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  1. It's nice to see content dropping after you nerfed my PC and unable to do anything other than leveling due to the unbearable lags/FPS freeze/host migration resulting in a quick ticket to the orbiter. So yeah, it's my PC's fault, cuz my PC wanted system requirement raising sooooooo badly. Ty for forcing me to a not small expense DE <3. Free to p(l)ay. GG
  2. 1. Good to know. 2. Blinded when fighting Gantu or Hydro. Also most of my 3dolon runs, there was always 1 time when I couldn't use anything from 1-5 until I die or jump into water. And still the insane wait time for night which isn't right. 3. Why is a problem when you CAN do higher level content, and asking to get more rewards for it? Have you ever got 2,5k credits or Hornet Strike from like 85 minutes played on survival? And about the nerf... Well, this is how [DE] tries to balance thing. Instead of making every single thing useful, they make more MK1-Bratons, or MK1-Bos out of certain weapons, and some abilities useless etc... 4. Well, Khora is pretty much useless. 1 thing wonder like Revenant. 5. Well, what if I'm a fan of it? Its not the problem. The problem is, EVERY melee going to be useless, if we cannot use the combo system like as is now. Using all the charges on 1 target, then taking a huge damage falloff... NOT a fan of that. I personally like CO builds and Hybrid builds more than just spin2win. And let's just not discuss what [DE] harmed and what not.... Not to mention that you CAN play solo. It's a rare and expensive, event exclusive mod, so it's supposed to be powerful. 6. Hopefully very soon.
  3. Okay. I wasn't specific. Most of them are welcome changes, but a few things. Combo system, light/heavy attacks. These are the problem. It's not that ""Reeee i can't spin2win", it's that I couldn't use any melee above lvl 50, because the combo charges gonna go away with 1 simple swing. Thats the reason why melee is going to be useless, UNLESS they change that. I doubt thats gonna happen. So back to Mesa and/or Loki/Octavia with Amprex. xD
  4. Really? Sorry, I didn't knew that. I hope that happens soon. 🙂 Thanks for the intel.
  5. Yeah, no wonder why he got the needless energy cost increase. Following the Ember schedule xD. At least Rave boi was useful but now it just deletes your energy pool. Not to mention that his 2 don't make you much tankier.
  6. Are you just throwing baits here and there? 4 new augments for 3 useless frames and 1 godess. 3 of those are very much 1/5, but if there would be negative rating, these augments would get it in no time. And honestly, anyone who plays 0ct4v14 more than Hydron are aware that the build is tight. And you not gonna nerf your builds just to be able to move the 2 when you don't even use it. And still, there are a bunch of problems that need a solution: -OXIUM FARM (Either an efficent way of getting it, or cost alterations) -Eidolon fixes -Scaling rewards for survivals (WE NEED IT) -Revenant not related to Eidolons gameplay wise, just Khora with lasers -Still not caring about [DE]stroying your own playerbase (melee NERF thus reverting into gun combat or just Mesa AND multishot - you just don't touch it, YOU DON'T!) -Archwing charges: Not only you need to grind a b00tload of the forementioned oxium, you need to use charges to be able to use archwing. Why not just tell Ordis to drop it, and send it back up when we don't need it? Pointless resource waste. And those are just only the ones I could think of from the top of my head....
  7. Eidolon fixes when??? Abilities (1-5) getting disabled until you hop to the water or nuke yourself with something. Not able to see a damn thing due the disco show during Gantu and Hydro. Also I've noticed Hydrolist and Gantulyst being killed even with the correct amount of CHARGED lures present close to the Eidolon. [Sarcasm] But sure... Drop more skins... That would fix it. At least it'll fix your pockets. And since you disabled the most viable way to farm Oxium, yet gave us no alternative, nor cost alterations. I understand that it was an exploit. But don't you know why people use exploits like the capture farm was? Because there isn't any other viable way of getting a reasonable amount of Oxium/hour. Now we only have defense and exterminate, and praying to RNGeesus that we get many drones. Let's talk about your balancing... khm i mean nerfing schedules. People will continue to use powerful stuff until you make it useless. But don't you know what balancing means? It means every frame/weapon having equal chances of being powerful with the right setup. So when you getting the crybabies whining about this or that is too OP, take look what it bests. For example, Maiming Strike. It makes some weapons godtier when it comes to killing weak stuff fast. Also makes resource farming faster. So it HAS a purpose. And instead of butchering the combo system, and [DE]leting the whole melee system, you should look for a way for other melees to be better, if not, the same level at spin2wins. And Maiming Strike is also a very rare and expensive mod. It should be powerful. How players gonna feel when you butcher it, along with the combo system? And one last thing. I've heard that you wanna make multishot drain ammo, either from the pool or the magazine.... You. Just. Don't. Do. This. Period. Multishot is one of the best things when it comes to guns. Soo, people with rivens who has multishot or slide crit on their riven gonna feel very very disappointed in YOU. They gonna feel that they wasted hundreds, if not, thousands of platinum and kuva on a thing which you wanna make useless. THINK before you touch anything. Or you will loose most of your player base. You have proven that you CAN make good content. Now just don't ruin it. But don't take me wrong, I love this game. That is the reason that I care about it's current state. I'd just simply delete it if I wouldn't gave a f0ck about it.
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