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  1. Interesting, my husband can join others railjack, me, next to him with my PC have that option not.
  2. Because of those Grendel missions I am so upset now, almost ready to leave this game for ever! So, I never buy any plat! Would not do this even if it would be reduced as 99%. Not a penny any more from my invalidity pension to those who did so bad missions for new Warframe.
  3. Oeh, Ember is tainted, Finisher is tainted, warframe is farmed from missions where you have no mods, no energy, no operator - good game 😉
  4. This is not normal at all, no energy, no mods, lvl 40 is as lvl 400, awful.
  5. 😪 Ember, old good Ember will be gone
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