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  1. Oh, another filler to take away a rotation reward... It's basically a 35 endo reward without endo.
  2. Jokes aside, can you guys give me some feedback about Balefire? (1) Can someone confirm that you can't destroy nullifiers drones with the projectiles? Testing this i could not destroy them, directly or indirectly (tested both in a 1h long survival on Mot and in the simulacrum) - all shots always hit the bubble, not the drones (don't know if is the shape, size, or other property of the projectile); (2) Balefire projectiles can't damage arctic eximus bubble - no matter the level (i could not scratch a bubble from a lvl 27, while 1 shot from any other thing in my arsenal just vaporize the bubble)? I simple could not destroy the bubble of any i encounter so far using Balefire. I'm using redeemer/zenistar to counter both for now - with a bit of feedback this sounds like a bug report to me. EDIT: ...they made her exalted as the Regulators now that i'm thinking about it (as an exalted weapon and not a pistol). But even if that's the case, sounds like another flaw in her design (since, you know, you actually need to aim and attack stuff...).
  3. Serious, leaving a "potentially good" but otherwise MR fodder alone is suppose to be a good thing? At least discussing about her flaws increase the chances that they will make her abilities somehow actually similar with her inicial description someday ("vacuum" level of soon, but who knows)... Let's fix her full description as we leave her alone: "Drawing from her shields like a battery, her defensive and offensive utility is unparalleled. This is Hildryn, the domina of armament. In the sky or on the ground, Hildryn fills her victims full of dread stays." "Reinforced by her stalwart physique, the herculean cyborg, Hildryn, fortifies her allies' defenses shields as enemy barricades crumble rise beneath over her overwhelming underwhelming might set of skills. Rocket skyward at full thrust, achieve atmospheric flight, and Launch shield-powered warheads to raze the battlefield with heavy artillery firepower." In the end, she is just a shield based tank (that need two R3 arcanes somehow expensives to actually be called a good tank) that can't actually fly as advertised with a bad pistol attached...
  4. Yeah, I can feel a great frame under all the mistakes... Balefire have such poor aiming (packed together with the slowest and worst "charge" mechanic in the whole game - that thing is a pistol, not an exalted weapon), both on the ground as airborne (last case being way worst); 2 and 3 are... abilities (feels like filler); and Aegis, well... at least her idle is great for some frames!
  5. "(...) Rocket skyward at full thrust, achieve atmospheric flight (...)". Taking her description i was thinking her ability was a propulsive force of a jet or rocket engine, not something else (well, depending on the technology in question, "hovering" does not make sense either). Look such a small thing... but there is so many holes everywhere in this game that this reason (IMHO, a huge design flaw) alone is sufficient for me to put her on the freezer again.
  6. Using Aegis Storm you slowly descend into holes if you fly over them (until the point your abilities/position reset and you respawn in the ground nearby). You can "roll" to escape, but you can't ascend. The question is: this is a bug or the intended behavior for the ability? >> If matters for replication, i discover this in the Corpus Defense titleset (the one the defense object platform is surrounded by a hole).
  7. Valkyr can't be as good as Wukong ATT because of one reason only: claws don't have range, being quite "underpowered" since it have absolutely no AoE capabilities (and since almost always you are dealing with hordes of enemies, her claws get old fast). You can have a really OP fork, but at the end, is a fork. And i still can't see reason that the frame with most armor in the game have an ability that makes it immune to damage and heal (such unnecessary redundancy - with the right setup is hard AF to kill Valkyr, making her 4 just an exalted with no range that disrupt energy generation) tied with her exalted... IMHO all the weapons with no range need to be somehow reworked (or deleted) - too many weapons are MR fodders just because of this issue (and because stances, but this is another topic).
  8. I did a lot of Profit runs. Serious, to many to count. Right now i have 33 Atmos (while Gyromag I have 145, and Reppeler only 10). Yes, they are rewarded (i got everything several times), but the only way to get them consistently (and no RNG based reward) is farming Vox Solaris standing - 2.5k per system. But I can only guess you need them to level your reputation, because to level up to Hand you need 10 Atmos... So, don't spend them crafting stuff until you can buy them. And be happy to get the Reppeler first because they are not easy to come by (and you need 10 of those to level Vox anyway in the near future - Instrument and Shadow need 5 each to level).
  9. When people will start complaining about Damage Types instead of random frames? Saryn have the holy trinity at her disposal, being highly effective against all enemy types in consequence - Viral (cutting HP in half), Corrosive (stripping armor) and Toxic (bypassing shields). Same goes to Equinox with Slash (bleeding - true damage - that ignores armor and shields) or frames with radiation (confusion, enemie self damage and is the best damage type against armor - the solo definition of unbalance in warframe). Gas (causes a cloud of toxic damage) and Heat (DoT, kinda insignificant, with a CC attached) are in the "good" side too, but somehow weak (or to situational) in comparison. Now look at the other damage procs: Impact procs makes enemies flinch (yeah, just like that), a lesser version of Blast, that causes a knockdown; Puncture makes affected targets deal 30% less damage for 6secs; Magnetic do something to shields that you will never see use for (or, in case of players, cause major annoyance); Cold and Elec are again some insignificant CC (well, not "crowd", more like single target "control"). And what they cannot do? They can't deal with Armor, with Shields or anything else the game thrown at you - and they don't do damage like the others, having weak/useless/situational effects. Frames with this damage types associated with them (and also Gas and Heat) are underpowered by nature. And this is only true if all the frames are "elemental" by nature, focused in DPS and all missions in the game are endless for infinite scaling (of the most balanced feature of Warframe: Armor) - what is not the case whatsoever.
  10. I saw the (1) happening only with Horrasque (this is the one that spawns in caves, right?), and I was able to complete only one out of five tries (had Helios equipped and not even him found the intractable spot to start to track the animals).
  11. Nobody but the Warframe Support can tell you what happen internally with your account. Open a ticket and wait for response ---> https://digitalextremes.zendesk.com/hc/en-us
  12. Nasty little bug in the favorites menu (for colours): if you "hold" a color to move its position you will lock your UI and is only fixable restarting the game.
  13. Again today, he could not insert the shard to summon the Gantulyst - the prompt is there but it does not work. He extracted after the Teralyst (and the failed attempt to insert the shard), what made possible for me to do both (Gantulyst/Hydrolist) fight without any issues. Also, dying, /unstuck, jumping in water and whatever does not "fix" the character when the bug happens...
  14. Pt of two players, was carrying a friend in the fight in both times. Yesterday he could not insert his shard to summon the Gantulyst (I could, and was the host - we enter the Plains from Cetus); today, we both could not insert the shard to summon the Hydrolyst (me, host again - we enter from the Orbiter). Same as this topic from last year: Anyone having this issue to add more information? The interaction is still there, it simple does not work (and yes, we both had the Brilliant and Radiant Eidolon Shards required). In today's fight also the lures didn't captured the Gantulyst (i had six charged with me inside of his bubble when i killed him, so yes, was close enough), who simple dropped dead after the fight, disconnecting the lures a moment after he was killed. EDIT: Somehow was fixed when he consumed (for focus) all his shards - still need to test some more, but keep this as reference if someone experience the same bug. EDIT II: Consuming all the shards was the solution. No more problems after this.
  15. "Increased the drop rate of the Bloodshed Sigil from 1% to 3% from the Profit-Taker" Who knows now will drop now... i only made some hundreds of attempts by now with no success...
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