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  1. Dying for the Nidus Night Hunter syandana tennogen X_X
  2. I hope that its a relatively easy fix, and feel like it should/might be; but can we get a fix to the Wolf Sledge throw mechanic? It returns from hitting ANYTHING. Friend, ammo drop, mod on ground, kavat/kubrow/sentinel/moa/helminth, and sometimes when it DOES make it to its intended target; it doesnt do a lick of damage and just returns to your hand to uselessly throw it again and again. For an event 'flagship weapon/item'; i feel like it should be fairly high precedence for it to be fixed and im sure tons more people would be apt to actually use it IF it worked properly and wasnt so incredibly buggy. Its an amazing design and looks/feels SO good to use other than the throw being terrible. (Also i wont lie - I really am trying to use it for an Ivara + Navigator Eidolon hunting build since my Rubico riven is now resting in peace)
  3. Thanks for all your guys' hard work; but i was wondering when/if we could be expecting a fix to the Wolf Sledge - it being an 'event highlight' type of weapon yet the singular unique feature of it, being the sole thrown 2h hammer, is broken. If you throw it and it hits anything, it automatically returns, be it an ammo or health/energy pickup, companion (kavat or kubrow - not sure about sentinels, but im sure them too), friendly player, or a single enemy gets hit and it automatically returns. It kinda nullfies the headlining feature of the weapon. Thanks! -Cern
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