotfix! But... again some issues. - The key binding to unmount from a Railjack helm/turret seems to be hardcoded to [X], leading to confusion if you generally use a different key binding for "Use" than [X]. - Pressing [Alt] while mounted to a Railjack helm/turret toggles a fixed camera perspective outside of your Railjack (seemingly implemented to generate showcase footage back when it was about to be released). While you could toggle back to player perspective, you could also soft-lock yourself by mistake when you unmount from the helm/turret, since you're now stuck in that perspective and can't use the toggle button anymore. - A feature I've missed since the initial release of Railjack: Setting waypoints to objects outside the Railjack from its inside (e.g. while you're operating a turret). Any chance this might come some time?
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