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  1. RNG is not the endgame or what make WoW or D2 endgame content "engaging". The first was heavily scrutinized when introducing RNG into the loot - one of the major complains of the playerbase (that want the old loot back) - and the second is a gamble fiesta to get anything in the game because armor and weapons have 1200 or more variations with less than 5 being optimal. Endgame in both are based in Raids (MP experience) with several levels of difficult (WoW) and modifiers (D2), what makes the content replayable. The challenge is what make both engaging, not the randomized loot that only add a gambling layer to the whole experience.
  2. You are probably new to "high level" content. Level always was insignificant affinity-wise. This is not a new issue, is a design choice. Quote from the wiki (base formula for reference: Affinity = Enemy Base Affinity x (1 + 0.1425 x Enemy Level0.5) : "Because the square root is taken of the enemy's level, the actual benefit of facing high-level enemies is minimal. For example, killing a level 100 Napalm would give 1213 Affinity, less than twice the Affinity you would get from a level 3 Napalm (623). Therefore, "farming" Affinity is easier when killing many low level enemies instead of withstanding very powerful ones."
  3. Is not prof of anything. Is just sad to look at it. And kinda funny that the Lichs are surrounded by "ice", waiting for a rework... And the MR30 are cheaters who unlocked the achievement through SAM.
  4. Is still rude when time goes by and nothing changed yet? Today, browsing my achievements on Steam, i stumble on this (since it is almost - nobody cares if you won the Lich lottery, kid - impossible to kill a Lich without level him to 5): If we use the average 38-45k players (on Steam) as base... this means that less than 300 people ever did the content... and since 1.3% of the players have the MR30 achiev, how many of this people actually even cared to do a single Lich? Seeing this make the whole feedback page even more depressing to look at - probably every single person who ever did a Lich is there...
  5. Remember arbitration changes? When the topic was hot they removed the ayatan star from the loot table and call it a day. They made some other changes, but was way to late (the community engaged in the "discussion" was just talking with no one but themselves - just like now). With the Old Blood... they added a cheap kuva drop to the Lich. Sounds to me that they already "changed the system enough" for their standards... Because 1/35 of a riven roll changes EVERYTHING. Empyrean will be a huge success if they ship it with Lichs in this state... they are not supposed to be the center of the whole thing? People are tired and disgusted already (i have lots of returning friends that could not bear to do a single Lich without start asking WHY? - and leave again after just a day or two back in). The whole system can be summarized as 10-20 sorties without ANY rewards (i don't think an RNG based weapon that require 5 forma to master as reward, its a punishment no matter what people think), what makes no sense whatsoever (is truly nonsensical how they can perceive this kind of empty timesink as "content")... why someone will care to do this all over again in archwing/railjack missions if is just a boring extension of a boring grind already in game?
  6. I don't care going through a lvl 400 horde of armored grineer if there is a real reward in the end. Reading thought the feedback and doing Lichs more than enough, i guess i can say something about this: (1) After you get the whole deck of mods and start doing lichs is easy to keep the collection up - is acceptable to introduce a time gate to people desiring to enter the system (if you are IN the system you will be always positive in relics - way more than you will ever need); (2) The murmur farming is an acceptable grind (boring, but acceptable), you can even call it reasonable; (3) The 3 mod combination is a great idea (could use a probability of one of your "wrong" mods became "right" sometimes to increase the overall happiness of the community). I even like the frustration to deal with high level grineer and all the problems with armor and balance in the game. Well... why the system is "not great" them? The problem is not the level, not all the layers of grind and several other complains in this thread. The real problem is the GOAL. There is none. I say none because to get a weapon you want with a +50% elemental bonus (the correct one in the correct weapon) is close to zero. You always are grinding TO GET RID of the "reward"... so, there is no goal, only awkward, pointless and repetitive grind for the sake of... nothing (what makes everyone complaining right, not wrong). Is a whole "new" system designed to waste time, to recycle the whole game with a single addition. After all... the weapons are not great (and for sure are not able to fill the goal or reward required for such long system be sustainable) and companion AI is nonexistent (they can only block small corridors, that they can do). Why will someone will do Lichs? MR is the only reason i found so far... a giant, insulting 40 forma RNG monster to be defeated to reach MR28.
  7. You are not wrong in your statement... but Lichs have way to many recycled content attached to murmur farm and absolutely nothing as reward for so many hour invested in something that have a high percentage of being trash (the weapon) - meaning you are doing something to get rid of it, not to reach a goal. There is no ecstasy in the end, just relief - is like a S#&$ty day at work. The whole concept is stupidly good, but also unrewarding for such a long run. The grind and time invested is pointless if all you get from all the generic missions you run farming thralls is, in the end, just some basic resources (that you farm for and have millions already - they gave you back something you not even need or want in the first place) and a sub-optimal (or just trash) weapon (that in most of the time have low stats and wrong bonus, just because you didn't had that weapon in mind when you started the whole system). You see, is not a long term content if there is no enjoyment - is just... painful and boring? DE can make this idea great, or let it die as it is. People who farmed all the weapons are disgusted right now (nobody even care about "min-max" the weapons or great bonuses anymore - of course there are exceptions). I'm at in my last lich and could not care less about going down in this hole all over again for nothing but wasted time. And by the looks of it (that cheap Kuva added to the Lich and no real adjustments at all) DE will do nothing but bandaging a bit the system to shut some mouths and let the whole thing as it is. And you know what makes me mad about this whole thing? I wanted to like (i love the idea), i tried to like - like many others in the feedback page screaming for some small changes. But hell, is trash as it is... and its sad. In the end is just wasted effort, concept and gameplay addition.
  8. First, I own both. Full. I have countless hours in both. Second, be blind as you like, but Battle Passes are the norm of the scum. I'm not saying ALL CONTENT SHOULD BE FREE. This is idiocy. But companies need to chose a path. Warframe and PoE (p.ex.) need a "shop", because ALL content is FREE by some extend (YES, both limit the gameplay so you feel more tempted to spend money, etc., etc, etc.. YES, they are companies doing business, what a shock!). D2 have DLC's, an extremely overpriced shop (you probably never went to reddit to know what the D2 community thinks about the Eververse) AND battle passes. If you see nothing wrong in this last sentence you are the target consumer they want... And yes, the grind is RNG based. Pinnacle and exotics quests (both "QUESTS" - "pursuits" if you are a connoisseur ready to correct my sentence - with OBJECTIVES) are the only exception to the rule and have ridiculous grindy paths (that i fail to remember any game being so stupid in numbers as D2). Easy to forget that a single piece of armor can have and infinite number of possible rolls (with 3 different affinities) or any legendary weapon in the game can have 1500 possible rolls when you have "pinnacles" and trash exotics to use as argument, right? If you want to burn a game and exalt something you like try at least be reasonable. A whole run (ALL the damn content of a season) of Solo self-found with a meta build with 30 requirements in PoE is less grindy than trying to farm a single good (good, not god) roll of (p.ex.) Show of Force XF4865...
  9. I was there... Bungie is a mess - was never Activision fault (hard to say that because they are always guilted). DLC's, 4 battle passes a year (with almost no content at all), fallout 76-like shop, endless and pointless grind (everything is RNG based, EVERYTHING). The "FTP" is a huge trap to lure whales players. Urgh... At this point the only game in my collection that i wanna play i can't.... to be released in April 15, 2020...
  10. Yes... (1) "Have mechanics that disable or block players' overwhelming power (Nullies, Status immunity etc.)" --> Make a Warframe than make players play without it... That makes no sense at all. This is Resident Evil or Warframe? Balance is key, not putting the damn frame in a wheelchair and call it gameplay balance. If you can't balance you game to sustain an ability you created (to be used in the game) why bother at all to add such ability in the first place? Disabling the player is a dumb down solution to a problem they created that offers nothing but annoyance. And If you continually "disable" frames you simple shift the meta to Armor or HP only, trivializing any ability dependent frame in the game - something already in action for some. (2) "Nerf the powers that trivialize gameplay to the point where they don't trivialize gameplay" --> So... make useless weapons (with huge reload times and small magazines) and frames that nobody cares about. Well... MR fodders are what? 90-95% of the whole game (maybe a bit less now that melee has changed)? They are already doing this and expanding even for some unique concepts like Zenistar. Look at the mess that "nerf the powers that trivialize gameplay" AKA "all the meta melee builds" in Warframe did to the whole meta... Now there is one build - for everything. And is 30x worst than before (OP and boring). They broke melee so hard that you can't even dismount properly of archwings anymore. (3) "Make enemies smarter, faster, more capable etc. to the point where failing a mission is a very real possibility." --> AI. Something nonexistent in Warframe... Octavia is the master of the broken AI in Warframe since she can go invisible and through the mallet output AoE. Using her for some hours you can see all the problems that the poor AI suffers: nullifiers stuck in a loop regenerating the bubble and invincible to damage; stuck AI everywhere because they can react to invisible stuff; stuck AI after get cover; etc., etc.. This is one of the few options to turn the game more challenging. You first two "options" are what they are doing to ruin the gameplay since Update 15.20. And just a note: for "we players" (as a statement for the "majority" of players) higher levels ARE difficult. I know so many people that can't handle the first stage of the Kuva Lich while i can steamroll the whole thing in level 5. Hardcore players with all the builds and weapons (and knowledge) ready to trivialize all the content (that you called "we") are not the majority in game - and the game can't be made or modified for them alone. How many hours do you think that in average a person play a game, or even play games per week?
  11. This. Nobody uses more than a companion just because they gave up on stasis switching. Too much of a hassle. And when 3rd person view will be adjusted for "bulky" frames? You literally can't see while aiming the Balefire Charger with Hildryn. She puts the hand over the sights, obstructing the view. The aiming with Aegis Storm is even worst. The positioning is awkward and the frame takes to much space on screen - in crowded locations you can't see several enemies behind Hildryn and the positioning of the sight make things a bit worst since the arm is blocking your view. Chroma (mostly when using Dynasty skin), Atlas and others have way to much problems with some weapons too. EDIT: And do you guys plan to resurrect the dead? Zenistar was a "not a melee in a melee slot" for a lot of builds. Killing it by making the disc combo dependent make some builds worst - like Speed Nova solo without Zeni is suicide, Octavia is incomplete, and sure as hell Mirage is only 25% as fun as in the past. Was a good weapon (great concept) for extra dmg output and crowd control in solo endless missions too, one of the best tools (yes, TOOL, not a melee weapon) we had.
  12. One thing is annoying me (besides all the other QoL changes and improvements that people already point it out so many times): Example: first word farm, murmur almost full. Lich spawn in you mission and when you hit the parazon, you guess right the first word. Hurray! Now the annoying part: If you complete the first murmur in this very same mission, the word you got it right IS THE ONE YOU RECEIVE BY COMPLETING THE MURMUR! You discovered nothing... This behavior is intended or a bug? If is intended call it a bug and fix it... Happened more than 3 times for my enjoyment so far (never was a word i didn't had, always the one i guessed right)... and totally kills the hype to "won 1/3 of the lottery" in the system.
  13. Zenistar shouldn't be in this narrow minded update... it was never a "melee weapon" to start. So many things to butcher... why a 300 days login reward that players invested first in the game so long in order to acquire. I'm truly starting to grow tired of melee changes... and they are talking about "rage" and overdeveloping even more a "smash E" system that nobody cares about complexity. Combo counter for Zenistar's disc... what a lousy joke...
  14. You know what's the difference between the two tables for arcanes - that probably you can understand? Eidolons arcanes provide boosts and open possibility for builds - arbitrations arcanes are pointless (plain redundant, rushly designed, and just bloat the tables). You can do something with them? Sure (if you don't have anything else). But you have options that are better: - Arcane Tanker: 1200 armor for 16secs (5min CD - tied to archguns that outside profit are underwhelmingly bad) vs. Arcane Guardian: 600 armor for 20sec on damaged. Like, you want 600 armor ALL the damn time or 1200 for 16secs every 5min? This mod is an insult... - Arcane Rage/Fury: 120% dmg using the respective weapon type for 16secs vs. Arcane Primary/Blade Charger: 200% dmg for the other weapon for 8secs. If your build is melee, you need to use a primary for a low percentage for a bonus for your melee for a short amount of time... better use the old ones that are reliable, last longer and are tied to your weapon of choice right? Weapon switch, wall latch and other insignificant annoying "mechanics" are not fun at all - and they keep printing stuff with this (they always fail at day one). - Arcane Bodyguard: heal companion... we have two mods for that (one primed) that works more reliable and don't take an arcane slot. And companions are not a DPS monster with lack of mod slots - even a full DPS Venari with a full DPS build start to do insignificant damage past lvl 50-70 depending on the faction, so, there is no shortage of slots. And companions can be revive, so... double redundant arcane this one... Seeing a pattern here? We already have all this stuff, BUT BETTER AND MORE RELIABLE. And i'm not even discussing the auras... seeding step still there... a bloody 3 vitus essence to bloat even more the thing... thank god they didn't add a "Trick Mag" in the tables because sounds like they wanted. Nobody is talking trash about the redesigned endo and balance, because was a good change and made several modes "available" and, if you enjoy defense/survival like myself, now they are "rewarding" and not a timesync in the game. But, with all this trash in the tables, the endo sounds even more diluted and, you know... this makes the mode worse than it was before (and more time consuming). So, in the end there was no good changes but this "feeling" (something is different - yeah, for worst...).
  15. Wow... double the 0.002% drop chance of a mod... what a deal! This Fodder Access will last for what? 20-30 days? I'm betting this will be the shortest access of all time... at least Atlas/Tekko/Deathcube will be popular for 3 to 5 days... "No Hydron October" is officially starting in one week.
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