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  1. Still waiting for Command Intrinsic Joke's on me I guess, for thinking something would be finished in in less than a whole year.
  2. They're seriously obnoxious to fight solo, with any loadout. Even moreso when you're under a time limit cause Fass and Vome as the Necs just stunlock or outright kill you instantly. Using Spectres to draw their attention is kinda useful, but not reliable enough.
  3. Soooo how about that Command Intrinsic? Been waiting a year now for the thing a lot of people wanted most out of their Railjacks, and their Liches, assuming they'll still be AI frenz on your 'jack.
  4. Thanks guys. It helps Necramechs be at least a little less obnoxious to fight.
  5. Y'all got any of that Command Intrinsic for us? A year is kinda a long time to wait.
  6. How about that Command Intrinsic It's been a year, guys.
  7. Where's Command Intrinsic? Guys, it's been a year.
  8. Command Intrinsic when It's been a year.
  9. So how about that Command Intrinsic Any news on that yet? I mean, it's been a year.
  10. I figured they might be in the sky. I looked there to but to no avail. At least it's not just me.
  11. I can't get Avichea to spawn no matter what I try or how long I wait. I'll find the lure point, call them in, but nothing ever shows up. I've tried 7 times and each attempt got nothing. I've done it invisible and waited, and even gone towards where the noise is to see if they got stuck or something. I know they fly so I look up, and nothing. Even brought Helios Prime in case it sees/scans on before I spot it, and it won't see anything either. The Tranq Rifle will beep to tell me there's something nearby, but at this point I think that's broken. So what gives? Is it just me or
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