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  1. This^ If I'm not within fisting distance of my target, it goes off too soon mid-flight. And at that point I may as well melee or shoot. And from a subjective point of view, having it do a slightly longer charge-up was really satisfying.
  2. Look ma, I'm famous Seriously DE please fix this already
  3. If/when I get lucky and spawn a Lich with an Ephemera, does it matter if I kill/convert it? Or will I get it no matter what I do?
  4. Man, this one has been going on for a while.
  5. I'll try that next time I'm on. Still, shouldn't even have to.
  6. Trying to look at the profile of somebody offline gives the "[Player] is offline and will not receive this message." message in chat, and doesn't show their profiles.
  7. It's so slow though, considering how much XP you need to even hit the 20's. I doubt the devs will really care.
  8. Seen this too. Their icons on the map turn white too, which I don't think I've ever seen before.
  9. Had this happen to myself and a friend multiple times. When a Lich uses Teleport(like a Grineer commander or Loki) it almost always disables the Esc key for the rest of the mission.
  10. Any Nikana, any attack(normal, heavy, slide, air, slam etc..) with any stance(or lack of) toggles sprint off. Anyone else getting this?
  11. gg DE on making a lot of combos fkng impossible to do now. Doesn't matter how much you buff damage if you can't get the damn combos OUT
  12. What are you talking about They said "This week" and it won't be. This pattern has repeated many, many times. Not even trying to be mean to DE, but when they say "This week" you know it means "next week." When they say "End of the month" you can safely bet it'll be "first half of the next month" Also, So them saying what the update includes DOESN'T count as "look what we're BRINGING?" They literally mean the exact same thing. And we already know what's coming(aside from miscellaneous changes and bugfixes). So there's no false hype. Don't know what you're getting on about with "players auto-hype by own self.." when we already know, and that's why hype exists.
  13. Yep. You're not alone brother
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