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  1. How will genetic imprints work with the new kavats? How likely is it that mergoo and orb vallis animals will be seen while wandering/in the wild? How large will the dry dock be? Any chance we could get a partnership fragment decoration for finding all of them? Similar to kuria and fish statues Also any updates on the stasis system rework?
  2. actually its just there, just picked it up, called gauss prex, has a card back of a lotus symbol
  3. I was talking with a tenno by the name of Sgt_Tanto and they said they found a poster from the leverian, they posted a video and picture in the comments on the gauss wiki page i would link the comments but you cant so heres a picture https://imgur.com/18QQadi https://imgur.com/18QQadi followed with this video of where they found it i havent found this yet, anyone else know?
  4. Would it be possible for Mergoo and the Orb Vallis animals to be seen in the wild instead of just when you start a hunt? Oh and also when will we see more about Khora deluxe? Thank you for all your hard work
  5. Will we ever see mergoo and orb vallis animals in the wild like condrocs and kuakas? i love randomly encountering the conservation friends
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