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  1. Can we please know what Rank 10 of Command Intrinsic will be? It's a lot of points to be considering for something we don't know about.
  2. Can we at least KNOW what Rank 10 of Command Intrinsic will be beforehand? It's a lot of points for R10 and I need to know if it's worth having 512 points before or not. Kinda late to not have even a gist of what it'll do.
  3. R10 Command Intrinsic when I thought we were getting it this update? It'd be nice to at least know what it is so we can plan our points accordingly.
  4. Could always just make it how it used to be which was simpler. All these line of sight mechanics are a mess.
  5. Still getting the bug where an electrical problem on RJ results in a glitchy HUD for the rest of the mission, even if it's fixed.
  6. I noticed Cerata and Synoid Heliocor didn't give any Mastery when I checked my profile. It still shows them totally grayed out. I know I've maxed them both cause I have both at Rank 30 still in my inventory. And while I'm here, I can't confirm it, but I'm positive I maxed out the MK1 Braton and MK1 Strun primaries like 5 times now but they won't change in the profile. Been bothering me for a while, but can't hard confirm.
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