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  1. Maybe its to simple or I make a mistake. i use PRIMARY/SECONDARY DEXTERITY and kill with my melee to earn a 360% damage buff for my gun, I kill with my gun to activate the bonus on galavanized mods….. it’s a circle
  2. That’s right….. but I hope they change the „on kill“
  3. Yes, but u don’t have to use the „on kill“ mods (if the on kill will not be changed). On enemies like jackal use ur old build, I can’t see a problem with this
  4. U don’t need the new mods/arcanes to kill Jackal, u can kill it with ur olds mods like everyone do it at the moment
  5. Sure , SP and Arbi would be be the best. But u will see if DE do this….. the people will complain. The most people complaining about mods in SP or Arbis haven’t cleaned there star chart. They want the mods for the normal missions….this is the biggest joke
  6. But a lot of people complained that the mods are in SP available. Where instead? no matter what DE do, it will be wrong for a lot of people. SP? No Arbi? No RJ? No
  7. If DE put the mods in railjack other people say: why railjack? SP isn’t right Arbi isn’t right RJ wouldn’t be right for the people DE can’t make it right in the eyes of the most people
  8. Moved all Galvanized Mods to Arbitrations from Steel Path. let’s farm Vitus essence
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