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  1. This Frame being parts of many Frames has an adaptive passive that hints at it's origin, and abilities that echo both its broken status and the general powers that can be found in other Frames such as damage, heals, crowd control, and buffs. This Frame's unique feel comes from how these abilities manifest. Things such as having an element of randomness, or inflicting its own pain onto others, show the Frame's background. While other abilities and the passive display just how this Frame is strong enough to stand shoulder to mismatched shoulder with its allies. Passive AdaptiveProcess: Regenerate whatever the last pickup grabbed was. (Health, Energy, or Ammo type) FlavorText: These cobbled together systems refuse to stop, going so far as to use supplies found in the field to maintain maximum effectiveness. Ability 1 Reassembly: Self or Targeted aoe heal, tap for target hold for self. Augment: Aggressive Construction, enemies within the aoe take damage equal to healing done. Flavor Text: After so much time spent slowly repairing itself in the Void <Name> has become quite proficient at both self repair and can extend this ability to effect to allies as well. Ability 2 Energy Surge: Beam style attack of a random energy type 0 (can effect eidolons) cost to activate eliminates getting a bad energy type cost is per second only. Flavor Text: Channeling a flood of void energy through its systems <Name> erupts with a beam of destructive energy, which part catches the surge the strongest imparts its own powers to the beam released. Ability 3 Somatic Webbing: Large long lasting aoe stun/knockdown. Damages enemies invulnerable to status effects. Flavor Text: Tendrils of Void infused Somatic fibers attach to enemies in an area flooding them with centuries of pain either rendering then incapable of acting or manifesting damage directly. Ability 4 No Weak Frames: Buff all stats at long range. (Range is the same as Trinity's Blessing) Buff cost is all energy and 50% of max health. Thenbuff includes a 25% heal for <Name> so long as the Frame survives the casting Flavor Text: Being made from the scraps and broken shards of its fallen siblings <Name> knows all too well that there are no Frames so Fragile as to fall easily. <Name> temporarily boosts allies and itself to their utmost capacity.
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