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  1. Command Intrinsic when Been over half a year since Railjack, and they're still not even finished.
  2. Command Intrinsic when Been 6 months, would be nice to have our Railjacks actually finished.
  3. This. Also we have radar. I had to reread the mod a few times to make sure I wasn't having a stroke. But nope, it's just... radar.
  4. Command Intrinsic when It's been 6 months, you guys have made Railjack better, now make it complete.
  5. That's not how the Tennocon Baro works. The special Tennocon Baro doesn't have anything new, just his entire existing inventory up until that point. You're not missing out on anything new and/or exclusive if you don't go.
  6. COMMAND INTRINSIC WHEN Been 6 months, would be nice to see our Railjacks actually finished.
  7. Command Intrinsic when Been 6 months. Would be nice to have something from half a year ago actually be finished
  8. They were talking about existing ones. Command doesn't exist yet. So yeah.
  9. C O M M A N D I N T R I N S I C W H E N. Did you guys forget about it? You haven't even talked about it.
  10. Command Intrinsic when Seriously, it feels like you guys literally forgot about this.
  11. Do either of you even read and comprehend, or has your love of a broken Basmu literally clouded your eyes and your thoughts It wasn't about perception, Basmu's internal math was literally broken, not working as intended. It wasn't "Whoopsy, the players are having fun with something new, better nerf it!." it was "Basmu's damage calculation is achieving unintended results." so quit trying to kid yourself that DE is a bunch of villains who want to ruin your fun. They fixed something that was broken. The End.
  12. Do you even understand numbers 40 is less than 100. Therefore the number went down. And something going down is a nerf. And yeah you wasted real-world money, you gambled on something and you lost because you took an exploit never being fixed for granted. I also said it was unintended but you just cherry-picked me saying "op". It was nerfed because it wasn't working properly. 100k damage isn't overpowered, it's easy to get much more than that, but it IS when it's not meant to, when the mechanics behind something are literally not functioning correctly. You spent money on something thinking it'd always be broke and you lost, you can either b*tch and moan and point fingers or you can grow up and understand you made a mistake. And don't play the whole "but NOW I see the game is only—"-card, if you made it far enough into the game that you were able to use Basmu and a Riven for it(talking about Mastery here) then you already know what the game is. So quit playing the victim when you were just being greedy and hasty.
  13. DE didn't force you to buy an overpriced Riven on something new that was just begging for a nerf. I'm not just saying that to say DE loves to nerf, it's cause the same freaking idiots who exploit it will brag about, so of course something unintended and wildly op would be taken care of. You spent that plat, you, and you were impatient and foolish enough to overpay for something at the height of the hype, you, don't be mad at DE. You people show up all the time about "reeeee muh ribbon is useless now how dare you DE" when you should be more than capable enough of realizing "Hey this might change." because that's the nature of it. It was always and will forever be rubbish, don't kid yourself into thinking it was anything more.
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