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  1. I'm having some vibes of "Schrödinger's mask" in this sentence...
  2. I saw the (1) happening only with Horrasque (this is the one that spawns in caves, right?), and I was able to complete only one out of five tries (had Helios equipped and not even him found the intractable spot to start to track the animals).
  3. They should include the walking animation as part of the set, after all, is a "new" unique flying animation and is not complete without all the other stuff. Is utterly ridiculous how the animation breaks when you walk - and disappointing after spend some plat on a thing and not being able to use it (just because is ridiculous). Or they could remove it completely from the "store" and make it Wisp only to avoid this kind of confusion. Probably 99% of the people who bought it now want a refund after use it for 2secs.
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