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  1. Right, I checked my inbox in those three locations to figure out what was going on, coming up empty handed. One of my members came to the *recruitment* thread to find out about the roll call. We were not even aware that there was a Steam community. That would have been nice to know. I'd figure if a Steam community was created, and it was going to be used for important communications, that a message would be sent to each clan leader in one of those three locations: forum inbox, email, or in game inbox. I'm guessing that was announced on either the *recruitment* thread or the alliance chat in game. We were active in alliance chat shortly after alliances were implemented, gathering allies for our groups rather than pubbies, but about two weeks after that, there were some very immature comments and arguments in alliance chat. We weren't involved with them, it was just painful to see. We're old farts in our thirties. We don't have time for that nonsense. We also noticed that it was being used as a glorified trade channel. We still went there occasionally to gather allies for a group, but otherwise we talked amongst ourselves.


    My point is, if the Steam community was going to be used for important communications, it should have been messaged directly to everybody. All we knew was that we weren't in the alliance anymore despite our contributions, and it took coming to the *recruitment* thread to find out why. That's a serious communication issue, which yes, ironically was solved with the MOTD feature implemented today.

  2. I'd like to add that Inner Frontier is quite active, yet we never received a "roll call" request. We just weren't in the alliance one day. I double checked all available communication channels: forum, in game, and even email, and received no notification that this was happening. However, given reltats' recent demeanor in his public communications, and the relative uselessness of the alliance system right now, we would hesitate to approach any more alliances at this time.

  3. Antimatter Drop is never shot at by teammates, at least in public games, but making it any larger would look stupid and make it harder for the ball to path in tight spaces.


    Also, now that you are nerfing Molecular Prime, it would be nice if her other skills were worth something.


    The solution is to leave the size of the Antimatter Drop Ball the same as it is, but give it an effect similar to bullet attractor with a decent radius. It should absorb some team fire then, even accidental shots, but still be able to path around in tight hallways, since the bullet attractor clips through walls.

  4. Now Dark Sector conflicts last for twelve hours maximum, and you can have up to three days of uptime on your tax collections.

    Owners: This should technically mean higher battle pay on your conflicts, and lower taxes. They might have actually swung too far in the opposite direction. We will see.


  5. Progress update:

    I'm fully re-writing all filter list GUI related code (basically all code related to "notification settings" window, and thats a lot) before re-writing update threads. Then I plan to merge these threads in one, rewrite most of it network code and see if deadlocks go away (I should do it before update 1.5 -.-). This will take about 3 days before debug version 1.5.1 will be ready for testing. If it will be bug-free I will add some new features and 1.5.2 will be ready. I will also re-structure application files a bit - planet images, filter list file and notification settings files will be stored in data folder, together with upcoming lotus strings.

    Finally, Deathmax was kind enough to tell me where he grabs data. This turned out to be pretty amazing - not only alerts, invasion, infestation and dark sectores in-depth data is there, I can also extract Darvo flash sales, news and actually events (yeah).

    There are some more unknown data, I will look into it after 1.5.2 is out.

    I asked him a week ago but didn't receive a response. Good to hear! That can only mean great things for the program.

  6. I am working on an update to the sound pack that includes everything in Warframe Alerts Informer, I'm keeping the style the same as the sounds were, but I'm going to redo the original sounds because I don't remember what original settings I used, and I want it to sound consistent, given the amount of new sounds on top of that, it's going to take some time. Also auras used to be called artifacts, so there's that.

    SonicSonedit I apologize if this has been asked before, I did not know this program existed until now, and I haven't read through the whole thread yet, is there any plans to include Dark Sector events in this program? I see they get tracked here: http://deathsnacks.com/wf/ but I'm not sure where he's collecting his data.

  7. Well, if your total point is that people will challenge just because... ok that's true but challenging just because doesnt gain anyone anything. If you tax high people are just going to challenge you and people are just going ignore your missions if you end up winning. And challenging just because will eventually also come to and end if the challenger looses because, again, people are not going to be gaining anything during the challenge so their banks will eventually end.


    The way the system is, is messed up and it's just designed for people to throw mats and cred away. The best way to play this system is to just let people set up a rail and play if they have a decent rate. We have to wait until DE sets up a system where  challenging actually gives something other than having your name on the board.

    You're thinking too long term, and unfortunately that's just not how people think. People think short term. Once all of this confusion settles down, taxes are going to settle at around 20%-30% on average. People are going to contest those points even if they are satisfied with the tax rate. Heck, the taxes might go UP after a contest.

    It's sad that I have so little faith in people, but unfortunately I'm usually right.

  8. It's not sustainable if people keep challenging rails but when you challenge rails no one get to do anything and when you have high taxes people are just going to not do your DS mission and move to another mission with lower taxes so you are not going to get anything either. On top of that you are going to get challenged to by people who would want to set lower taxes.


    At this point with how the system is set there is no reason for challenges besides having your name there.

    People will not stop challenging. That will not happen. Even if they love the tax rate, even if the tax rate is 0%, even if it ruins everyone else's fun - ESPECIALLY if it ruins everyone else's fun, people will not stop challenging. Human nature - you can't stop that.

    The problem is that the windows are all wonky. For the amounts of credits we're talking about, the window of holding a rail needs to be more than 24 hours. The conflict time is 48 hours, so the hold time needs to at the very minimum be 48 hours, I'd even think about going further, up to like five days. That way, one rail can change hands every week. 2 days of conflict, 5 days of stability. Those 5 days will also give the public a taste of the new tax rate, and let the clan accumulate taxes to payoff for defenses. If the hold time was longer, taxes would be lower, because they'd accumulate more of them in that time.

    As far as lowering taxes, if a clan thinks that they can handle running a rail at a lower rate, let them try, but keep in mind, if it's too low, they will die off for reasons already stated.

  9. 0 tax is very sustainable if the alliance member go on to do their own DS missions to get those full bonuses.

    No battle play will ever be better than the bonuses the DS missions give. The only way this will ever happen is if you tax that exactly the same as the bonus you get from the DS mission. So basically what you are doing is taking away the money and mats from people doing missions and giving it to them later on if they defend a challenge.


    And i think folks would rather have their bonuses up front right as they do mission rather than later if they want to defend your rail.

    Yes, the taxes and the battle pay are supposed to equalize. If the clan is good at tweaking the numbers, they might get a little out of it, but it should balance. Are you really saying that it's more sustainable to have a few clan members farm up 375 million credits every three days than it is to have a minor tax on the unwashed masses of Warframe pubbies?

    The most credits I've ever had was about three million, and I am a founder that plays a lot. Think about that. 375 million credits every three days, and it's not an investment, because they aren't getting anything out of it. It's going into the trash.

    It. Is. Not. Sustainable. This is not something that is up for debate, it is a fact. Rails put a few clan members up against a LOT of pubbies, and they will not be able to compete with those numbers. They will go bankrupt eventually. Even if they can keep up 375 million credits every three days, it will be a full time job, even for larger clans, and one day someone's going to need a vacation, the rail will fall. Not sustainable. No way.

  10. Thinking that the whole community is going to come together for 0% taxes is very naive. This is the real world, people want their name on the map, period. When I see a 0% tax, the first thing I see: that clan is at a significant financial disadvantage. Everybody else will see that, and take advantage of it by continually hounding them until they die off. It's a simple fact, 0% is not sustainable, because human nature.

  11. Now that we have Invasions and Dark Sectors, there's so much going on around the universe. It's crazy how dynamic the solar map is, I mean seriously just take a moment and absorb everything that is going on: http://deathsnacks.com/wf/index.html

    With that said, now that we have all of this other stuff, alerts feel boring and outdated. We have invasions, and alerts are just one shot missions with the same objectives. Now don't get me wrong, alerts have a niche in this dynamic system, definitely. With all of these giant dynamic campaigns the races are doing across the map, it's nice to have a single focused mission pop up occasionally too, and for that reason you should embrace the unique single mission aspect of it.

    Keep the current alert reward tables, but these missions should have unique dialogue and unique objectives. Darvo was an excellent start. They should have unique hardships, maybe throw in a nightmare modifier half way through the mission or something. It also makes sense that these be given by individuals, or small factions rather than entire races, because they are essentially contracts, or bounties. For this reason it might be neat to tie this change in with the upcoming Proxy War between the Oracles and the Red Veil.

    Sure you might only have ten or twenty of these missions pulled out of a hat at first, creating some repetition, but that'd be fine - you can add more over time, and they would be different than our normal missions in some way. It'd mix it up a bit, it'd embrace the single shot aspect of an alert, and it'd keep alerts relevant.

  12. So I was comparing notes with my friend on our codex entries, and I'm missing a few of the older bosses, before their revamps. This irritates the OCD in me, because me and him specifically went to each one of the old bosses the moment the codex was released, and scanned them. I have witnessed codex entries disappear before, I just never noticed that it happened on the bosses until now, and now we can't scan them anymore!

    These entries should just be added to everybody's codex or removed from everybody's codex. One or the other. It bothers me that I have all of these empty entries, especially since I scanned them in the first place.

  13. Nonsense.

    If you're playing a dark sector with a high tribute cost, you are losing credits

    You're being deprived of credits that you otherwise would've gained, had the current rail owners been more generous.

    Opportunity cost.

    You are receiving almost double experience with proper weaponry, at a loss of 30 to 50 percent less credits for that mission, when Dark Sectors already have higher than usual credit counts.

    If you unequip all but the weapon type the bonus is on, you focus that bonus, with an affinity booster it'd be even more ridiculous. These are the places to go if you want to level or forma anything, so no I don't think you're missing out on much.

  14. So right now there is no incentive whatsoever to run a Dark Sector invasion, and that's not because the missions themselves are not fun. It's because the players haven't prepared, because they had no idea what to expect.

    In order for people to want to run a mission repeatedly, it will have to pay out at least as much as the missions in that planet. We're talking 10K to 20K credits here. Right now there are alliances that are filling their vaults with their own personal credits to keep up these wimpy 5K payouts, and that is not a sustainable practice. You are throwing your money at hordes of ravenous pubbies, and you will bankrupt very quick.

    The idea is that we soak up enough credits to cover DECENT payouts with the tribute, rather than your personal credits. Tribute is not taken from other players, it's taken from player income. It essentially comes from nowhere. If your tribute is too low, you can't pay out decently. If you can't pay out decently, nobody wants to run your mission, and you get taken over. However, if your tribute is too high, people won't want to be there because you are gouging them, and will want you to get taken over as soon as possible.

    When this solar rail thing started, most people were putting up tribute rates of 0% to 5%, and now the payouts are really dumb, 6K is the maximum I've seen and they are covering it with their personal credit stores, which will be gone soon. In order to get payouts comparable to the regular missions, to incentivize people, your tribute really needs to be upwards of 30% to 50%. It sounds harsh, but remember, people are getting significant XP increases, and they are losing income, not paying for it out of pocket. Without a significant tribute, you will not have a significant payout, and you will get taken over eventually, when your personal credits run dry. You'll be broke and homeless.

    So the problem with Dark Sectors right now is not so much that they aren't awesome. They are. It's that the players aren't ballsy enough to raise that tribute up, because there wasn't any information available. Until they do, we will have these wimpy payouts, pubbies will not join in the fight for 250 credits a run, and the clans will have to do an inordinate amount of runs themselves to pick up the slack, resulting in fatigue on them. I'm sure in the coming weeks, tribute and payouts will both rise significantly, giving players a reason to fight for these clans and alliances, but also giving them a reason to complain about these clans and alliances.

    It's a balancing act, and it will be fun to watch.

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